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A Day With Tigers pt. 1 – Lyman Good

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Lyman Good - 3-4-13

By: Dave Herbert –

On April 4th, Atlantic City’s newest casino Revel will explode with MMA action for the 2nd time in two weeks with Bellator 95. Not a week ago, World Series of Fighting held their 2nd event inside Revel’s impressive Ovation Hall, the same room where NYC’s resident Cyborg, Lyman Good (14-3-0) will clash with Renzo Gracie disciple Dante Rivera (15-6-0) next Thursday.

Good is coming off a disappointing loss to Andrei Koreshkov in the welterweight tournament finals this past November, foiling his 2nd date with the man that now holds the title that he once did. With no future plans to participate in a Bellator tournament, this is exactly what is…just a fight. One could argue that this is a fight that holds no real pressure for Good, aside from being at home with his usual army of faithful followers present.

The former Ring of Combat contender has never tasted defeat in Atlantic City, a place where he has fought many times and he doesn’t plan to stop now. Rivera has won his last two but hasn’t competed since 2010, where he decisioned Bellator middleweight Dan Cramer. A win over Good would certainly get him back in the mix and possibly earn him a tourney slot but the Team Tiger Schulmann warrior has other plans as he talks about in this Buddhasport exclusive.

In a visit to Tiger Schulmann headquarters in northeast New Jersey, Lyman discusses this upcoming fight and why he has a little extra motivation to take a win home against Rivera. In addition, he clarifies that his Bellator contract nears its end and promises that he will indeed, one day fight at home in Madison Square Garden when mixed martial arts is finally legalized in New York State.

Stay tuned for part two of A Day With Tigers with KOTC bantamweight & featherweight champ Jimmie Rivera, who also prepares to fight on the Bellator 95 preliminary card.

11 Minutes With Lyman Good from BUDDHASPORT on Vimeo.

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Mother Loses 75 Pounds in 6 Months by Kickboxing

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“Approximately six months ago I walked through the door at Tiger ?s weighing 310 lbs. Today I?m down 75 lbs.”

I decided I wanted to interview a student who has been training since September 2012. When I sat down with Jamie she had quite an interesting story about her training and why she started kickboxing. Here is her story.I started training at TSMMA in September 2012.

Years ago I saw a Tiger Schulmann?s Kickboxing commercial on TV. That commercial stuck in my head whenever I thought about karate. I decided as my last resort, I would give the school a chance. Not only could I get in better shape, I could learn to defend myself as I?m a realtor and meet with people I don?t know.


Last year when I came to TSMMA I was at a point in my life that if I didn’t find something or someone to help me lose weight my health and my life was going to be in serious trouble. I couldn’t spend any time outside with my son playing sports or even go on a roller coaster with him. And my weight was affecting some of my other relationships. I was so out of shape I couldn’t enjoy my life. I tried many other diet and fitness exercise programs. None of them worked. They got old and boring, with minimal results. I even hired a personal trainer. That was unsuccessful. A few of my family members had weight loss surgery. They lost the weight but had serious health issues after the surgery. Each of them had strokes even after losing the weight. Surgery was an option but NOT one for me. I tried “The Jenny Craig Diet“. That was an epic fail and very expensive. When I stopped eating their food I gained back the weight. The Weight watchers diet has a confusing point system. Neither taught me how to eat healthy away from their food and on my own. The personal trainer I hired was more interested in her looks and life, than me. She made everything so complicated. I tried Slim Fast, diet pills and fasting shakes. EVERYTHING I could think of. I needed a program that would take a great deal of commitment and help me change my entire life style. From what I ate to how I was exercising, and how much sleep I required.


“For me its not just about fitting into a pair of jeans, its about being alive and fighting for your right to live”

On my way to my first kickboxing class all I could think about was that I was never going to make it through class and that people were going to laugh at me if I was unable to finish the class. I was terrified and constantly thinking of excuses to cancel my trial class. However, I didn’t cancel. This was something I needed to do. I made it through that first kickboxing class and “WOW, did I feel great”. I had such an overpowering feeling of accomplishment and pride that I actually got a workout. A real workout. Not just a workout where you walk on the treadmill for a mile (or less) and stop. I was so caught up in the workout, the hour flew by quickly. I knew this was going to be the program that would work for me. Everything I needed was here. Shihan Simpson revamped my entire menu and eating habits including when to eat, how much to eat and types of food to eat. He said it wasn’t a diet, but a nutrition program. He told me it would take some serious work, and that all I had to do is get myself to the school and he and Joshu Fonda would take care of the rest. I had never felt so motivated to lose weight and become a healthier person!


Shihan and Joshu have always kept the workouts challenging, but never give the students anything beyond their individual capabilities. Everyone comes to kickboxing class for their own specific goals whether it be fitness or self defense. It is a family that trains together and helps each other achieve those goals. We all have a great deal of respect for each other knowing how much effort, focus and strength it takes to accomplish our results! The camaraderie at the school is remarkable. When you?re tired and feel like quitting, your classmates/teammates encourage you to finish. They share in the happiness of your successes and encourage you to move forward if you?ve had a setback. They are always willing to help out.

“Because of Tiger Schulmann?s kickboxing I have more self confidence”

Because of Tiger ?s I have more self confidence. Before, I would focus on my weaknesses instead of my strengths. I had no self worth. It wasn’t okay to be me. I don?t know why I?ve spent the majority of my life trying to be someone else?s version of me when my version is much better. Now I have the ability to stand up for what I believe in, even if someone else doesn’t believe in the same thing. My husband has even seen a big change in me.

“For anyone trying to lose weight I recommend that you find something you love to do. Engage yourself, live, and disconnect your cable. Stop watching people have a life on TV and live your own”. Go live your life and stop putting things off. Before you know it, it will be 10-15 years or possibly to late. For me its not just about fitting into a pair of jeans, its about being alive and fighting for your right to live. Being able to see your kids grow up. Being able to be present in their lives. Playing ball with them outside.

Cheerful family playing in the park.

“For anyone trying to lose weight I recommend that you find something you love to do. Engage yourself, live, and disconnect your cable. Stop watching people have a life on TV and live your own”.

I finally decided to step up my training and try kickboxing. I felt like kickboxing would empowered me and give me another type of full body workout. Kickboxing was my last hope in accomplishing my aggressive weight loss. I love it!

Approximately six months ago I walked through the door at Tiger ?s weighing 310 lbs. Today I?m down 75 lbs. and weighing 235 lbs. As of right now my goal is to lose another 75 lbs. I know I still have a long road ahead and continue to face many obstacles, but I’m ready for it!

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Interview: Brandon ‘The Mechanic’ Cuttino (@BCuttinoTSMMA)

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Hey everyone we are right back where we left off with another amazing interview, today we are sitting down with Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino from the USKA! He is currently sitting at 8-3 and is the USKA Middleweight Champion for both Leg Kick and Muy Thai. He will be defending his Leg Kick Title in Hamburg, PA on April 20th so you readers in the great state of PA GET OUT THERE AND SUPPORT! Also make sure to follow him on Twitter as he is amazing with his fans @BCuttinoTSMMA.

So Brandon thanks a ton for taking time out of camp to sit down with us here at How has everything been going? Can you take a minute and talk to our readers about yourself like what got you into the world of MMA and what drew you to strive to be a dual champion in the USKA? Also you fight out of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA can you tell us what makes that place so special?

Cuttino: Thanks for having me. Everything is going well. No complaints here. Well, I’ve always been a fan of martial arts. As a kid, I watched Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies.

The reason I have two belts is because: I want to be the best striker out there. It doesn’t matter, what the rules are, I will show that I’m better than you. That’s why I have the Muay Thai and Leg Kick titles. If they had a K-1 belt, I’d go for that too.

What makes Tiger Schulmann’s special is that we’re a school not a gym. We’re a fine institute like a Princeton or Harvard. Most martial art schools or gyms just focus on one discipline of the martial arts. At TSMMA, we teach everything. Kickboxing, submission grappling, boxing. When you think of Team Quest, you think of wrestlers. When you think of Team Renzo Gracie, you think jui-jitsu. But TSMMA, you think of everything.

What makes The Mechanic unique? What do you bring to the table that others don’t or you are just better at? You also use a very interesting hashtag and the end of most tweet “#whatdoyoufightfor” can you talk to us about that and what it means to you?

Cuttino: I’ll let the judges and the fans say what I bring to the table. All I know is that I will always try to be exciting for the fans and get that W for my team.

#whatdoyoufightfor is something a friend of mine came up with. It’s a question for everyone. It lets us know that everyone has a fight or a struggle. The question What Do You Fight For, it simply speaks to you and only you can answer it. I remember, once I was at the airport wearing my #whatdoyoufight for shirt and the security guard came up and told me that he fights for love. That is just what it’s all about. To get people thinking about what causes they want to support.

Who were some of your idols growing up in and out of the world of MMA and why? You also take the role of idol for some young people as you are an instructor at your gym, what does that mean to you and what is your favorite part of teaching?

Cuttino: Bruce Lee is my idol in martial arts. Just the way he moved when doing martial arts, his philosophy on life and things. Also, the movies he did always had a bigger story to them.

I love teaching. It’s a blast for me. My students are one of the reasons why I compete in the first place. It allows me to show them that what we teach them actually works even if the other person is a trained martial artist. Now, imagine what they could do to a random attacker on the streets. My favorite part of teaching is watching the student evolve. Nothing like watching them get better at their craft but also seeing them become better people as well.

In the world of MMA we see a lot kickboxers that are strictly strikers and stay far away from any type of clinch game, that isn’t the case with you. You have a filthy Muay Thai game. Where and who did you learn from and how important do you feel it is to be well rounded in not only kickboxing but in MMA as a whole?

Cuttino: I appreciate that you think I have a filthy Muay Thai game. Daniel Schulmann and his brother Ron Schulmann are who I have to thank for that. I try not to clinch since I’m so tall but I like to know that I can do damage if I need to clinch.

Being well rounded is very important. You want to be confident wherever the fight goes. It’s goes back to what I said about wanting to be the best striker. It doesn’t matter what the rules are I want to beat you. In MMA, you need to be well-rounded. Look no further than Carlos Condit vs Johnny Hendricks. Carlos had good striking and good submission skills but couldn’t stop the take down and that’s what lost him that fight.

Speaking of Kickboxers who are on the mainstage, the moment a veteran fan hears the words kickboxing they go to Alistar Overeem and the K-1. Speak to us a little about what you think makes kickboxers such as Overeem, Stefan Struve and Dennis Siver so successful in MMA?

Cuttino: I think they are fearless, especially with Overeem and Struve. They think they are going to KO everyone. All fights start standing up, so if you’re pounding on a guy, he’s going to be real shy on shooting for a takedown. That’s why some strikers lose is because they fear the takedown. It gets them off their game. Go back to that Condit fight vs Hendricks. Now, Condit didn’t fear the takedown cause he knew he could do damage standing and he got slick submissions off his back. That’s why he was throwing that jump knee at will.

If you could name one thing that not many people know about the world of Kick Boxing what would it be and why?

Cuttino: Kickboxers are tough dudes. If a MMA fighter fought two weeks in a row that would be crazy. Thai fighters fight like every week. That’s why they have crazy records. I admire that.

Are there any future plans to jump into the realm of MMA or is kickboxing and Muay Thai where The Mechanic prefers to call home?

Cuttino: I want to do MMA right now. I want to be in the cage. I was suppose to do MMA a while ago but things happen. Couldn’t get matched up, wanted me to take fights on short notice and other things. Not complaining though. Everything happens for a reason. Hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll be in the cage.

Ok we will go a little Fight Club here, if there was anyone throughout history, fighter or not that you could stand across the cage or ring from who would it be and why?

Cuttino: I have to go with Carlos Condit or Donald Cerrone. They are two guys that are in my top five of favorite MMA fighters. I just think both would be a fun fight for me and the fans.

So you won your title in a fight vs Kenny Richmond on April 21st of last year, can you walk us though that fight (you can see him win the title here and what type of emotions took over when you saw Richmond fall vs the ropes to start the 2nd and you knew you had the win.

Cuttino: That was a crazy fight. Leading up to the title shot was crazy. I was actually coming off of two losses when I got the title shot. The last fight, I clearly won but the judges gave it to my opponent. So I was just really down on myself. Two days after the fight, my coach says you got a title shot. I thought he was just messing with me but he was telling the truth. That whole camp, all I was thinking about was REDEMPTION!!! Had to show my fans that I am the fighter that they thought they were. Wanted to show that I did deserve a title shot and plus I had to prove to myself that I am as good as I think I am.

When he didn’t answer the bell, I was a little shocked but happy I won. Everything that happened leading up to that fight and to get TKO victory for a title was the right remedy.

In the YouTube recordings we hear your fans throughout and they have your back no matter the situation, can you talk to us about your fan base and what makes them so special?

Cuttino: I love my fans. They give me the energy to do what I do. When people are chanting your name and rooting you on, you just get a jolt of energy. I love my fans and am very appreciative of them. One thing that makes to special to me is that they travel and they travel well. You always to want to feel like you’re the hometown favorite and at my fights, I always do. Doesn’t matter if it’s in PA, NJ or NY, I know my fans have my back and will be there win or lose.

You had a great Tweet (@BCuttinoTSMMA) recently “They say ur not a true champion till u defend ur belt” and now almost one year later to the day you defend your title. Tell us about your training, your opponent and your plans for this fight and how it will end.

Cuttino: Training is going well. Switched things up for this camp. The only thing I know about my opponent is his name (Konal Sayal), his gym (Jacks Gym) and he has a serious record (16-4). My plan for every fight is the same. I want to be exciting for the fans and I want to get that W for them. I want the KO for the finish but I don’t mind going all rounds.

Well we really look forward to seeing your next fight, is there any way for our readers to watch it live?

Cuttino: Only way to watch it live is to be there April 20th, 500 Pine Street, Hamburg, PA. Doors open at 5, first fight is at 6:30.

Well thank you for your time I know you are taking time out of camp for your title defense. Are there any sponsors or people you would like to mention?

Cuttino: Have to thank my team Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, the fans and my family for always supporting me. Just want to say thank you for having me on here once again. I really appreciate it. Thanks to Jen for setting this whole thing up. I had fun and hopefully we can do it again in the future.

So there you have it! Keep your eyes on “The Mechanic” because we will soon be going to work in a cage near you! In the meantime make sure to follow him on Twitter @BCuttinoTSMMA and we will make sure to update you on how his title defense went on April 20th on! Until next time good fight, good night!

Allentown Student Leaves The Gym For Better Results With Kickboxing

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By: TSMMA Allentown

When did you start training at TSMMA?

I Started training October 16th 2012, My kids were already enrolled in the kids kickboxing program to help them learn self defense and confidence. After watching them take kickboxing for awhile and a lot of failed attempts of losing weight at the gym I asked about the adult program for myself.

Why did you start training?

My goal was to lose 30lbs and after being at the gym and not getting much results I needed to seek the help of someone who really knows how to lose weight and get in great shape. My other reason was I had back surgery and was unable to do a lot because I didn’t know how to work out the correct way causing more pain in my back.

Have you tried any other fitness programs? Did they work?

I tried many different diet programs and fitness programs to lose weight but they never worked. I tried weight watchers but I didn’t have the motivation to keep track of points all the time but it wasn’t a way to lose weight you could eat bad food as long as you were within your points for the day. I also tried every other kind of diet pill exercise equipment and the typical gym membership that never got used and if it did it was to easy to leave whenever I got tired.

What brought you in to try kickboxing?

After many months watching my kids train it looked fun and exciting and Shihan Simpson is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.

 How did you feel about coming in for your first kickboxing class?

I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to do it. At that time I was also smoking and way out of shape.I was definitely scared!

How did you feel after your first kickboxing class?

Certainly something I wanted to keep doing! I had so much fun during the class and it went by so fast. At that point I also knew I had to make serious changes for my health.I had to stick to it.

What do you enjoy the most about your training?

The “SWEAT” I feel like im getting something accomplished. If I was at the gym the minute I started sweating I would leave. Here you cant do that. You cant just walk out of class

Besides losing weight and getting healthy what other things have you overcome because of your training?

Not only am I getting into great shape I can now defend myself if need be.But most of all the discipline!

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Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Corner UFC 158 GSP v. Diaz

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Self-Defense At The Highest Level

By: Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

When the UFC debuted in 1993 it was essentially a marketing tool for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. The Gracie family were the initial owners of the league and it was Royce Gracie who won three of the first four events (an injury costing him his shot at UFC 3).

Royce Gracie Wins UFC 1 Using Self-Defense Style of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

 Now over 200 events in, the UFC continues to be the place to see which Martial Arts techniques work the best in a real situation. While there are some rules that don’t exist in a street self-defense situation, it is the closest we can come without being in a real fight.

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of the sport in that time. It was easy to see in UFC 1 how Gracie’s knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu allowed him to take down more talented strikers and submit them, using techniques which they had never seen, let alone practiced. Over the last twenty years we have seen a steady decline in the ratio of jiu-jitsu used successfully in the UFC, at the same time seeing kickboxing play a much bigger role in determining the winner.

Jake Ellengerger Uses Cross, Hook, Cross Kickboxing Combo To Win Via KO

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

 The UFC gives out bonuses to it’s fighters in every event. The four “of the Night Bonuses” are for the two fighters who put on the best fight as well as the best knockout of the night and the best submission of the night. For the second time in a row there was no submission of the night.

“It highlights the importance of kickboxing as a self-defense tool.”

What does this mean to you as a training Martial Artist. Someone with a rudimentary understanding of submissions can defend submission attempts. Someone with a high level of kickboxing will still get knocked out by a similarly trained fighter! It highlights the importance of kickboxing as a self-defense tool. The Gracie’s are famous for claiming a trained Jiu-Jitsu fighter doesn’t need to know much about striking to survive a self-defense situation, but with the proliferation of MMA in the mainstream, more and more people are gaining a basic understanding of the techniques involved.

What separates TSMMA from any other Martial Arts school is our expert instruction of both of these facets of MMA, grappling and kickboxing. Our kickboxing instruction is unparalleled and our grappling curriculum has led to literally dozens of Elite Division Grappling Champions, including our own Joshu Craig Alexander here in Feasterville. Between Joshu and I we have gone 9-1 in Amateur Kickboxing Competition (you’ll have to do research to find out who the loss belongs to) and of course I competed in Chuck Norris’ World Combat League, kickboxing against the likes of World Muay Thai Champion and UFC competitor Anthony Njokuani and undefeated 19-0 professional boxer Abraham Han.

Our instruction will take you to the highest levels of both these arts!

UFC 158 GSP V. Nick Diaz

UFC 158 featured a long awaited matchup between long time Welterweight Champion George St-Pierre and much traveled Nick Diaz. Diaz has been agitating for this fight for a couple years and despite losing his title eliminator a year ago to Carlos Condit, still talked his way into the fight. Diaz is known for being less than reliable and it may have been the fear of him not showing up that led to a fight card with two more premier Welterweight match ups. Four other great fighters ready to fight just in case they needed to replace Diaz.

George St-Pierre Uses Superior Kickboxing Technique To Defend Title

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After


That didn’t turn out to be the case as Diaz made it to the cage and even put up a serviceable fight, but still not enough to win even a single round from St-Pierre. The champion dominated all but a few seconds of the 25 minute bout using superior kickboxing and a great ability to control where the fight happened. It was his superior movement, an important part of kickboxing training, that ultimately earned him the victory.

Earlier in the night there were a number of fights that highlighted the importance of using kickboxing techniques to secure victory. Our aim is to highlight those techniques and show you how they were used. The idea of kickboxing corner is not to demonstrate how to do the techniques. You won’t learn to use the techniques these fighters used in 15 classes, let alone one fifteen minute video, but we do want to show you how important an understanding of kickboxing is at the highest level of Martial Arts.

Hope you enjoy this edition of Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Corner.


See Yourself Achieving Things You Thought Impossible!

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Training in a martial arts school is something a lot of people think is for young tough guys who want to be fighters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has a large fight team that dominates the local grappling, kickboxing and MMA scene, as well as has professional fighters at the highest levels of MMA. But 99% of students will never see the inside of a ring or cage. TSMMA is authentic kickboxing and grappling for self defense that everybody can do!

Who wouldn’t want a fun workout program where you are learning real world self-defense, and some of the coolest moves this side of a Bruce Lee movie. The workout will give you incredible gains in your cardio and strength. Students have lost hundreds of pounds through these workouts, thousands even. One dedicated student last year lost 110 pounds in just over a year.


Beginner kickboxing classes are waiting for you to help you learn authentic kickboxing techniques and beginner grappling classes are there to show you basics of ground fighting and grappling. Progress at your own speed and you’ll never be pressured into free fighting or working above a level you are ready for.

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Combat at the Capitale 30 Results

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3/22/13 – NYC

175lb US Muay Thai Championship Bout

Mike Fischetti (TSMMA Staten Island) vs Piankahi Zimmerman (Capitale Punishment)

Fischetti wins via Majority Decision – Successfully Defends Title

172lb NYS Muay Thai Championship Bout

Stephen Regman (TSMMA South Plainfield) vs Eric Belcher (Southern MMA)

Regman wins via TKO of Round 2 – Successfully Defends Title

Jenna Serio (TSMMA Bay Ridge) vs Jess Vondolla (Pride MMA) -120lbs

Serio Wins via Majority Decision

Rachel Kendall (TSMMA Cherry Hill) vs Tiger Lilly Charles (Thai Hag) – 140lb

Kendall wins via TKO of Round 3

Mike Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Nazim Sadikov (Lions MA) – 155lb

Boswell wins via Unanimous Decision


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Lyman Good: Better Yourself With MMA

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lyman & carlos Fox News

By Victor Garcia, Published March 21, 2013, Fox News Latino

A former Bellator MMA welterweight champion, Lyman Good is a Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Artist.

In this video segment, Lyman shows off basic punching techniques to use in your workout or self-defense.

His training partner is Carlos Brooks, a Bellator MMA fighter and Tiger Schulmann’s trainer.

Both men will fight in Atlantic City, NJ April 4th.