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Frequently Asked Questions

You may freeze your program for reasons such as vacation, injury, illness and pregnancy.

Keep in mind the following requirements when requesting a program freeze:

  • You must request a program freeze by email (or using school text line if available)
  • Freeze requests must be in advance of the requested freeze dates. You cannot freeze your program for time that has already past.
  • You have a maximum of 60 days which can be frozen during a one year program.
  • The minimum amount of time a program can be frozen for is 1 week
  • A program freeze will extend your program’s expiration date by the amount of time you requested (60 days maximum per year). During the program freeze, you will continue to make any regularly scheduled monthly payments, however, during your program’s extension time, you will not be required to make any further monthly payments.
Yes, you should email or text (using school text line if available) if you need to miss a class so that your instructor is notified in advance that you won’t be attending your class.
Due to differences in class capacity and enrollment, please contact your school via email or text for their policy on make up classes.
If you would like to change your class schedule either temporarily or permanently, please contact your school’s staff.
Use the following link to print out a Personal Information Update form. After completing the form, mail to the address provided or submit to your Tiger Schulmann school. Please make sure to sign the form.
The best way to increase/decrease your training frequency is to speak directly with your instructor, since they will be able to determine the optimum training schedule for your goals and experience level.

Check you school’s social media (Instagram/Facebook) for the necessary

**Note: In order to insure the mutual safety of all of our students, we require that all protective gear be supplied by Tigear (Tiger Schulmann’s Pro Shop)

We encourage our members to allow friends and family members to experience the benefits and excitement of Tiger Schulmann’s training. In order to ensure that a new person has the best possible experience, they need to go through our orientation and trial class, which are specially designed to teach a new person the skills they will need in order to enter a group beginner class.


We offer generous discounts for other nuclear family members in the same household as an existing student. They are as follows:

  • 2nd Family Member: 20% discount
  • 3rd or higher Family Member: 40% discount


As your skills improve, you will earn a higher rank symbolized by a different color belt.

Each belt rank has a minimum class requirement which is followed by a testing phase. The higher the rank, the more classes (hours) required before the testing phase due to the complexity of the curriculum and the increased proficiency expectations. There are 4 stripes that mark the progress in terms of classes attended for each belt rank. Once you earn your 4th stripe, you will enter the testing phase and your instructor will begin evaluating your skills during classes, according to the requirements of your next belt rank. Your instructor will notify you if there are any areas which need to be improved upon before you can earn your next belt rank. Below you will find a table which shows our belt ranks, along with the corresponding experience level.

In order to request cancellation your membership you need to contact the school location in which you enrolled. You may cancel your membership under the following circumstances:

  • Within 3 days of enrollment – written request by email within 3 business days of your enrollment date (no supporting documents required)
  • If you move or relocate – you must provide a copy of your new lease, deed, utility bill, or school records (in the case of custody changes); establishing that you (the student) has moved his/her residence more than 25 miles from any TSMA center
  • Medical – must attach physician’s note indicating inability to participate for at least 6 months

**Note: Cancellation requests eligible for refunds are calculated as of the date the request is received along with all appropriate supporting documentation.    

Any questions not covered here can be answered by calling 800-867-1218.