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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | manhattan-tsmma2

Friday Night Fights & Fight Night VII Events This Weekend

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manhattan tsmma2


Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs  Alan Stoffel (Dogen Gym) – 135lbs

Friday Night Fights Kickboxing and Muay Thai – Friday, March 1st

Venue: Hall at St Paul

9th Ave between 59th & 60th St., New York, NY 10019,

Time: Doors open: 7:00pm, First bout: 8pm

For ticket info –click here


hoboken fight night


Fight Night VII (Event Details Above)

Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Connor McFarland – 165lbs

Rashaad Mason (TSMMA Bayridge) vs Mike Fernanindo – 150lbs

Rich Aldarondo (TSMMA Paramus) vs Adue Ali – 140lbs

Stay Tuned for Results

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

The Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

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By Sensei Thad Campbell –  TSMMA Feasterville

The purpose of Martial Arts training is to learn to defend yourself in any situation. The goal of a Martial Arts Instructor should then be to prepare their students for the most likely scenario in a real life situation. Without getting into real life situations ourselves, the nearest we can come is by competing.

The problem with competition historically is it has changed many martial arts styles to fit the competition. As opposed to the competition sharpening the style to prepare for a street Self-Defense situation it accomplished the exact opposite.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

For instance, Karate when first practiced in the 1500’s was a very reality based style. An Okinawan with only his hands or farm implements needed every bit of real Self-Defense to survive an encounter with a Samurai wielding a sword. Especially in the last 100 years the style itself changed to fit the rules of competition. Point sparring allowed a Karate practitioner to win by simply landing one punch or kick deemed worthy by a panel of judges. Karate became synonymous with darting in and out of range to land strikes. The very select few Karate stylists who possessed amazing power could get away with this type of one strike attack, but what about someone not possessed of natural striking power.

What if your opponent grabbed hold of you when you jumped in. In competition the referee would separate you and you would start again. In a street situation no one would be there to make your opponent let go. Karate or Tae Kwon Do would be great at long range, but medium or close range and the style simply didn’t adapt well.

Lyman Good Uses Clinch On Jim Wallhead!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Other Martial Arts were more progressive. Muay Thai could account for all three of those distances standing up. The competition of Muay Thai allowed for opponents to grab and hold and thus have to compete at long, medium and close range in any given fight. Kyokushin Karate, the style Tiger Schulmann became a legend in, also allowed for holding. They used timed rounds like Muay Thai instead of points to score fights and thus began to bring a little more reality to the competition. This was much more realistic, but still lacking in one crucial area, the ground.

Tiger Schulmann Quickly Implemented Ground Techniques Despite Already Holding A 10th Degeree In Kyokushin Karate

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Some styles left striking completely out of the equation. Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu Jitsu relied almost solely on close range or ground situations. Again very effective if the practitioner could control the distance they found themselves. However, if a Judo practitioner found themselves at long range, how could they stop from getting hit?

Judo In The Olympics!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Advent of UFC Changes Martial Arts Competition

This is where the advent of Mixed Martial Arts has changed the teaching of Martial Arts immensely. What we have learned from watching MMA is that a person proficient in only one area will fail to win a fight even if they are way better than their opponent in that one area. The rules of competitions like the UFC allow a fighter to dictate where the fight happens, on the ground or standing up. Thus a premium is placed on the ability of a competitor to understand the techniques they need to defend themselves in both areas!

Some Karate Techniques Still Effective In MMA!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

What has become obvious over 20 years of Mixed Martial Arts Competition is there is no one way to do it. Every style has it’s benefits. The truly well rounded fighter is the goal. Thus the goal of our Self-Defense class is to teach a student a well rounded Mixed Martial Art!

Applying UFC Techniques To Mixed Martial Arts Training

Now as an instructor I feel it is my obligation to my students to watch and understand what is happening at the highest levels of competition. The UFC rules are designed to highlight the effectiveness of real world techniques. It’s the closest we can come to seeing what would happen in a street situation without watching a street situation.

If we can practice a technique that will be effective in the cage against another trained opponent, how effective then will that same technique be against an untrained opponent? Thus each time their is a UFC event we get to further our knowledge of Self-Defense.

Joshu Craig Alexander and I will be using these events to highlight some of the best or worst things we saw in each event. We will show how we can implement those lessons, either positive or negative, into our own training to help us either duplicate or avoid the lesson we learned.



Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | 2nd-Degree-BB1

3 Sensei’s Promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

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2nd Degree BB1

02/26/13 – Elmwood Park, NJ

Congratulations to Lyman Good (TSMMA Fight team), Nissim Levy (TSMMA Bay Ridge), and Carlos Brooks (TSMMA Manhattan) on receiving their 2nd degree belt promotion.

The belt promotions were awarded following Instructor Training, by Master Tiger Schulmann and brother Shihan Ron Schulmann.


From Shy and Bullied to Confident Success on and Off the Mat

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by Dax Alexander – TSMMA Manhattan

Jordan Sosa

Last year, Jordan Sosa received his black belt in Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, in Manhattan. Achieving your black belt in an MMA school like Tiger Schulmann’s requires considerable training. You must master American kickboxing and Muay Thai standup techniques, and although TSMMA is perhaps better known for its world-class striking instruction, you must also prove that your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, wrestling and grappling skills are highly advanced. So, while Jordan’s accomplishment is unique, part of what makes his story amazing is that he’s 11 years old. The other part? Well, for that, we’ll have to go back a bit.

Millie Sosa walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Manhattan school in 2005 with her shy five-year-old son in tow. She was at the end of her rope as a young mother. Having recently witnessed a group of older boys bullying her son Jordan in a local park, she and her husband Rafael felt they needed to do something more to protect Jordan in those moments when adults could not intervene. Sensei Lopez greeted them at the door of the school, and with a terrified Jordan hiding behind her, Millie explained that she had seen a commercial for Tiger Schulmann’s kids and wanted her son to learn to defend himself if he ever needed to. Despite the expense of an MMA training program being added to the family budget, the Sosas knew that it was their only recourse to protect their then introverted son from bullies.

“Give Me 6 Months”

Jordan’s early experiences in training were very difficult. He’d often need to be excused because he was just too scared to continue in class. This continued for several weeks, and his parents considered pulling Jordan out of the program. It was then that Sensei Lopez took Millie aside and asked that she step back and give him 6 months to work with Jordan. If after that time she didn’t see dramatic improvement, she could go ahead and pull him out of the school. In a short time, however, the Sosa’s realized that wouldn’t be necessary. By Jordan’s six birthday, his attitude towards training changed completely: He became enthusiastic and wanted to train daily.


Jordan’s training proceeded and his advancing skillset became clear. Soon his instructors believed he was ready to enter a few local martial arts competitions beginning with Tiger Schulmann’s own Challenge of Champions (COC). He won that first competition and many more since then. In fact, he won just about every kickboxing or grappling competition he entered. His current tally of awards includes an impressive 12 first or second place COC trophies and two NAGA expert division championship belts.

Over the years, Jordan excelled in his martial arts training and was promoted through the ranks as his skills and expertise developed. He studied under world-class fighters like Sensei Lyman Good, Nissim Levy, Uriah Hall and Carlos Brooks, and at the age of eight, though he had received his brown belt, it would be another two years before his instructors felt he would be ready to prepare for his black belt test. When this time finally came, however, Millie worried that Jordan’s grades would start to slip as he poured all his energy into training four days a week. Jordan trained constantly, even at home, doing pushups and situps in his room every night before bed. Somehow, however, Jordan was able to keep up with his schoolwork and maintain his honor roll status, and in the summer of last year, Jordan went to Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ where he successfully completed his black belt exam.


Jordan receives his black belt from Shihan Ron Schulmann. Left to right: Joshu Adam Rosello, Sensei Lyman Good, Sensei Uriah Hall, Jada Sosa, Sempai Jordan Sosa, Shihan Ron Schulmann, Joshu Sofia Gegovic, Sensei Carlos Brooks

Jordan’s competitive success expanded beyond martial arts

Jordan’s parents also noticed that the focus and dedication he developed in his MMA training started to show up elsewhere. He began receiving perfect conduct grades at a young age in school and made the honor roll every year. It became abundantly clear that Jordan’s competitive success had not been limited to martial arts when in 2012, he received a highly coveted academic scholarship to attend Cardinal Hayes High School. As with any scholarship, the selection process was extremely competitive, but Jordan’s experience of prevailing in high-pressure martial arts matches proved handy. He took to it like any other challenge, and after a series of written exams, essays, and interviews, Jordan won the prestigious award, which will cover his tuition at the reputable Hayes High School when he attends in 2014. In the meantime, the scholarship will pay his schooling costs for the 7th and 8th grades and provide supplemental advanced preparatory coursework on the weekends.

Today, Jordan’s martial arts learning continues. As a black belt, he’s begun taking adult kickboxing and grappling classes with Shihan Ron Schulmann, as well as helping teach kids classes in the afternoon. While it’s been tough to balance his demanding academic, football practice and mma training schedules, Jordan’s journey has gone from being a bullied child to becoming an accomplished role model for many, including his little sister Jada, who’s now training at TSMMA as well. His story is a living lesson in how Tiger Schulmann’s martial arts program positively affects young lives.

Sosa Family at NAGA Philly
Jordan wins NAGA 2013 Philadelphia Championship Expert Division. Left to right: Millie Sosa, Joshu Jimmy Rivera, Jordan Sosa, Rafael Sosa


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | ps220-2

Tiger Schulmann’s Rego Park Hosts Bully Proof Seminar at P.S. 220 in Queens NY

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By: TSMMA Rego Park

What is a bully?  And how do you handle a situation when you’re being bullied?  All these questions and more were addressed at Public School 220, located in Rego Park, Queens.  The Bully Proof Seminar was a two day event that was hosted by our very own Sensei Mike Stine and Joshu Mike Sinaniev, along with Claudia and George acting out scenes for kids from kindergarten to grade 5.

Tiger Schulmann’s Rego Park staff was greeted by the friendly staff at P.S. 220.  The Bully Proof seminar shows kids what a bully is and who is a victim of bullying.  The seminar also teaches kids of all ages how to be assertive when confronted by a bully.  We teach kids to stand up for themselves at an early stage of bullying so that way they don’t end up getting into fights if bullying persists.

The seminar also teaches kids of all ages how to be assertive when confronted by a bully

ps220 bully proof2

The Seminar was a success and featured a lot of interaction with the audience. We showed them the right and wrong way of handling certain situations.  It is a great time to teach children at this age how to build confidence and stand up for themselves.

It is a great time to teach children at this age how to build confidence and stand up for themselves.

That’s why, at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, we teach kids how to defend themselves and at the same time, we’re building confidence.  A child who knows how to defend themselves and has the courage to stand up for themselves walks around more confident and is less likely to get into fights, since they don’t let bullies reach the physical level.

A child who knows how to defend themselves and has the courage to stand up for themselves walks around more confident and is less likely to get into fights

Check out these two videos from the seminar below!  Thanks to Benjamin Sophkin for the pictures and videos!


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man with Championship Belt

Burgos Successfully Defends Title Scores 2nd Round Finish at ROC AMXV

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burgos champion

02/23/13 – South Amboy, NJ

Shane Burgos (TSMMA Woodbury) vs Ricky Bandejas (NCMMA) – 147lb Title Fight

Burgos wins via Rear Naked Choke in Round 2

Congrats to Shane on retaining his title in impressive fashion, remaining undefeated, now with a 7-0 record. Shane was able to overcome the strong wrestling game of Bandejas in round 1 before taking over in round 2. Burgos bloodied his opponent up against the fence before securing a fight stopping standing choke. We hope to see Shane back in the cage soon as his skills continue to grow with every fight.

Stephen Regman (TSMMA South Plainfield) vs Anthony Cordero – 168lb Division

The fight was called off, due to Cordero failing to make weight by a large of margain. Disappointing break for Regman, who had put the work in and successfully made weight. Fortunately for a Regman, he will get a quick turnaround as he is scheduled to fight at the Combat at the Capitale Kickboxing event on March 22nd.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | abington-grappling-1

Grappling Lesson Video – Learn the Arm Lock from Mount

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abington grappling-1

by: TSMMA Abington

If mounted on your attacker’s stomach or chest and they turn to their side to try to escape, you can easily transition to a shifted mount position and attack their closest arm with a submission. The perpendicular arm lock is one of the strongest  joint locks you can apply on an opponent or attacker. This video shows you step by step how to do so.

Learn more Grappling & jiu Jitsu moves @ TSMMA Abington

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts |

Burgos and Regman Return to the Cage this Saturday at Ring of Combat Amateur

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Shane Burgos vs Ricky Bandejas – Burgos defends his title

Stephen Regman vs Anthony Cordero

Date/Time:February 23, 2013 8:00 PM
Venue: Club Pure
Location: 1970 Route 35 North
South Amboy, New Jersey

Fight Preview by –

Ring of Combat returns February 23 (available on February 28) with ROC AMXV. This event has another stacked lineup, something Ring of Combat has become synonymous with, as this time the amateurs are showcased on this huge card featuring multiple title fights emanating from the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, New Jersey or on iPPV through the GFL Combat Sports Network to watch this exciting card. ROC continues to be the linchpin of East Coast MMA and this card reiterates its dominance as the top dog in the Tri-State area.

In the main event, for the ROC Am Featherweight Title, “Hurricane” Shane Burgos (6-0) fights Ricky Bandejas (5-0). Undefeated with several bouts ending via submission, Burgos is looking to continue his winning streak and plans to do it in spectacular fashion. Bandejas will be the toughest opponent yet though, as he has the experience advantage and has been in some real scraps in his career. Bandejas is also a champion in another promotion (like Burgos) and holds wins via KO and submission. This fight could be the fight of the night when these two 145 lb fighters get going in the cage. Don’t blink.

In the co-main event, Regman (7-3) faces Anthony Cordero (6-2). Regman is a vet to the East Coast MMA scene, and also a champion with another org. After dropping a controversial split decision loss in his last fight Regman looks to bounce back in this bout. Cordero is on a 3-fight win streak with his last bout last just over a minute until Cordero won via KO. Cordero is an all-around fighter with a strong wrestling, grappling and striking game. This fight should be a barnburner as the winner could be turning pro soon.


Check back for results this weekend

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Luiselmwoodparkmma

Martial Arts Restores Confidence in 6 Year Old Boy

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BY: Ingrid Insignares – TSMMA Elmwood Park

My son Luis Manuel loves Going to TSMMA (Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts).  Luis is a 6 year old who struggles with speech.  His speech problems are a result of frequent ear infections when he was younger.  Because of his difficulty speaking and being misunderstood, he has lost his self confidence.

Because of his difficulty speaking and being misunderstood, he has lost his self confidence.

Luis’s first grade teacher was concerned about his performance in school.  After meeting with her and my husband, I was trying to think what we can do to improve his lack of confidence.  We thought martial arts classes might help with Luis, and his struggles.

We thought martial arts classes might help with Luis, and his struggles.

We brought Luis to TSMMA to take his trial class, and he LOVED IT!  Three weeks later from the start of training in Tiger Schulmann’s, his teacher called to ask what we were doing to help Luis.  He is focusing better, and his confidence is incredible!  Luis still has a long way to go, but the improvement so far is amazing!

We brought Luis to TSMMA to take his trial class, and he LOVED IT!

Thanks to the great job and effort to all of his instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, for what they put into each and every single one of the classes they teach.

He is focusing better, and his confidence is incredible!


Ingrid Insignares