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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Shining At The Highest Level

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Smooth Transition to MMA

By: Thad Campbell

It’s been a dozen years since I began training at Tiger Schulmann’s and in that time I’ve witnessed a remarkable change in the competitive aspect of Mixed Martial Arts as well as the effectiveness of our curriculum.

My first MMA show was in 2002 and it was attended almost exclusively by practicing Martial Artists and friends and family of competitors. You would be hard pressed to find a single person in the crowd who was simply there because they were a fan of the sport!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Tiger Schulmann with Sensei David Tirelli after his final MMA fight, a win over UFC Fighter Luke Cummo in 2003

 Fast forward to 2013 when Sensei Uriah Hall will fight on The Ultimate Fighter Finale show in Las Vegas to secure a six figure UFC contract. There will be more than 10,000 people at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday Night, the vast majority of whom have never spent more than a couple classes training in Martial Arts.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Sensei Uriah Hall takes on Kelvin Gastelum Saturday Night on FX!

What makes this night so special for Tiger Schulmann’s is the realization of a two decades process for our founder. Tiger Schulmann watched UFC 1 with his brother Ron Schulmann back in 1993. Already the owner of the largest most successful Martial Arts Organization in the world, he saw the writing on the wall.

As soon as Royce Gracie dispatched Al Jimmerson via Armbar, the two brothers began moving furniture around the living room to create space to begin practicing the submission themselves. It was a matter of months before he would begin taking the steps to implement the curriculum in his then 30 plus locations.

This evolution took some serious courage. Why change what was working? Many instructors teaching traditional karate, tae kwon do or kung fu felt they would lose students if they strayed from the tradition of Eastern Martial Arts.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I believe wholeheartedly that if we were still teaching traditional Kyokushin Karate not only would Tiger Schulmann’s not be any where near what it is today, but I doubt highly I would be a part of it. Fortunately, Tiger Schulmann did not fall pray to this short sightedness.

Realistic Self-Defense Combined With Great Workout

What Tiger Schulmann has done consistently over the last thirty years is give students a great workout combined with Self-Defense. The transition to teaching a more contemporary style of self-defense is helping on both fronts.

Students are no longer asked to study their strikes, close range Self-Defense moves, Kata (traditional forms of karate originating from the 1500’s), Sparring, and Board Breaking. The curriculum has been streamlined to include two aspects. Students are placed into a progressive kickboxing curriculum that gradually allows them to master all their strikes and defenses in a stand-up Self-Defense situation.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and AfterTiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Uriah Hall Uses Same Jab New Students Practice Every Class!

Then they can also take advantage of our Grappling curriculum. Similar to kickboxing it is designed to teach students the most effective offensive (positional changes and submissions) and defensive techniques should a Self-Defense situation take place on the ground.

The increased time spent on a single focus allows for students to gain proficiency in their techniques much more quickly. Students no longer have to transition between four or five different types of training. This leads to more time being spent on the full speed practice of the moves and less time slowing down to master the technique.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Tiger Schulmann’s Students Dominate Grappling Championships

The second benefit is a much more street wise Self-Defense program. While traditional karate would certainly give someone a much better chance of escaping a difficult situation on the street, it is undeniable that Mixed Martial Arts is not only light years more effective, but can be learned to proficiency for a street-situation in a much shorter time frame.

Uriah Hall Latest Standard Bearer

This Saturday the effectiveness of the curriculum will be on display as Uriah Hall tries to finish the job he started on The Ultimate Fighter Reality show. He will take on Kelvin Gastelum Saturday night in hopes of gaining entry in to the UFC.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

No animosity between the two who were teammates on the show.

I had the pleasure of competing with Uriah during Chuck Norris’ World Combat League. We got to see then what an explosive talent he was. Now five years later, Uriah has rounded out his grappling game to equal his kickboxing skill.

Everyone in the MMA community has known how prolific a striker he is, but it’s been his improvement on the ground that has allowed his striking skills to be overwhelming on the reality show.

No longer worried about an opponent taking him to the ground, Uriah has been able to strike more freely and the result has been four straight victories, the last three coming in the form of knockout.

His striking is so honed after 14 years of fighting it led the President of the UFC to say he is the scariest fighter ever to come out of the 17 seasons of the show. He also finished his last opponent while striking from his back. Again prompting UFC President Dana White to say he’d never seen anything like it in 13 years of leading the organization.

This is the result of 14 years of Tiger Schulmann’s training for Uriah. While he is supremely talented, it is the hard work and dedication he has put in seven days a week for the last fourteen years that are insuring his talent is not wasted!

He follows in the footsteps of Sensei’s Mike Stine and Louis Gaudinot as well as Joshu Jimmie Rivera as Tiger Schulmann’s students competing on The Ultimate Fighter and he became the first to earn his way to the finals. His fight Saturday will make him Tiger Schulmann’s third student to compete at the highest level of MMA, joining Gaudinot and Joshu Nick Pace.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Uriah With Sensei Mike Stine (far left) and Rego Park TSMMA Staff!

This sort of success is almost unheard of. While numerous MMA camps boast five or more members of the UFC, none can say every fighter they have in the UFC began training at their schools with no experience in Martial Arts. In fact the opposite is almost always the case, fighters learned a base skill, whether striking, grappling or wrestling, and then moved to a more well known camp after getting to a certain proficiency. Pace, Rivera, Gaudinot, Stine and Hall all began at Tiger Schulmann’s with no prior Martial Arts training.

Throw in the likes of Lyman Good, Carlos Brooks and Munah Holland who compete in Bellator, the second largest MMA Organization, and you have a group of people showing the effectiveness of Tiger Schulmann’s to the world.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Before and After

“… I’m VERY PROUD to say I have lost 80lbs Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s”

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BY: TSMMA Nanuet


Student Name:

Dan LoPresti

Age: 40

Rob: How Long have you been with TSMMA?

Dan: I came to Tiger Schulmann’s about 2 years ago, and been training consistent since I first started.

Rob: What made you originally try our program?:

Dan: I wanted to take my weight loss efforts to a more serious level. When I first met with Joshu Brian Fischetti he promised me my goals and said all I had to do was show up to class.

Rob: Why do you continue training at TSMMA?:

Dan: I never really enjoyed working out, it didn’t interest me. Something about the Kickboxing does not feel like I’m working out, even though im burning calories like crazy. Learning how to Kickbox in its self was rewarding for me, as time went on my skills improved and this was a very proud feeling.

Rob: Have you tried other fitness programs in the past?

Dan: Not really, just some weights I bought a long time ago. Pretty much once I joined Tiger Schulmann’s I never looked back, or anywhere else for that matter.

Rob: Have you reached any of your goals due to our program?:

Dan: I have, I’m VERY PROUD to say I have lost 80lbs. And I’m so excited to see what the future holds as I continue my training here at TSMMA Nanuet.

Rob: What are your thoughts about head instructor Joshu Brian Gaubatz?:

Dan: It is clear as day that Joshu Brian is very passionate about what he does. I can tell he strongly believes, and is so confident in what he’s instructing to his students.

Rob: Would you recommend TSMMA to your friends and family?:

Dan: I already have, since I have joined my wife got to see what I was doing and wanted in on it right away. We really do enjoy coming to Tiger Schulmann’s together.

Rob: What is your favorite part about training with us?:

Dan: The combination of the workout itself and seeing my kickboxing skills improve to where I never thought was possible. I’m actually really good at it, Thanks to Joshu Brian of course.

Rob: Do you find the times of our classes easy to fit into your weekly schedule?:

Dan: Yes I have no problem getting to class with my schedule. Tiger Schulmann’s offers the most classes in Rockland County which makes picking a time no problem at all.

Rob: Anything you would like to add to this interview?:

Dan: Nope. Just keep doing what you guys are doing. Please I just want to continuing losing weight and getting more and more into shape.

Final Thoughts by Joshu Brian Fischetti

Thank you Dan for sharing your thoughts about our school and the success you have been having with us. You are a great addition to our school and its a pleasure having you training here. I wish you all the luck in the world in your journey to a better you, I am confident you will reach your desired goals. Osu!


“…What Keeps Me Coming Back to Class Everyday is That it Never Gets Boring”

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BY: TSMMA Ramsey

“I had tried all forms of diets and gym memberships while on my quest for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

 Like most women in their thirties, I had tried all forms of diets and gym memberships while on my quest for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I searched and desired to find the perfect combination that would help me reach this seemingly unobtainable weight loss goal. In my mind, being “skinny” was the result I was trying to obtain and as I got older, this goal was becoming harder and harder to achieve. I needed to make a change. I noticed signs for Tiger Schulmann’s kickboxing, and I thought to myself, “How could I go wrong?”

“Kickboxing was by far the most intense workout I had ever experienced and it felt great!

 When I entered Tiger Schulmann’s in Ramsey I was greeted by Sensei Rapoport. He was eager to assist me and make me feel comfortable. I attended two classes and was hooked! Kickboxing was by far the most intense workout I had ever experienced and it felt great! It amazed me how much could be accomplished in a sixty minute class – I was experiencing cardio, muscle building and stretching all in one hour! After these trial classes, I decided this was going to be the way I would be able to reach my fitness goals.

Sensei Rapoport runs an organized school and has the best interest of his students in mind when it comes to instruction and motivation. Through clear instructions and demonstrations of each round, he makes his students feel comfortable and ensures their success in each of his classes. One of the many important lessons I have learned in my three years at Tiger Schulmann’s is to set personal goals. Then, by working hard and having self-discipline, I will achieve my goals. This lesson transcends the mat and rings true to every aspect of life.

“What keeps me coming back to class everyday is that it never gets boring.”

 Being an educator myself, not only do I love to teach but I love to learn. What keeps me coming back to class everyday is that it never gets boring. Every class is designed to reinforce the student’s techniques and teach them new ones. Techniques taught in classes not only train the body but the mind as well. It also serves as an important life skill if you ever needed to defend yourself.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m on the road to reaching all of my goals and will continue to succeed with the self-discipline I have acquired.”

 If you asked me three years ago my goals when it came to working out and living a healthy lifestyle, I would have told you my goal was to be thin. Now, the answer you will get is to be strong, physically fit, know how to defend myself, and to live a long healthy life. As far as I’m concerned, I’m on the road to reaching all of my goals and will continue to succeed with the self-discipline I have acquired. I attribute my success and new perspective to my training under Sensei Rapoport and am truly grateful.

-Tara Cassidy

How is Kickboxing Better Than the Gym!

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How is Kickboxing Better Than the Gym


By: TSMMA Abington

Don’t spend another week fighting with your scale waiting for results to happen at the gym

Have you ever made plans the night before to go to the gym in the morning, and then woke up and decided that it didn’t sound as good in the morning as it did last night? You decide to push the work out off until after get done work, but the stress of your day make you want to change your mind again. You decide you’ll just wait and try again tomorrow.


Don’t put it off for another day, kickboxing can give you the same results i’ve helped so many other achieve

Procrastination is a quality we all process as humans, but it’s not an attractive one. One day’s procrastination turns into 2…..2 days quickly turn to a week….before you know it you find yourself saying ” I really need to get into shape” yet again!

Most people fall out of the routine of going to the gym before they even really get started

This vicious cycle is one that you aren’t alone in being a part of. Most of us are taught that going to the gym, or running are the only options for getting into shape. Most of us find ourselves going to the gym and feeling out of place, uncomfortable and not sure what we even know what to do to workout.

Before long, you’ve given up before you’ve even started. You chalk it up to the fact that you just aren’t cut out to be in shape, and you’ll just wait until next New Year’s to try again.

If this sounds like you then it’s time someone lets you in on the a secret…there is a workout that blows the gyms socks off in both enjoyment and results!! Welcome to Abington Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing.


in class you’ll have motivating instruction and meet other student’s just like you that will become some of your closest friends inside and outside of class

Our instructor’s are friendly, knowledgeable and motivating! We know what it takes to produce results….we help hundreds of people frustrated with their personal fitness get into the best shape of their lives every year! You’ll learn authentic kickboxing in a safe and effective way. The workout’s are done at your own pace, and will give you everything you need to get into the shape you want to be in. From Cardio to strength training…from stretching to nutrition…Our program will transform your body into what you want it to be!!

money wast

most people throw away thousands of dollars every year hoping to find something that will work for them to get into the shape they want

Don’t throw away another dime on a gym membership, or buying more exercise equipment for your home, in fact once you start with us you can throw away your gym membership and sell off your treadmill, because you’ll never need it again!

Come join the hundreds of other’s that have realized that you don’t need to suffer through a workout or be miserable doing it! Fill out the online form to the right side of this page and we will contact you to set up your first class! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by Sensei James Garzillo – Head Instructor Abington Tsmma

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Kickboxing Corner UFC on Fuel TV 9

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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Kickboxing Becoming More Prevalent at UFC Level

BY: TSMMA Feasterville

Once again in UFC on Fuel TV 9 we saw the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts on display. Kickboxing is becoming more and more important in the success of fighters in the octagon. Once again our goal is to break down some of the successful (or not so successful) techniques you watch in the fights to show you how to do them yourself, how they can be set up in a fight and what you can expect them to accomplish if you are in a street self-defense situation. While there were four submission finishes in the event, the other nine fights were dominated by standup, with three KO/TKO’s. This follows two straight UFC events that featured 8 KO/TKO’s and zero submissions.

We’ve discussed before the evolution of MMA from a submission dominated sport, to one dominated by ground and pound wrestlers to the introduction of reverse wrestling by Chuck Liddel where he would use his wrestling to stay on his feet and utilize his incredible striking ability to knock people out. This has become very prevalent in MMA, most recently highlighted by NCAA Wrestling Champion Johnny Hendricks string of knockout victories.

It is clear that any martial artist who wants to truly translate their art into real life self-defense needs to know a healthy dose of ground self-defense, but also must master the most successful techniques of kickboxing.

Uppercuts Used to Perfection

Two of the 12 fights on the card Saturday in Sweden featured uppercut knockouts. What was really cool is the use of uppercuts for two different purposes. In the first fight Irish newcomer Conor McGregor used them perfectly to take advantage of his height. The 5’10” McGregor was fighting the 5’4″ Marcus Brimage. Brimage’s stocky build made it hard for him to keep his arms close together. His arms formed more of an inverted V instead of a more effective #11.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Lefty McGregor turns hips into Uppercut. Perfect angle on his punch leads to KO!

>McGregor started out the fight by picking off shots over Brimage’s attack, but as he began gaining momentum the supremely relaxed Irishman started throwing powerful uppercuts in between Brimage’s guard. The results were devastating ending the fight by KO in the first round.

Later in the fights Matt Mitrione used uppercuts to defend against an opponent bent on taking him to the mat. Mitrione had to stuff a Phil DeFries takedown attempt seconds into the fight. After securing an underhook and shrugging DeFries first attempt off the two came back to standing at a distance.

DeFries wasted no time shooting again, but this time Mitrione was throwing a powerful back hand uppercut the clipped DeFries behind the ear. This is one of the most disorienting shots you can absorb and DeFries’ takedown attempt ended with his head smashing into Mitrione. DeFries was down for the count.

Spinning Back Heel Used to Perfection

We had to cover Adlan Amagov’s use of the spinning back heel on Chris Spang. This is Joshu Craig Alexander’s favorite unusual technique to pull out. Amagov features excellent kicks and Spang began to back away from Amagov’s low kicks. Amagov expertly stepped through like you would on a spinning back fist, or spinning back kick. Instead of going to the head or body, which a competitor of Spang’s level would be more used to, he straightened his leg and swung his heel right at the front thigh of Spang.

If you never felt this before you can’t understand the level of pain this causes. Joshu (this title literally translates as assistant in Japanese) Alexander has hit me with this kick in training and I literally had to stop. If we had been fighting he would have scored a KO off that one kick. To his credit Spang was able to keep fighting, but you noticed even the seasoned MMA fighter began keeping all his weight off his front leg thereafter, something the announcers commented on.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and AfterTiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Amagov uses variety of spinning kicks and crazy suplexes to dominate Spang!

In a Self-Defense situation this means you no longer have to worry about your attacker being able to throw any power shots at you. If you can’t plant hard on your front leg you can’t hit hard. Great technique by Amagov who is a very exciting up and coming fighter in the UFC. His combination of great kicks and crazy suplexes is incredibly entertaining. Plus he gets points for a great beard.

Keeping Your Opponent Off Guard

Akira Corassani had a great chance to build his reputation in the UFC on Saturday. The native Swede was fighting on the main card in only his second UFC fight after a promising stint on The Ultimate Fighter Reality show. He would face off against a fellow Featherweight coming off a victory, Robbie Peralta. Corassani was coming off a narrow split decision over fellow TUF alum Andrew Ogle. Robbie Peralta was coming off a devastating Knockout victory.

Problem for Corassani is he is a stand-up fighter. This is not a good thing when your opponent is known for knockouts, nine in his career. Making matters way worse was Corassani’s three official losses were all by KO/TKO, while Peralta had never been knocked out. Corassani had his work cut out for him and he did just that, worked. He used a great display of foot movement and unorthodox lead techniques to keep Peralta just off balance enough to control the fight.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Corassani won battle of strikers by using variety of lead techniques!

Corassani trains with Frankie Edgar under Boxing instructor Mark Henry. If you’ve ever seen Edgar fight you know how good his movement is and how he will attack from all angles with lead jabs, crosses, body shots, low kicks or anything else that happens to present itself. Corassani’s foot work was not as obvious as Edgar’s, but he did constantly mix up lead techniques to keep Peralta from getting a bead on a strong counter punch. Peralta was able to land one stunning left hook during the fight. But he simply couldn’t string together any consistent offense against the variation Corassani presented to him. Great win for Corassani and great example of how you can mix up your kickboxing to great effect for Self-Defense.

Jab Still Reigns In Self-Defense

The Main Event featured top 10 Light Heavyweight Gegard Mousasi fighting a late replacement, Ilir Latifi. Latifi is a training partner of Alexander Gustafsson. Gustafsson suffered a severe cut a week before the fight and was forced to pull out. It’s hard enough to find a top level replacement on five days notice, let alone having to fight overseas. Thus the door opened for Latifi, a training partner of Gustafsson’s in Sweden, to make his UFC debut.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Swing and a Miss for Latifi! Haymakers don’t work!

This is a setup type situation for Mousasi. He was an underdog against Gustafsson and all of a sudden all the pressure is on him to carry the show against the little known Latifi. Problem is Latifi was no slouch. He was the most dangerous kind of replacement opponent, the one with one punch knockout power. On top of that, he represented the total opposite of the tall, lanky Gustafsson, a shorter stocky fireplug.

Last hurdle for Mousasi, a training knee injury that will apparently require surgery. All told it would have been an easy fight for Mousasi to give up. With the UFC offering free health insurance to all it’s fighter this has been a common occurrence lately, especially with fighters who’s opponent withdrew on late notice. Mousasi chose to be a warrior though, a relief to the UFC which didn’t have a marquee name to headline the show if he pulled out.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

Gegard Mousasi Uses Jab to Perfection!

What he didn’t do was fight like a dumb warrior though, instead utilizing a technique that has dominated every striking art in historyd. Mousasi used a series of jabs throughout the fight to frustrate and eventually damage the newcomer Latifi. The fifteen minute fight left Latifi’s face with evidence of the damage a well thrown jab can do. While not the most powerful punch in fighting, it continues to be the most effective. Mousasi proved why he is a top level Light Heavyweight and provided a great Self-Defense lesson for any Martial Artists watching.

UFC on Fuel TV 9 wasn’t the most hyped event in the recent past and with the very successful Ultimate Fighter Season 17 Finale next weekend and UFC 159, Jones v. Sonnen the following week, even hard core UFC fans may have missed this one. What wasn’t missing were great fights. The card featured a dozen of those. Nor was it missing some great examples of the effectiveness of kickboxing!

Sensei Thad Campbell and Joshu Craig Alexander Break Down UFC on Fuel TV 9