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Announcing Uncaged – TSMA’s Brand New Podcast

Last Updated on May 30, 2022.

TSMA is launching a  podcast to spotlight Tiger Schulmann’s fight team students, fans, followers, and martial arts enthusiasts worldwide.

Hosted by Sensei and former UFC fighter Luis Gaudino, the podcast will give you an insider’s perspective. Get to know our fight team on a more personal level, meet our instructors and hear some of our MANY amazing success stories! 

The Uncaged podcast won’t just cover the ins and outs of training at our school and fighting in a ring. We’ll discuss balancing martial arts with your everyday out-of-the-ring activities.  

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The First Episode of Uncaged features TSMA instructor and a lightweight MMA fighter Christian Mcauley

Happy spouse, happy house. 

This is the first thing that we hear Christian say in our first podcast.

Balancing t family life, training, and a demanding career in fighting is never easy. But, contrary to what many people believe, it’s possible. 

Both Christian and his Sensei Louis Gaudinot (the host of our podcast) have found similar ways of making ends meet when it comes to work and family life. Like many other TSMA members, they just bring their family with them to their classes. 

Christian’s family cheers him at his fights as well. Actually, Christian’s daughter Mimi is his biggest fan. We see a video of her rooting for him at the championship and yelling keep distracting him.  

Mimi’s still a toddler, but it’s very inspiring to see how well she adapts around the ring. She even gives a few pointers to Christian and advises him to knock his opponent out. Sound advice!  

Being role models for the kids

Sensei Gaudino’s experience with his family is similar to Christian’s. They agree that one of the best ways to inspire your children to become champions, no matter what they do, is to show them that hard work pays off. 

Instilling a winner’s attitude, habit building and discipline also protects their children because, if push comes to shove, they won’t be easy prey for bullies.

In fact, discipline and mental restraint were the reasons why Christian joined TSMA in the first place. He was 10 or 11 at the time as sensei Gaudinot recalls… 

It was back in the days when Gaudinot was a UFC fighter himself and it was surely one of the things that inspired Christian to step into the ring. 

Before he was a fighter, Christian had a lot of extra energy in school. He’d finish all the work first and then, unable to sit still, he’d bother the other kids and his teachers.

Being a handful, his mother enrolled him in TSMA to teach him discipline and have him build good habits (and to burn off some of that extra energy!!) 

After seeing the effects and benefits of his training, his family quickly followed in his footsteps and enrolled. , 

Eventually, both Christian’s parents and his little brother started training which is not rare  at  Tiger Schulmann’s. 

One day they just feel the calling to step onto the mat. 

That’s why Christian says that when you’re a fighter and training is your work, you don’t have to be absent from your family. You can just bring your family to the work with you.

Christian seems to be following in the footsteps of Sensei Gaudinot in more ways than one. 

Seeing his Sensei in a ring was definitely the biggest source of inspiration for Christian. Apart from that, Sensei Gaudinot would also bring his kids to the classes. Both Christian and his sensei started their families early so the similarities are striking. 

There’s one thing specific for Christian however and it’s the fact that, besides training, his hobby is eating. 

He says that his biggest challenge after he retires from fighting will be to not get overweight. In fact, he puts a little bit of weight after each fight and then loses it before the next fight… 

That only shows that however disciplined, even athletes struggle with self-control sometimes. 


Tidbits from the ring

Christian shared predictions on UFC matches between Julio Arce and Daniel Santos. He says that he always expects Julio to win no matter who he’s up against. 

Apparently landing a punch when you’re sparring with Julio does NOT come easy. Christian anticipates TKO or late decision. 

As for Sterling and Yan, sensei Gaudino and Christian have different points of view. Christian would bet on Yan, while Gaudino is optimistic about Sterling winning the fight.

Listening to how these two TSMA instructors talk about their careers in the ring, you’d think that fighting is no big deal. 

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