Amrika B.

They are the best school i have ever joined. They have been great with training and helping with any medical issues once informed. I dont know what else to say. They are awesome.

Shari L.

Best school /gym for kids and adults for all age groups! Best training curriculum; best coaching staff no matter what your goals are! You will know by yourself @ your appointment with them!

Alice M.

Tiger Schulmann’s RVC has such a kind, patient and professional staff. My son looks forward to each class and is developing confidence as well as many other good habits and discipline that will transfer both at home and at school. I would recommend this location to anyone.

Denise K.

Very friendly staff! My daughter absolutely loves going here and all the instructors are very nice and are excellent with the kids. They have a lot of options schedule wise and it’s easy to make up classes. I always recommend this place to all my friends and people I meet.

Rachel C.

The team here is committed to helping you reach your goals regardless if it’s to learn self defense or want to get fit. They break each move down and make it easier to get the concepts. Additionally, they were able to pivot for the pandemic and offer zoom classes that still allow for progression!!

Delores C.

Good morning , just to let you guys know that even though I just started, I feel like I have taken 20yrs off my life in a positive way. I might not be able to do everything yet but I am so motivated to do my best. This was the best investment my husband and […]