Victoria K.

The number of times I’ve been to TSMA Glendale, I’ve been welcomed with open arms. They show interest in all of your health goals, additionally, they keep you motivated to do more. it’s nothing like a regular gym, everyone treats you like their own. I admire the energy from the staff as well as the […]

Angela P.

I had trained here once, as I usually attend another tiger Schulmann’s location. They are very welcoming and have an array of talented students that help others who may be struggling with a technique. Parking is readily available in a parking lot so that you don’t have to worry about being ticketed while you are […]

Victoria H.

I’ve been training at this school for several years now and it’s great! The sensei’s and instructors are inspiring and helpful. They are always there to push you to be and do your best. I have made some great friends here and it is always a blast and one of the best parts of my […]

Damien T.

It’s a quality training facility that is very welcoming to anyone at any level of their fitness and training. I was immediately hooked by the professionalism and patience of each instructor. I’m in the Navy and if I tell you that the training rocks.. Trust me on that.. come get your fitness on and your […]

Jenny C.

My son has been at Tiger Schulman Glendale location for two years. He loved the instructors, Mike and Cesar. Staffs are very friendly and they keep the place very clean. He always enjoyed going to class! Highly recommend it!

Jared N.

Top-notch operation and highly recommended for anyone in the area looking to start their kid(s) in martial arts. Sensei Chris is extremely professional and the other teachers are 100% committed and great. My kids thoroughly enjoyed their time there.