Cooking With Sensei – Chickpea & Broccoli Wraps

Today, we are going to make the most delicious veggie wrap known to man. The focus on getting a balanced meal is always important and this wrap won’t disappoint. This is one of those “must try” recipes, especially if you’ve never tried combining warm chickpeas with goat cheese. And we don’t stop there! Adding in […]

Cooking With Sensei – Protein Waffles

Today on Cooking With Sensei, we’re going to make the most well balanced waffles, that could be a meal in itself. Mornings in our house are always a mad dash but even still breakfast takes priority over everything else! Luckily daddy specializes in art of making breakfast, and it’s my favorite meal of the day. […]

Cooking With Sensei – Asian Stir Fry

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This week on cooking with Sensei we are going to stir fry it up! We’re making an Asian stir fry with lean beef and jasmine rice. If you’re looking for fast and easy, this is the recipe for you. This meal is not only balanced but super tasty too. It’s loaded with color from all […]