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A Family of Fighters – Meet Ryan Burgos!

Last Updated on May 30, 2022.

“To anyone who steps across that cage for me, you better be ready because, like any Tiger Schulmann’s fighter, I’m going to be ready by any means necessary,” said Ryan Burgos, now a professional UFC flyweight fighter. 

Ryan Burgos began his journey to join his brother, No 14-ranked UFC featherweight “Hurricane” Shane Burgos, on the UFC roster on Saturday, May 14, when he defeated his first opponent, Ivan Rios. 

Being Shane’s younger brother and training martial arts since the age of five, many will assume Ryan’s impressive results were easily achieved. 

However, Ryan knows that every grand champion is born through discipline and hard work, with a burning desire to be the best. 

“We want to be the one percent. The one percent are the ones that get recognized,” said Burgos.


MMA fighter Ryan Burgos focused during the fight


A 5-year-old with the winning instinct 

Ryan remembers his first martial arts class vividly. 

Like many young kids, he did his best trying to punch through his instructor’s hands, but it was obvious that he was different from the other kids. 

“I feel like I was born with that aggression, with that energy for the cage… It’s like another instinct,” he said. 

He was only five when he started training at Tiger Schulmann’s. At that time, he was a huge WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fan. He would spend hours in front of his TV, trying to memorize every move so he could practice later. 

His older brother Shane burst his bubble by telling him those fights weren’t real.

“I remember him asking me if I want to watch the real WWE. So I was like, whaaaat, this is real, right? I also remember seeing Chuck Liddel for the first time throwing some crazy moves, and I wanted to be like him. I need to watch him all the time, and I need to do it myself”. 

If you want to be a champion…

Fifteen years later, that young 5-year-old boy is a professional fighter, but he had to put in a lot of effort to be here today. 

“The self-discipline we were taught at a young age is critical to succeeding in this sport. At five years old, I was being told what should and shouldn’t I be doing and being held accountable by my parents, brother, and, most importantly, Sensei.”

Senseis play a huge part in the life of their students. Their job is not only to teach and plan the activities for the class, but they also teach valuable life lessons and stress essential life values.

“My first instructor was Sensei Jose Montes. He was a very drill sergeant-like instructor, in a good way. We still had fun and played games, but it was such a crucial part of my life. It taught me self-discipline and gave me confidence. I’ve never had self-esteem issues. I was myself. I directly give credit for that to my Sensei Montes,” explained Ryan.

The ultimate goal: UFC World Champion

While being a UFC World Champion is Ryan’s ultimate goal, there are still some short-term goals he wants to achieve first. 

“Right now, my goal is to be CFFC flyweight champion. I set that goal when I was 12, when I watched my brother fight for the CFFC. So that’s the goal I set, and within a couple of years, I know I’ll accomplish that goal too.” 

Nothing in his life occupies him more than MMM (mixed martial arts). We can say the love for martial arts runs strong through the veins of the Burgos brothers. 

“I live, sleep, and eat martial arts. As Burgos, we always go forward; it’s in our blood. I will win,” said Ryan Burgos, a new rising star in the CFFC world. 

Naturally, when someone is successful at a young age, we tend to ask many different questions. For example: What is it like having a UFC featherweight as an older brother? What does your typical day look like? 

He explained everything in this video; watch it now!