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July 2012

An inspiring story from Sensei Thad Campbell that can teach us all

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Sensei Thad Campbell head instructor of TSMMA Feasterville has shared an inspirational story with us on his own blog @ This is a story worthy for everyone to see.

“It’s been seven years since Anthony began training in MMA.  The Holland, Pennsylvania four year old had been diagnosed with Autism. His mom wanted something to help him with his balance, coordination, muscle tone, focus and confidence.  In the intervening seven years it has been a long and winding road for him.  At many points during the journey Anthony has plateau’d and wanted to quit.  He has been through the Challenge of Champions many times, both winning and losing matches in both kickboxing and grappling.  In his last effort at C.O.C. Anthony was put in a headlock and thrown to the ground.  It not only caused a fair amount of pain, but a greater amount of fear.

The self-conciousness of his reaction combined with the fear of a recurrence not only led to him vowing to never go to C.O.C. again but also led to resistance in simply going to his classes.  On two occasions during the last seven years the anxiety of going to class and facing his own fears has proven to be too much for Anthony and he has taken a short break from his training.  Always after a couple months he and mom realize that the benefits of training far outweigh the fear and anxiety it sometimes causes.  It so happens that Anthony also happens to be my son.

Every time a parent comes to me and says Sensei, my child doesn’t want to train anymore I don’t want to force them, I know exactly what they are feeling.  However, I do force Anthony (with the incredible support of my wife).  It is my job as a parent (and Sensei) to do what is right for my son!  Fear and anxiety will never determine whether or not he succeeds at something in his life.  As a parent I can never allow that to happen to my son!  We will always be there for him should he get injured or be scared.  Those things go away quickly, the pain of quitting lasts forever.

Lately as Anthony has started to mature we have been talking a lot to him about the benefits of class.  One of them is physical conditioning.  As an 11 year old boy he has started to become more aware of the shape he is in.  Starting out with low muscle tone to begin with it has been a struggle for him.   It was with great pleasure that I picked him up from camp a week ago and he said to me, “Sensei I was wondering something. . . .  “  Now usually this leads to a question about a new game he wants to get for his Xbox.  Not this time, however, instead he asked if he could start taking two classes when he comes in every day instead of just one.  He figured that would help him get in even better shape!

I am sharing this story as a way of encouraging every parent to be more stubborn than their children.  It took us seven years before our son understood Self-Discipline.  I have talked to him about it every day during those seven years.  By no means do I think that this new attitude will last forever.  What will last forever is my determination to stick by what I think is right for my child!  At eleven years old I don’t believe he should have the ability make important choices for himself, he is simply not aware of all the different ramifications of any choice he makes.  So I help him understand why we as parents make those choices for him.  It is his choice to either do those things with a positive or negative attitude.  Ultimately he knows it will not affect me one way or the other.

A week after asking if he could start taking two classes he once again got in the car after camp and told me he was wondering something.  This time it was if he could go to Challenge of Champions again.  I almost drove off the road for a second time in a week.  My eleven year old son was truly facing his fears.  No small thing for any child, let alone one with autism.  Being a High-Brown Belt he would be facing a division at the tournament that included Black Belts.  I let him know this to see if he still wanted to make the same decision.  Without pause he said yes he still wanted to compete.  I don’t know if he will win or lose, but I know my boy is a winner simply because of the choices he is starting to make.  And I know that at the tournament I will be there to give him a huge hug and kiss the minute he’s done, win or lose!


Sensei Thad Campbell

Tiger Schulmanns Feasterville”

Fight Night Fantastic for TSMMA

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Fight Night Fantastic for TSMMA

By Sensei Thad Campbell – (TSMMA Feasterville)

Hamburg Fight Night – 7/28/12

Team Tiger Schulmann invaded the small Hamlet of Hamburg, PA Saturday night.  Fight Night in Hamburg, Pennsylvania has been a springboard for Team Tiger Schulmann’s young fighters for five years.  Fighters like Sensei James Garzillo and Joshu Craig Alexander honed their skills in the promotion.

This time around Roger Garcia, Tim Kunkle, Ron Zacconi, Rachel Kendall, Greg Fonda and Brendan Cuttino all displayed great skills for the massed TSMMA crowd.

Kunkle started the night of kickboxing off with a clinic on setting up your cross.  Using a beautiful uppercut to lift his opponents head and following with his cross, Kunkle dominated the first round leaving his opponent searching for answers in between rounds. Unfortunately he didn’t find any.  Shortly into Round 2 Kunkle landed the combination again and the referee felt it was best to stop the fight.  A TKO victory for Kunkle!

He was followed by fellow Bethlehem student Roger Garcia. He was obviously motivated by his teammate as he came out winging bombs early and often. This one wouldn’t make it to Round 2 as Garcia earned the TKO late in Round 1. Once again the referee saving further damage by stepping in!

Up next was Ron Zacconi making his competitive debut.  That news would be met with skepticism by his opponent after Zacconi showed his skills for all three rounds. He used a solid jab to set up all his combinations and then followed with everything in the book including using body head combinations.  Amazingly for a first time fighter he was even able to follow Shihan Simpson’s corner instructions perfectly.  Zacconi won unanimously, sweeping all three rounds!

Joshu Greg Fonda of Allentown lived up to the high standard of his teammates early on. Like Zacconi he was using body head combinations and following with low-kicks. He was calm and composed throughout.  In Rounds 2 and 3 Fonda continued the display of his technical ability. His opponent stopped trying to match his skill level and settled for bull rushing.  Fonda dealt with it calmly circling and using combos to counter.  He dealt with it but somehow two judges thought it was a bull rushing contest not a kickboxing fight.  He lost a split decision after a great display of technique.

Rachel Kendall was up next facing a challenge in the form of a 6′ 2″ opponent.  Giving up eight inches Kendall came out using push kicks and jabs to control distance and connecting with power punches bringing the crowd to its feet as it seemed she may finish the fight.  Round 2 began with more of the same until her opponent began to get into a plumb clinch.  Kendall absorbed one knee kick that may have stopped a lesser competitor and came back firing. The third round mimicked the second with Kendall fighting out of a clinch throughout.  At the end both fighters had displayed great skill and it was fitting it would come to a draw!

Finishing up the event was Brandon Cuttino of Abington TSMMA. Joshu Cuttino has been a regular on Fight Night Cards for the last two years.  His success earned him a shot at the title Saturday Night!  Cuttino put in the work over the last couple months training with Team TSMMA daily in Elmwood Park and working closely with Sensei James Garzillo at his own school.  All the hard work paid off for Cuttino who put on a clinic for three rounds.  It started with conditioning as he used great movement throughout. It followed with technical skill.  Cuttino was sidestepping and countering throughout. Finally it was power as he connected with crosses and hooks throughout giving his opponent pause. Cuttino wins the title belt with a unanimous decision!

It was a great night for Team TSMMA.  Four victories including two TKO’s were impressive enough.  Throw in a title belt and great technical displays even in a loss and a draw. A great job by everyone on the card and kudos to Shihan Simpson for the hard work in molding the Pennsylvania contingent that has been so successful for the last decade!  Stay tuned as it will be a busy August in PA with two MMA Shows back to back!  Congratulations to all the competitors!


Hamburg Fight Night Kickboxing Results and Video-7/28/12

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Hamburg Fight Night Kickboxing Results and Video-7/28/12

7/28/12 – Hamburg, PA

Tim Kunkle (TSMMA Bethlehem) vs Mike Weber (High Voltage Gym)

Kunkle wins via TKO in Round 2

Roger Garcia (TSMMA Bethlehem) vs Frank Falkstock (N.E. Karate & Kickboxing)

Garcia wins via TKO in Round 1

Ron Zaconni (TSMMA Abington) vs John Connor (Amerikick)

Zaconni wins via TKO in Round 3

Greg Fonda (TSMMA Allentown) vs Nameron Bibbens (Champion Kickboxing)

Bibbens wins via split decision

Rachel Kendall (TSMMA North Plainfield) vs Irinna Khouade (five points academy)

Contest scored an Unanimous Draw (Possible rematch in the works)

Brandon Cuttino (TSMMA Abington) vs Danny Millit – (Five points academy)

Cuttino wins via Unanimous Decision

Tim Kunkle (TSMMA Bethlehem) vs Mike Weber (High Voltage Gym) Video

Roger Garcia (TSMMA Bethlehem) vs Frank Falkstock (N.E. Karate & Kickboxing)

Stay tuned for more coverage from this event

Rousey, Kaufman, Carano – The World According to Munah Holland

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Rousey, Kaufman, Carano – The World According to Munah Holland

By Jim Genia – Cagewriter

In case you were wondering, female mixed martial arts is still very much alive and kicking.  The latest installment of the Invicta Fighting Championships is this Saturday night, and in August, Strikeforce returns to Showtime with a main event that will feature champ Ronda Rousey attempting to remove challenger Sarah Kaufman’s arm in the most painful, non-surgical way possible.  Yep.  Wimmins.  They be fightin’.  So in the spirit of all this impending violence perpetrated by the fairer sex, Cagewriter tracked down 125-pound female fighter Munah Holland, who knocked out Strikeforce veteran Carina Damm two weeks ago at Matrix Fights (a regional show in Philadelphia) to get her perspective on things.  She is, after all, on the front lines.

Things to know about Holland: she’s a product of the Tiger Schulmann’s MMA system, and manages one of the organization’s gyms in New Jersey.  In 2004, she won the prestigious Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament, transitioned to professional fighting with Chuck Norris’ ill-fated kickboxing promotion the World Combat League, and now fights in the cage, shimmying out of the clutches of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts and feeding them knuckles until they fall.   In her MMA debut, Holland brutalized Kim Couture for three rounds; more recently, she’s KO’d top New England fighter Marianna Kheyfets in Bellator and put away Damm.

That’s Holland.  Here’s what she had to say about some of her fellow fighters:

On Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey – “Ronda is, I would say, this deliciously deadly, amazing person.  She has something that, when I watch her fight, is incredibly contained, and at the same time, explosive.  It’s really fun to watch, and her ground game is sick.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with, no matter her opponent in front of her.  I can’t wait for the upcoming fight between her and Sarah Kaufman — I think that’s going to be a great fight.”

On top Strikeforce bantamweight challenger and former champ Sarah Kaufman – “I’ve watched Sarah for a long time, because as a female martial artist, she was one of the girls I knew about first.  She’s got really, really powerful hands — like, lead in her hands.  She’s very dangerous.  She’s constantly evolving… got a lot of heart, and like Ronda, she’s a force to be reckoned with.  And Sarah has some very good wrestling, so it’s going to be interesting, because if Sarah can maintain her wrestling defense and use her hands and use her range, it could be a really interesting fight.  If it stays standing, Sarah can do some damage with her hands.  We haven’t really seen Ronda’s chin, we don’t know how much damage it can take.”  Her prediction for the August 18 Strikeforce title fight?  “If it stays standing, Sarah’s going to have the advantage.  If it goes to the ground, my gut says Ronda.”

On former Strikeforce bantamweight champ Miesha Tate – “I love Miesha.  I once said this out loud and people heard me, but if you have a bum that looks like Miesha’s, you’ve got to plaster it everywhere.  She’s beautiful, she’s tough as nails.  And that fight with Ronda, that was sick.”

On former Strikeforce featherweight champ Gina Carano – “Gina, I think, has done a world of good for female fighting in general.  She’s chosen her own path, and gone the way she feels where her future lies.  You have to do whatever it is you have to do in this world to have a life and a good living, but I thank her for exposing female martial artists to the world, and making it important for people to watch and making it exciting for people to watch, and proving that, regardless of whether it’s females or males, it’s just a great sport to watch.  She proved that the numbers can be there, that the seats can be filled for female mixed martial artists just as they can for men.”

On former Strikeforce featherweight champ Cris “Cyborg” Santos — “Cyborg would scare most grown men away in the cage.  The first time I saw Cris Cyborg, I was like, ‘Uh, this woman is just frightening.’  And frightening in a good way.  What a beast.  What a beast of mass proportions.  This girl… frightening strength, amazing ability coming from Chute Boxe, can really take so much.  She’s just like a pitbull.  She’s just going to keep on coming and keep on coming.”

On female MMA pioneer Tara LaRosa – “Long before Gina or Cyborg came into the picture, you’d hear about Tara just making her way through one person after another in the circuit — especially in New Jersey, where she’s got a lot of fans.  For me, she was definitely an inspiration.  We can do it, we can do it really well and with a lot of class.”

On hoping to fight in the UFC one day – “Oh yeah.  Some little girls want to grow up and wear pink slippers, but for me, the thought of being in the UFC…  I hope it gets to that point for women, I hope it gets to that point in my MMA lifetime.  We can only hope for that.  Who wouldn’t want to be in that arena?”

On Dana White reconsidering his stance on not allowing women in the UFC’s Octagon – “I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want to see women in the UFC, and I hope Dana White considers that at some point.  Because we’ll bring the crowds, we’ll fill the seats, and people really enjoy watching it.”

Train with Munah Holland @ TSMMA North Plainfield

Tickets for Bellator 74 in Atlantic City on sale – Lyman Good vs Jim Wallhead

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Tickets for Bellator 74 in Atlantic City on sale – Lyman Good vs Jim Wallhead

Lyman Good vs Jim Wallhead

Bellator Fighting Championships 74
Caesars Atlantic City
2100 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08404
, Sep 28, 2012 06:30 PM

Be sure to enter the promo code “TSK” in the Friends and Family Buy text box online to sit in the TSMMA section and to show your direct support to Lyman and let Bellator know who you are there to see fight. Click the link to purchase –

Lyman Good Returns to The Bellator Cage on September 28th in Atlantic City

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Lyman Good Returns to The Bellator Cage on September 28th in Atlantic City

Excerpts from

Bellator Fighting Championships is set for its highly-anticipated return to The Garden State for Bellator 74 on Friday, September 28 from the historic Caesars Atlantic City. The night will feature the start of Bellator’s Season 7 Welterweight Tournament as former Bellator Welterweight Champion and New York native Lyman “Cyborg” Good makes his return to action in Bellator’s Season 7 Welterweight Tournament in front of a raucous New Jersey crowd.

Good returns to Bellator following a dominant, 13 second destruction of LeVon Maynard at Bellator 65 in April. After compiling an impressive 10-fight winning streak to begin his professional career, “Cyborg” hopes that a return to the tournament will yield the same results that saw him become the first ever Bellator Welterweight Champion.

Lyman is scheduled to face Judo Jim Wallhead in the first round of the Season 7 Tournament.

Stay tuned for ticket block details and more info on the rest of the tournaments competitors once it is released.



Team Tiger Schulmann Returns to Hamburg Kickboxing Event this Saturday

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Team Tiger Schulmann Returns to Hamburg Kickboxing Event this Saturday


Date: Saturday, July 28, 2012

Location: Hamburg Field House
500 Pine Street, Hamburg PA 19526

Ticket Prices: $25 for bleachers, $35 for ringside $45 each for ringside table seats
Save $5 by purchasing tickets online – see to buy online

Doors open at 5:00 PM
Fights start at 6:00 PM

A United States Kickboxing Alliance Sanctioned Event!

Representing Team TSMMA in action will be:

Brandon Cuttino (TSMMA Abington)
Toney Mcrae (TSMMA Allentown)
Greg Fonda (TSMMA Allentown)
Roger Garcia (TSMMA Bethlehem)
Craig Alexander (TSMMA Feasterville)
Tim Kunkle (TSMMA Bethlehem)
Ron Zaconni (TSMMA Abington)
Rachel Kendall (TSMMA North Plainfield)

Stay tuned for results