Tiger Schulmann’s

10 Tips for Beginner Kickboxing Sparring

Last Updated on March 4, 2013.

kickboxing-adultsBy: TSMMA Smithtown

There are many ways to make yourself a good kickboxer when it comes to sparring and working with another partner.  Many people believe that the winner of a sparring match is the one who hits the other person harder and hurts them.  This is not true!

The idea of sparring is to practice your techniques in a live situation in order to REDUCE the fear of having punches and kicks thrown at you.  The idea is to throw as many punches as you can in a combination and have each one land with speed and accuracy.

Some helpful advice for someone who is new to sparring would be to :

1.  Always keep your hands up
2.  Never take your eyes off your partner
3.  Keep your feet in your stance at all times
4.  Retract your punches back to your chin for protection
5.  Start at a slow and comfortable pace to reduce fear and flinching
6.  Always set your feet before you punch or kick
7.  Keep your distance from your partner, to simulate a real situation
8.  Throw combinations, the more you throw, the more you land
9.  Keep your feet moving in a rhythm
10.  Stay focused and controlled.  No one wants to get injured.

Keep these tips in mind next you spar in Class.