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Practical self-defense training and total fitness workouts are the priority at the Cherry Hill location of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts.

This mind and body focused studio will get you in shape in no time, and you won’t break a sweat looking for parking.

Under the direction of our team of handpicked, highly trained and skilled teachers, you’ll be motivated to reach your goals in our classes and programs that focus on muscular development, cardio conditioning, and improving flexibility. With a roster of tailored kickboxing, kids’ martial arts, mixed martial arts, karate, Muay Thai and jiu jitsu classes, there’s something for everyone.

Give us a call today to learn more about the Cherry Hill location of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts.




  • 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Training since 1991
  • Graduate of the University of Delaware
  • Competed in MMA and Jiu-jitsu
  • Undefeated in kickboxing



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  • May 28, 2018
    Nicole B.
    My family has been training at Tiger Schulmann Cherry Hill all together for about 10 years now. What started out being a place to go to learn something new ended up being a second home to go to for bond with other families through training, group challenge activities and supporting each other outside of training. Headed by Sensei Baker, who’s passion for martial arts goes way beyond training his students to be great martial artists. He has ended up being a friend, counselor, tutor and mentor for a lot of us. If you’re looking for the best instruction by an amazing instructor, I highly recommend anyone come give it a try.
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi Nicole, thanks for taking the time to write this great review! Your review mentions many of the core values that we prize here at Tiger Schulmann's, and we're glad that you're having such a great experience. Thanks for sharing this!
  • May 28, 2018
    Jorge R.
    Excellent school! One of the best choices I’ve ever made for my family and I. If you’re trying to have fun, get in shape, and learn self defense than Tiger Schulmanns is the place !!
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi Jorge, thanks for the awesome review and thanks for choosing Tiger Schulmann's for you and your family. Keep up the great work!
  • May 24, 2018
    Laura L.
    After being away from training at Tiger Schulmann’s for over 10 years due to moving from the area, I was unsure about whether to return. My fitness level was not anything near to what it was when I started, and I no longer knew anyone at the school. I decided to try it out again, and the school welcomed me back with open arms to pick up where I left off. Although everyone there was new to me, they treated me as part of their family, and I was quickly back into the swing of things. With the motivation of the instructors, and training in an environment where everyone encourages each other to be their best, I began to regain my skills and stamina. I quickly signed up my young daughter for classes as well. The instructors are amazing with kids, and focus on not only technique and skills, but also self-discipline, a positive “I can attitude,” and “non-quitting spirit,” all things that children can use to be successful in all aspects of life. She has come a long way from when she started and did not want to participate. She now volunteers in class to demonstrate the moves, and she is excited about participating in an upcoming tournament challenge. She is learning valuable skills to help her in becoming more confident, learning to prevent herself from becoming a target of bullies and defend herself against them should she ever need to. In addition to normal classes, the school holds annual bully prevention and child safe seminars, to help keep our kids safe in all situations. Training at Tiger Schulmann's is more than a great workout. It's a place to not only burn calories, but to learn valuable skills that can be used in the real world for self-defense, in a motivating, friendly, encouraging environment. I look forward all week to my Friday & Saturday classes, even when I am exhausted from a long week at work. After taking class, I feel inspired, energized and good about myself.
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi Laura, Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us, and we look forward to hearing more!
  • May 23, 2018
    Aysegul B.
    I registered 4 years ego Tiger Schulman's Martial Arts Cherry Hill. Why I start and what I m doing right now! its two different things!! They change my thinking about exercising, they changed my goals, my lifestyle on a better way. I meet beautiful people, I had one more family. Tiger Schulman's Cherry Hill is my secret heaven that gives rest of my brain and give pain of my body:)) thats make me stronger, healthier, focus my job better... There is a lot to write but shortly LOVE YOU GUYS!
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi Aysegul, Your review indicates you are truly enjoying your time spent at Tiger Schulmann's and we appreciate the warm feedback!
  • May 22, 2018
    Amanda S.
    I always have a good workout, great atmosphere, nice people
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi Amanda, It's great to hear how much you're enjoying Tiger Schulmann’s - thanks for sharing!
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