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**Note: In order to insure the mutual safety of all of our students, we require that all protective gear be supplied by Tigear (Tiger Schulmann’s Pro Shop)

We encourage our members to allow friends and family members to experience the benefits and excitement of Tiger Schulmann’s training. In order to ensure that a new person has the best possible experience, they need to go through our orientation and trial class, which are specially designed to teach a new person the skills they will need in order to enter a group beginner class.

We offer generous discounts for other nuclear family members in the same household as an existing student. They are as follows:

  • 2nd Family Member: 20% discount
  • 3rd or higher Family Member: 40% discount

As your skills improve, you will earn a higher rank symbolized by a different color belt.

Each belt rank has a minimum class requirement which is followed by a testing phase. The higher the rank, the more classes (hours) required before the testing phase due to the complexity of the curriculum and the increased proficiency expectations. There are 4 stripes that mark the progress in terms of classes attended for each belt rank. Once you earn your 4th stripe, you will enter the testing phase and your instructor will begin evaluating your skills during classes, according to the requirements of your next belt rank. Your instructor will notify you if there are any areas which need to be improved upon before you can earn your next belt rank. Below you will find a table which shows our belt ranks, along with the corresponding experience level.

In order to request cancellation your membership you need to contact the school location in which you enrolled. You may cancel your membership under the following circumstances:

  • Within 3 days of enrollment – written request by email within 3 business days of your enrollment date (no supporting documents required)
  • If you move or relocate – you must provide a copy of your new lease, deed, utility bill, or school records (in the case of custody changes); establishing that you (the student) has moved his/her residence more than 25 miles from any TSMA center
  • Medical – must attach physician’s note indicating inability to participate for at least 6 months

**Note: Cancellation requests eligible for refunds are calculated as of the date the request is received along with all appropriate supporting documentation.

Any questions not covered here can be answered by calling 800-867-1218.

Required Gear Calendar

School Procedures

Membership Benefits

Training Code

Tiger Schulmann’s students not only learn martial art skills, they also learn about respect for themselves, other students, instructors and the school itself. Adhering to the rules below is a sign of that respect and allows all students to train and develop in a safe and clean environement.
  • Always shower before class.

  • Always wear a clean uniform and wash in hot water after each use. Never re-wear any training clothes.

  • Keep finger and toe nails trimmed.

  • Do not wear jewelry during class.

  • Put all shoes and bags in locker room or designated storage area.
  • Wash hands before and after class with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Do not share gear, towels, bars of soap, clothing.
  • Medicate and cover any scrapes or wounds with a secure bandage before training.
  • Wipe down or spray gear with disinfectant after each use.

Personal Training

The mix of both group classes and Personal Training is often the best way to perfect your technique, break through plateaus, and smooth the transition to new levels. Top 5 Reasons to add Personal Training sessions 
  • Progress Faster:  There are no shortcuts to getting better.  Adding Personal Training sessions is the fastest way to develop your skills and achieve the results you want.
  • Perfect Your Technique:  With every technique, even the slightest change can make a major difference. Personal Training sessions give your instructor more time to identify and work with you on those adjustments.
  • Prepare For Your Next Belt Test: Private lessons are a great way to help figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are. When students have an instructor to work directly with them on their individual needs, they are able to make leaps and bounds in their martial arts training gaining confidence and preparing you for the next belt level
  • Tournament Training: With our biannual COC tournaments being one of the best ways to put your skills to the test, personal training sessions is a great way to get some extra, personalized instruction in before your next big tournament. 
  • Individualized for you: This is your time. Sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals and focus on the areas of your training that you want to work on. 
  • Train Safely with Friends: Given today’s environment and the restrictions on group classes, Personal Training or Small Group Classes (you and a friend) can incorporate focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, grappling, and even sparring into your sessions. 
  • Time Flexibility: Personal Training sessions can be booked whenever it is convenient for both you and your instructor.
If you are ready to try a Personal Training session, please call the school directly. You can purchase one session to start or even a package of sessions at a discount.

Certified Instructor Training Program

Why Tiger Schulmann’s Certified Instructor Program Is Right For You

Being a Tiger Schulmann’s instructor is highly rewarding. Every day you serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to students, by doing what you love. Some of the many benefits you will experience include:

  • Living Your Passion. Without heart or drive in what you do, you’ll never reach your full potential. By focusing your time on the activities you already enjoy, long-term success is sure to follow.  
  • Become a Better Martial Artist.  Instructing is often the best tool for identifying gaps in understanding. Individuals who spend time teaching what they’ve learned usually go on to show better understanding and skill retention than students who simply spend the same time practicing. 
  • Being an Instructor is Special. The leader, you take each class to a higher level. Pushing students to their limit. Not everyone has the skill to do that.
  • Make a Positive Difference.  Through your influence and guidance, you will inspire positive changes in students on and off the mat.
  • Never The Same Day Twice. Teaching at Tiger Schulmann’s is never boring. Working with varied groups of students and staff brings new challenges, opportunities, and experiences every single day. 

Contact your instructor for more details.

Uniform Code

Belt Rankings

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Chart of certified belt ranks within Tiger Schulmann's

Importance of the Belt Ranking System

Engaging in Martial Arts is a combination of determination, perseverance and commitment.  Your level of achievement is referred to as your rank. The rank you have earned is indicated by the color of your belt.  The color of the belt you wear with each advancement has special meaning and signifies your experience and progression.

History & Tradition

The Story of Tiger Schulmann's

When our founder, Daniel Schulmann was just a young boy, his oldest brother was brutally bullied. This left Danny with a fearful lack of confidence and a feeling of insecurity. It was at this time his father, David Schulmann made a conscious decision that his children would never be victimized by anyone ever again.

He enrolled Danny in martial arts and it did not take long for his instructor, Shigeru Oyama, to realize he had a real prodigy on his hands. When Oyama realized Danny was born in the year of the Tiger and with the boy’s unmatched speed, strength and fearlessness, Danny would forever be referred to as “Tiger” Schulmann. At the age of twelve, Tiger achieved the high honor of black belt.

He began competing in full contact, bare-knuckle knockdown tournaments. In 1979, at the age of seventeen, his instructor informed him that Tiger would be representing the United States in the 2nd World Open Championships in Tokyo, Japan. He then went on to become the North American Full Contact Champion which he would successfully defend for a staggering six years in a row until his retirement from competition.

That same year, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts was born.

First Name Last Name Rank Instructor Level School
First Name Last Name Rank Instructor Level School