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If you’re looking to shake up your gym routine or increase your ability to focus, you’ve come to the right place.

The Bay Ridge location of Tiger Schulmann’s offers classes in kickboxing, kids’ martial arts, mixed martial arts, karate, Muay Thai and jiu jitsu classes for all skill levels.

Under the direction of Sensei Nissim Levy and his team of handpicked, highly trained and skilled teachers, you and/or your children will set and reach long-term fitness goals while gaining key self-defense skills, self-discipline, and a higher level of confidence.

Come by and see why the Bay Ridge location of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is the best place for you.



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  • September 21, 2018
    Anthony G.
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts has not only allowed my shy son the courage to stand up for himself but it empowered him to carry the confidence everyone should have. His approach to high school has changed. He takes pride in himself, his work and his self worth. I owe Sensei Levy and his staff everything. As a parent its hard to get your child to believe his father or mother knows best and thats where they fall into problems but when an outside example not only encourages your child to follow the right path but also bolsters you as a true example to follow. My son and I now have the greatest relationship. He makes me proud in every aspect of his life and I owe it to the great fortune of walking thru the doors of Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts.
  • August 15, 2018
    David M.
    Best place ever! Everyone's awesome from sensei to staff members. I can not wait to go back and hit the mat again
  • August 14, 2018
    Janet W.
    Awesome community!
  • May 20, 2018
    David M.
    Instructors and staff are the best. Great place to learn self defense and get into the best shape of your life. Highly recommended
    Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts
    Hi David, Your review indicates you are truly enjoying your time spent at Tiger Schulmann's and we appreciate the warm feedback!
  • May 17, 2018
    Michael T.
    Whatever your needs or goals, you’ll find the support you need here to achieve them. Modest or ambitious. You may just want to lose weight. You can lose weight here. Alot of people get in here and burn off weight they never could have. You’ll get help and instruction with a sustainable eating plan. You’ll be surprise how you lose the weight. If you want to get in better shape, you’ll do that here. Your stamina and physical coordination will increase exponentially; and you’ll progress at a reasonable rate that fits your schedule. Muscles will replace fat. You’ll get immersed in a learning environment that stimulates your mind. Want to learn self defense? You’ll learn ways to protect yourself, and not appear to be a victim, You’ll be more confident and self-assured knowing you can take care of yourself; you’ll see the effects in your life, relationships and work as a by product. If, you are committed in mind, body and spirit, and want to compete on a local, regional, national or global level; the support system is here to put you in a position to succeed. On all those levels. These aren’t empty and extravagant promises or a sales pitch. It’s contingent on your commitment, you get exactly what you put in. A + B = C. You can come in just to get rid of that extra 10 pounds of couch padding, and readily become more involved, increasing your goals as you progress. The instructors, (joshus, or Sensei himself), will never, ever, ever quit. They will never quit on you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what your goal is. At the beginning, and at the end, they are there; encouraging, pushing, supporting, sometimes dispensing tough love, but always, always a clear voice of positivity. The school works for such a variety people, with a variety goals, because the curriculum focuses on basic skills, physical conditioning and mental strength. Through repetition and consistency, as well as a varied, engaging curriculum, lead by charismatic leaders, students quickly become part of a inclusive team. There are times when no one feels like working out. We all lead complicated, busy lives. We all struggle with life on life’s terms. None of us is immune from hard times, or confusing situations. The way to deal with it, and succeed, is to address it. Know the fear, admit it, and go through it, whatever it is. I’ve seen people, and myself, overcome things that stifle and frustrate all of us, and seem impossible. The solution and power is there, the door is always open and everyone is invited. All that’s required is a desire to learn and grow. That’s all.
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