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Allentown Student Leaves The Gym For Better Results With Kickboxing

Last Updated on March 27, 2013.

By: TSMMA Allentown

When did you start training at TSMMA?

I Started training October 16th 2012, My kids were already enrolled in the kids kickboxing program to help them learn self defense and confidence. After watching them take kickboxing for awhile and a lot of failed attempts of losing weight at the gym I asked about the adult program for myself.

Why did you start training?

My goal was to lose 30lbs and after being at the gym and not getting much results I needed to seek the help of someone who really knows how to lose weight and get in great shape. My other reason was I had back surgery and was unable to do a lot because I didn’t know how to work out the correct way causing more pain in my back.

Have you tried any other fitness programs? Did they work?

I tried many different diet programs and fitness programs to lose weight but they never worked. I tried weight watchers but I didn’t have the motivation to keep track of points all the time but it wasn’t a way to lose weight you could eat bad food as long as you were within your points for the day. I also tried every other kind of diet pill exercise equipment and the typical gym membership that never got used and if it did it was to easy to leave whenever I got tired.

What brought you in to try kickboxing?

After many months watching my kids train it looked fun and exciting and Shihan Simpson is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.

 How did you feel about coming in for your first kickboxing class?

I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to do it. At that time I was also smoking and way out of shape.I was definitely scared!

How did you feel after your first kickboxing class?

Certainly something I wanted to keep doing! I had so much fun during the class and it went by so fast. At that point I also knew I had to make serious changes for my health.I had to stick to it.

What do you enjoy the most about your training?

The “SWEAT” I feel like im getting something accomplished. If I was at the gym the minute I started sweating I would leave. Here you cant do that. You cant just walk out of class

Besides losing weight and getting healthy what other things have you overcome because of your training?

Not only am I getting into great shape I can now defend myself if need be.But most of all the discipline!