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October 2012

Challenge of Champions Tryouts Start This Week

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Challenge of Champions Tryouts Start this week

Challenge of Champions 33 will be held on 12/9/12 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ.

Tryouts for the Challenge of Champions Tournament begin this week for many TSMMA locations. Be sure to check with your instructor to confirm your tryout Date.

Attending the tryout is vital and the best way to get a head start on preparing yourself for the tournament.

Visit for more details.

Check out this video of current TSMMA Allentown Student and Future TSMMA Competition Team member as he prepares for December’s COC.


Amazing Weight Loss In TSMMA Bayridge Brooklyn NY MMA

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Amazing Weight Loss In TSMMA Bayridge Brooklyn NY MMA


BY: TSMMA Bay Ridge

My name is Ashlee Altman and I became a part of the Bensonhurst Tiger Schulmann’s school two and a half years ago. I walked into the school at roughly 172 pounds at 16 years old. I trained under the two most dedicated and talented instructors in the whole organization – Sensei Sean Nolan and Sensei Nissim Levy. They were the ultimate dynamic due. Today At 19 years old, I walk around at roughly 135 pounds. Throughout the course of my training, I had acquired skills that enhanced both my physical and mental well being. I never thought that I could achieve the what I thought was “impossible”. Sensei Levy always said “If it hurts don’t quit, it’s working!” As Sensei Nolan screamed “Go Go Go” in my ears when I felt like giving up, on I went and I am not stopping now. He taught me to “remember seeing myself pass the finish line” and I can vividly see that image and you can too!

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