Shannon T.

Patience, encouragement, teamwork, self-discipline…these are some of the things taught in addition to martial arts “moves”.

Bill W.

Great martial arts curriculum. Amazing environment made up a wonderful group of eclectic students with terrific instruction. I recommend this school to everyone – young or old; with a prior martial arts background or not.

Ashley K.

We are extremely happy with Tiger Schulmann’s. Sensei, Senpai and Joshu are incredible role models that my children highly look up to. My children have gained confidence, as well as learned live long lessons from the instructors.

Jessica M.

Sensei is amazing with the kids. He communicates well with others. My child has learned and grown confidence in the last year. I recommend Tiger Schulmann’s to all my friends.

Evan M.

My life changed forever when I joined Tiger Schulmann’s! The knowledge I have gained along with the friendships I have made is more than I could’ve ever asked for when I decided to join. I’ll forever be grateful for Sensai and everyone else.

Gretchen M.

My son has been a student at Tiger Schulmann’s Red Bank school for the past 10 years. The school is like a home away from home for him. He has made many great friends and the training has given him so much confidence. Sensei Evensen is a fantastic instructor who knows how to bring the […]

Lisa G.

My son has been training at Tiger Schulmann’s for over 6 years. Sensei Evensen and his staff are wonderful instructors who focus on addressing the needs of each individual student while delivering a high quality martial arts program. The program has helped build my son’s confidence and self discipline as it teaches valuable life skills […]

Linda L.

Sensei has not only managed a Martial Arts community for practice and training but he has incorporated a family-oriented team. All staff are highly trained, educated and professional. Sensei successfully managed to work through this Pandemic through Virtual training and it is great!! We recently have been back at the school to train and the […]

Clare N.

My daughter started classes here when she was five years old, having driven past this studio since she was 2 years old. She knew this was the place for her to learn, and she was not wrong! It was given her confidence and skills, and taught her discipline and following directions. A great dojo for […]