Tiger Schulmann’s

FREE OPEN MAT for First Responders

Practice Jiu-Jitsu Technique | Roll with New Partners | Bag Training & Striking Also Available

The Last Tuesday of the Month,

Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Marlton
931 Rt 73, Marlton, NJ 08053

The Last Thursday of the Month,

Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Cherry Hill

226 Haddonfield Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

  • Instructor ALWAYS present during open mat sessions to provide guidance and answer questions.

  • Open to ALL (prior experience not required).

  •  Open Mat time will be roughly one hour. Catered snacks & drinks provided after training.

  •  Recommended attire: Long sleeves and pants/tights for jiu-jitsu. Shirt & shorts for striking.

Meet Our Head Instructor

Sensei Shane Baker

Owner and Head Instructor Shane Baker set off on his martial arts journey at age five and has been training and teaching at Tiger Schulmann’s for nearly three decades. “In high school, I saw how the self-confidence I’d developed through training helped me take on new endeavors,” he says. “I began training to be a Sensei to help others enjoy that same ease and fearlessness.”
A US Kickboxing Association Light Heavyweight Champion, Baker brings his students a proven track record of martial arts excellence. But his focus goes beyond karate techniques. “The moves and techniques my young students can do put me in awe,” he says. “But I really love being able to instill the discipline and values of martial arts. These are life skills that kids can use to navigate school and social pressures, and help them become extremely productive.” “Teens are at the doorstep to adulthood and searching for who they are and their purpose,” he continues. “Being able to motivate and inspire them to find their calling is incredibly rewarding.”
Baker empowers adults through fun, family-oriented kickboxing classes that build mental and physical fitness. “We fuel the fire that our members already possess.” he says, “and steer them past the hurdles toward their goals.”
Ultimately, Baker says, his school “gives you a family to lean on when you’re struggling. You get a group of people that care more about you and your happiness than just weight-loss or competition. You get physical results and you also get the mental toughness and self-confidence to improve every aspect of life.”
Sensei Shane Baker at Tiger Schulmann's in Cherry Hill
Most people can’t stick with the gym. 95% quit after just one month. It’s boring and there are not enough reasons to keep you consistent. With Tiger Schulmann’s, you get our 3 dimensional workout which includes total body results + learning the life skill of self-defense and on top of that, our classes are intriguing and fun! Results, fun and self-defense make it easy to stay consistent and consistency is the key to success!
Our Karate Cubs pre-school program begins at 3yr. Our children’s martial arts program begins at 5 yr. old.
For your private beginner session class, we recommend sweats and a t-shirt.
Adult classes are 45 minutes to one hour. Children, Kids and Cubs classes are 45 minutes.
Yes, we offer a 20% discount for each additional family member. In addition, we offer active law enforcement a 25% discount.
Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts differs in many ways. From the dedication and expertise of our head instructors who have a minimum of 10 years experience and are the owners of their schools, to the unique and unparalleled curriculum that we teach, to the professional and beautiful facilities we provide. Nothing else is Tiger Schulmanns.
Tiger Schulmann’s head instructors are highly trained professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the martial arts, teaching authentic and effective Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques that will really work if you ever need them. Many cardio kickboxing instructors have little to no actual martial arts experience and are merely aerobic instructors.
While we estimate you will burn about 800 – 1000 calories in a class, many of our students have measured over 1200 calories burned in just one class using their own fitness bands.
You don’t need any previous experience. Just show up in some comfortable workout clothes and our professional staff and instructors will make sure you have a great workout and learn a skill that will change your life!
No, sparring and contact are not required. We offer separate classes for those who want to participate in sparring.
No, competition is not required. However, for those students interested, we do offer the opportunity to compete in different types of events, and even have a professional fight team that successfully competes at the highest levels of martial arts competition.
Yes, most of our schools offer private lessons. You can contact the individual location for more information.