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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Before and After

Student Invests in Personal Health, Loses Over 100lbs

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east brunswick

BY: TSMMA East Brunswick

“It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that really change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things.” – Neil Gaiman

It is the little changes in our lives that make the biggest changes. I moved to the USA when I was only three. Fast forward a bit and I’m sleeping through college classes that I should be doing well in. I was tired for every reason I could think of. So, I ate a lot in the hope of keeping my energy up. I wanted to make my family proud that we moved to a wealthy country and succeeded. Instead, I became fat and somewhat depressed. I didn’t graduate with the degree I set out to get in the first place. It is a scary thought in a time with so few jobs. Then I got a job and worked for a bit of money but something wasn’t right. I still felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be. I worked hard and only saw a bigger check but didn’t feel any better than usual. I still went home and could not get myself off the couch. One day I broke the chair in my room and said that was enough, I went to a doctor and he told me the morbid risks of being over weight. I suddenly understood I was obese at over 275lbs.

“I suddenly understood I was obese at over 275lbs.”

It was hard to go to gym, everyone was fit there. I felt fatter and plus my friends didn’t want to go everyday so I didn’t. I tried some supplements and a few diets. Lost 5 pounds in 3 months… only 110 more to go and I meet my goal. I thought that I would have some kind of illness before I lose the weight that I needed to lose. In a world where we know about DNA, the fundamental script that our bodies follow, I could not understand how I was failing so hard and I have failed at many things, but this could determine how long I stay alive and healthy. I saw an ad for free boxing gloves while trying to buy groceries. I thought it was crazy and I wanted the gloves so I made appointment with Tiger Schulmann’s. I had no idea what I signed up for and vaguely knew it was a martial arts place. At the first appointment, I filled out the questionnaire. The only thing I wanted was the body conditioning. The first class was hard. I could not finish. My body and mind quit functioning after 20 minutes. I saw people bigger than me doing just fine and I did not want to quit the whole program. I signed up for more.

” I saw people bigger than me doing just fine and I did not want to quit the whole program.”

I failed to meet my goal every 90/60 day challenge, but that did not phase me, every failure is an opportunity to learn how to succeed. I changed one habit a week. Burgers were cut in half and shared with friends. Next week, I would try to add a small snack to my diet exactly when I get hungry. Some weeks I would go for an extra MMA class here and there. It was a struggle trying to remember all the little things changed over time but somehow I had more focus and energy than usual to do so. Even when I got injured at work, I went to MMA class as soon as my doctor said it was ok. He said the changes I made almost never happens and to keep going. I just did not use my wrist as the doctor ordered. I recovered rather promptly and did not look back.

The effects of the extra energy gained through the Tiger Schulmann’s MMA program were dramatic.

The effects of the extra energy gained through the Tiger Schulmann’s MMA program were dramatic. I now do web development, write science fiction, do personal investment research, and attend college classes at the same time. Somehow my friends get to see me every week as well. It wasn’t about sacrifice for me although some people do focus on that. It was about surviving to see another day. One more day to see family, friends, and people that you care about. Literally all my friends and family see the difference in my attitude and health today. It was worth the effort. What did I learn from all this? The investment into your own health is the most important decision you can make and small changes are best way to achieve that. I still set my goals aggressively to this day and would not change my choice to make the small step of going to Tiger MMA classes every week. My weight is now 172.5lbs. Still not there yet but I will keep going.

“It wasn’t about sacrifice for me although some people do focus on that. It was about surviving to see another day.”

Q&A with TSMMA Manhattan’s Sofia Gegaj

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Sophia Gegaj

I had an opportunity to sit down with Joshu Sofia Gegaj of TSMMA Manhattan ahead of her upcoming June 1st Warriors Cup bout in North Bergen, NJ. She was kind enough to answer some questions about her return to the ring.

Hi Sofia, thanks for talking with me today. How about we start with some basics.

Sure! Let’s go.

Where did you grow up?

Here. I was born in Queens and raised in the Bronx.

A NYC Native? Nice. So how’d you get into this sport?

I started training a little over 11 years ago. Every martial artist I ever met was always confident, tough and wise, and I wanted to be surrounded by that. I wanted to become like that. I also thought it would be fun and a good workout.

Who was your first instructor?

Sensei Lopez.

When did you know you wanted to be a fighter?

I never wanted to be a fighter. Or rather, I never thought I could be, so I didn’t entertain the idea. It wasn’t until an advanced class with Shihan Ron Schulmann, when I was a brown belt, that the thought crossed my mind. He pulled me over after class one day, told me I had a lot of talent and that he wanted me to do the NY Golden Gloves. I only remember feeling my heart in my throat, and I didn’t hear anything else he said after that. That’s how it all started.

That’s an awesome story. So, how many fights have you had?
About 20 so far.

That’s some great experience. Looking back, what did you take away from those bouts?
A couple of things really. I learned that my biggest enemy was myself. I would put too much unnecessary pressure on myself which, in turn, hurt my confidence for a while. I also learned to trust my coaches, train hard and realize how good I was. Now I can move forward. The greater thing I learned is that the more you face your fears and challenges, the tougher, the more confident, and ultimately the happier you are.

Great lessons. So, how long has it been since your last fight?
It’s been about a year and a half.

Why the long break?

I think I stopped because of too many personal obligations I had to take care of. However, I also think I had too many personal issues in my head to deal with first. And anyone who has stayed away from anything for a while knows how difficult it is to start again. I actually thought I wouldn’t fight anymore.

Really? What made you decided to come back now?

I decided to start up again when I realized I wasn’t satisfied with what I had accomplished so far. I hadn’t finished what I started. My potential had not been reached, and I didn’t want to have any regrets. So here I am.

That’s brilliant. And inspiring. So, I’ve heard a few times that you have some of the best hands in TSMMA, how did you become so good?

I don’t know about the best hands thing. I just do what my coaches tell me and it usually works.

Wow. Talented and modest. That’s a great combo. So going into this fight, what do you want your opponent to know?

She should know it will not be a good night for her. However, afterward, I’ll shake her hand and wish her well. I don’t hate my opponents, and I never want to seriously hurt them either. I respect anyone who has the nerve to step into the ring. But, the plan is to win by any means and that is what will happen.

And what do you know about her?

I don’t know much about my opponent except she likes to clinch a lot and her striking is not as good as mine.

That’s good intel. So what is your strategy?

My plan is to beat her up.

Thanks a lot for answering my questions Sofia. I can’t wait to see you go to work on Saturday.

My pleasure. I’m really looking forward to this fight. I want everyone to understand that when a fighter goes into the ring, they never go alone. They take a piece of everyone in there with them. That support means a lot, and I really appreciate it.


Dax Alexander is a mixed martial arts practitioner, personal trainer and writer for Follow Dax on Twitter:

Brooklyn Student Loses 31lbs and Finds New Motivation with Tiger Schulmann’s

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By: Eric Diaz – TSMMA Midwood

Before I made the decision to join Tiger Schulmann’s Midwood branch, I was just another one of those people with a gym membership that used it for months at a time, lying to themselves that the few days they’re going are enough to get in shape.

Before I made the decision to join Tiger Schulmann’s Midwood branch, I was just another one of those people with a gym membership that used it for months at a time, lying to themselves that the few days they’re going are enough to get in shape. Yea, it worked for a bit and I even dropped in weight but it got boring and repetitive and I lost my motivation. Every day was a different excuse as to why I wasn’t going to go workout, I used them all from “I’m just too tired” to “my friend isn’t going today so I won’t either” then my brother (who had already trained in Tiger Schulmann’s) came to me and told me that they opened up a new school and he was going to start training again and that I should really consider it. So I went with him to his first class back and honestly at first I was extremely intimidated and didn’t take part in the class, I did however observe the class and the teaching methods of Sensei Nolan and his attentiveness toward each student, not neglecting anyone and motivating the entire class to “give it their all” this was enough for me to make my decision to sign up for a trial class.


Brooklyn Student Loses 31lbs and Finds New Motivation with Tiger Schulmann’s

I did however observe the class and the teaching methods of Sensei Nolan and his attentiveness toward each student, not neglecting anyone and motivating the entire class to “give it their all” this was enough for me to make my decision to sign up for a trial class.

I walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Midwood again December 14, 2012 for my trial class weighing 198lbs, nervous yet again but once the class started that feeling was replaced with one of pure excitement and hunger to learn which was enough to ensure that I was making the right choice in joining and training under Sensei Nolan. When I officially started, I was only training 3 days a week which quickly went to 4 and now I’m training 5 days a week. I have become completely obsessed with learning as much as I can about every aspect of training I can and with the encouraging and motivating attitude of Sensei Nolan and everyone else I train with. I am 31lbs lighter than I was when I first started, I’m more focused and confident in my own abilities and I’m a much happier person.

I would encourage anyone feeling lost and unmotivated like I was to give Tiger Schulmann’s a shot and see that anything is possible when you have the right motivation.

With all that being said, I am extremely thankful and happy with my decision to join and I look forward to the many years of training I have ahead. I would encourage anyone feeling lost and unmotivated like I was to give Tiger Schulmann’s a shot and see that anything is possible when you have the right motivation.


Mixed Martial Arts Proves Life Saver For Feasterville Instructor

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One Choice Can Make the Difference

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

It was the winter of 2005 when I got the phone call from Barry Alexander. His son had stopped training at Tiger Schulmann’s a few years ago and he would like to bring him back. Barry told me his son was 16 years old and was interested in kickboxing. I tried to pry a little more but couldn’t get much more out of him.

What I knew was in the two years I had owned the Feasterville Tiger Schulmann’s I hadn’t had much success with old students coming back. Through no fault of their own they were used to a style of teaching that was a bit different personality wise than mine. Not only had the curriculum being taught in class changed dramatically, but they then had to adapt to a very different leader. This often led to people’s return to the school being short lived.

I didn’t prejudge though and was excited when Craig came in to take class and worked tirelessly during the hour session. His desire to do kickboxing shone through during class and I couldn’t wait after a couple minutes to sit down with his father and let him know what a great student Craig would make. It wasn’t so much his ability, although he was doing well at the kicks and punches, it was his effort that so clearly stood out!

After class I sat down with Craig and confirmed his desire to train.

“You’re not allowed to quit this again,” I told him.

“No problem, I won’t quit!”

Then I kicked him out of the room and began talking to dad. He told me Craig was getting into trouble after school. This came as a bit of a surprise to me after seeing his hard work in class, and as I knew he was attending Conwell Egan, a prominent Catholic School in the area. Catholic School’s are not known for patience when it comes to misbehaving.

Again I tried to pry a little bit and Barry did his best Politician talk. He gave me a general idea of Craig’s behavior without getting pinned down on the details!

I was so excited to train his son I didn’t get too caught up with digging deeper!

It turned out to be a fortuitous choice.

Spark That Lights The Flame

When Barry mentioned that his son was getting in to trouble after school it seemed like an easy solution. Give him something to do after school. I had just the thing. Come and spend six hours with me six days a week. He would help me out for four hours of kids and childrens classes before his own two hours of class.

Thus began the journey of Craig Alexander to Joshu Alexander, to soon to be professional MMA fighter.

Joshu With Father/Son Students After MMA Victory!

He showed up the next day at 10 minutes before four o’clock and hasn’t been in trouble since. In the first few days of helping me out I heard barely a word from the soft spoken 16 year old. Literally for the first year he helped me out the loudest noise I heard from him was when he would make a Kiai during his classes. To say he was a teen of few words would have been wrong. He was a teen of NO words!

It didn’t stop his incredible progress in his training though. He had reached the rank of Brown Belt as an 11 year old under his old Sensei and although I made him start again at White Belt, I didn’t give him stripes, but rather gave him a set of goals at each rank in order for him to receive his old rank back.

He made it back to Brown Belt in less than a year and in doing so he set an example for every other student in the school that literally helped my adult classes explode. When Craig came back in 2005 my adult classes would often have between 8 and fifteen people. By the time 2006 rolled around it was common to have 25 to 30. Craig’s passion for training and his effort in class helped make class more fun for everyone around him and he became a spark that attracted many new students to class.

Hard Work Earns Promotion

About six months after he began joining me every day I began seeing Craig start to take a more active role during the classes he helped with. He would start to pull a child aside on his own to help them perfect a technique, instead of waiting for my direction.

I then began to spend extra time teaching him how to become an instructor. We would talk about different scenarios that unfolded in class and how to deal with them. At the same time I would have him demonstrate different parts of class as if he were leading the younger students and critique his performance so he could improve.

That’s exactly what he did. His improvement was so quick that I began to pay him a small salary every week and he began to test with one of the organizations Master Instructors in order to get certified as an instructor in Tiger Schulmann’s.

He also earned the right to train at Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters with the very best students from around the organization!

Skill and Confidence Grow Together

It wasn’t long before Craig began to get the itch to compete. He excelled at the Challenge of Champions as a Black Belt. Competing against the likes of Joshu’s Jimmie Rivera and Nick Pace, fighters who would go on to fight professionally in the two largest MMA organizations in the world, Bellator and the UFC. Those two had been training steadily for years. While Craig didn’t beat the two of them, he let everyone know that he wanted to compete at their level.

Joshu Alexander Demonstrates Move With UFC Fighter Nick Pace!

This didn’t escape the notice of Shihan James Simpson who had just begun to gather a group of Pennsylvania students at his Allentown school every Sunday to begin a local fight team.

In the late summer of 2006 Irv Althouse held his very first Hamburg Fight Night. I’ll never forget seeing Joshu’s excitement at being allowed to compete, nor will I forget my nerves as I headed up the Northeast Extension. In fact I was so nervous I missed the exit and travelled an extra hour to get to the next exit and back.

Fortunately things started a few minutes late and I was there to help coach as he won the first of his many fights in competition!

Amateur MMA

After successfully kickboxing and boxing for Shihan Simpson’s Pennsylvania segment of the TSMMA fight team, Craig got a unique opportunity. The dawn of amateur MMA was here and he was one of the very first fighters from the team to get a chance to compete.

His victory at Jack’s Gym would be the first of six consecutive MMA victories and would lead him to get a prominent spot in the organizations fight team. It led to many trips to New York City and Atlantic City to compete.

He was earning victories rapidly in kickboxing, eventually compiling a 6-1 record to go along with his sterling record in MMA. The one area he was struggling in was boxing where he competed four times earning only one victory.

What was clear was he would not run away from the challenge as he continued to work hard at each area of his Martial Arts training every day!

Becoming a Leader Instead of a Follower

At the same time he was developing his skills in competition he was also growing as an assistant in the school. So much so that he earned the title of “Joshu”. Literally meaning “assistant” in Japanese, Craig completed 200 hours of student teaching, helping out at my school, before passing a comprehensive written test (something that frequently eluded him in high school) and eventually a comprehensive physical exam to ensure he could instruct class at the high level demanded from Tiger Schulmann himself.

Joshu Teaching Armbar to New White Belts!

Joshu Alexander passed his certification to teach Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Kickboxing with Shihan Dennis Goshow before passing the incredibly difficult Grappling test with Sensei Paul Querido.

It was 2007 and now Joshu was my right hand man. I could rely on him to motivate and instruct my students whether they were five or fifty and he could ably teach a class with 30 to 40 people in it.

Joshu Alexander Learned to Talk and Teaches From His Own Experience!

His strength as my assistant was apparent as we quickly built up the school to have more than 300 students. This was a remarkable accomplishment for him given we had just over a 100 students when he first joined the school!

Hitting The Roadblock

It wasn’t until 2008 and 2009 that we really got to see what Joshu was really made of. His first chance to win a title belt came at Asylum Fight League 9. It was December of 2008 and he took on a much older Mervin Rodriguez. Giving up five years and still only 20 years old, Alexander lost a tough decision to Rodriguez who immediately turned pro.

This left the title belt vacant and because he fought so well even in defeat and still sported a 6-1 record, Alexander earned another shot in February 2009. Again he would face an older opponent and again he would lose a tough decision. This time to Nate Hasara.

Looking to bounce right back Craig would take on Randy Dunn in June, only to get a nasty cut on his forehead in the first few seconds of the fight. This led to a stoppage and the only No Contest on his record.

It would mean four more long months before a chance to get back in the win column. This time it would be his first amateur fight in Pennsylvania and it would be another let down. Still relatively new to Pennsylvania where Mixed Martial Arts had just been regulated, the fight featured three two minute rounds. The short length of rounds proved to be a boon to his opponent.

Unfortunately for Alexander he was taking on a former successful High School wrestler in Allen Cozze. Cozze was no match for Craig standing and couldn’t do anything to advance his position on the ground. What he did do was get a takedown in all three rounds and hold Alexander down for long enough to earn the win.

It was a tough stretch for the 20 year old, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to work hard at his first love, Martial Arts! Instead he viewed it as a chance to show his students the “non-quitting spirit” he talked about every day.

Opportunity Knocks

It was shortly after the Cozze fight when an unbelievable opportunity presented itself to the then 20 year old. My first school, Tiger Schulmann’s in Cherry Hill was in need of a new leader. Their Sensei had moved to another school and Tiger Schulmann was looking for someone to take over.

I mentioned this to Craig and he immediately jumped at the opportunity. Only 21 years old, he would be one of the youngest head instructors in all of Tiger Schulmann’s.

Tiger Schulmann was more than confident in Craig’s ability to teach Martial Arts. It was the other aspects of running a school that worried him. And so he set up a test. Craig would have to go through the various procedures required of a school’s head instructor, but he would have the added pressure of doing them in front of the other 70 head instructors in the organization.

As with every other challenge he had confronted in his training, Craig prepared with intensity and when the day came to test, he passed with flying colors. Becoming the head instructor in Cherry Hill in early 2010.

Something Left To Prove

After successfully leading the students in Cherry Hill for more than a year and a half Craig came back to me with a question. It would be impossible to continue being the head instructor of the Cherry Hill school and pursue a professional MMA career.

He had begun to realize that he missed fighting immensely. He wanted to know if he could come back and work with me and start competing again. This was music to my ears as I had missed working with Craig as well as watching him fight.

We had a perfect replacement in place in Joshu Shane Baker who had worked with Alexander for the whole time he was in Cherry Hill. And thus began Joshu Alexander’s second stint as my right hand man in Feasterville.

While immediately integrating himself back into the fabric of the school, he also began to compete. It was apparent that the two years away hadn’t led to any rust. First with kickboxing where he earned a tko victory and then with a first round knockout in MMA it was very apparent the now 23 year old Alexander had honed his standup skills to match his grappling acumen.

This was proven as he took home first place in the NAGA World Championships Expert Division in late 2012.

He earned two more MMA victories and a return to boxing proved victorious as well and finally it was time for Alexander to take his third crack at a championship fight.

Third Time Charm as Alexander Wins Title Via Rear Naked Choke!

All the hard work and dedication paid off as Craig came back to win a third round submission victory after losing the first two rounds of the fight! The win was a fitting culmination to a journey highlighted by his perseverance.

He went on to defend his title with a second round knockout of a previously undefeated fighter in his next fight to run his record to 7-0 since returning to competition including one kickboxing knockout and two in MMA to go along with two Submission victories.

Alexander KO’s Travis List In 2nd Round!

His most recent victory marked his last as an amateur as his success has earned him the right to turn professional!

Finally the Truth Comes Out

It took nearly eight years and thousands of hours spent teaching and training together, but recently Craig finally opened up more about his earlier troubles. As a teenager growing up in Croydon his parents were often both working at night, his dad managing a store and his mom working at the local hospital.

This left Craig unsupervised and it didn’t take long for him to find the neighborhood kids up to no good. What started out as drinking beer in the woods quickly evolved to marijuana. As a youngster with no money at his disposable, Craig and his friends quickly began to get involved in petty theft as a way of purchasing more pot.

It was a recent meeting with a close friend from his teens that really opened up Alexander’s eyes. He related the story to me one day after I half-jokingly asked him how thankful he was that he walked in to my school all those years ago. The answer was far from a joke.

His friend recently was released from a three year stint in prison after being caught selling marijuana. His imprisonment didn’t lead to reform however, as now Craig’s friend had moved on to selling more serious drugs. Not only was he selling Methamphetamine, but he was partaking of it as well.

It was an eye opener to see his child hood friend now strung out on heavy drugs.

“Sensei, he couldn’t have had more than three teeth in his mouth,” he told me one day. “That would have been me!”

That isn’t him. Instead Joshu Alexander is the beloved instructor of hundreds of TSMMA Feasterville students. Those same students who love every class he teaches also turn out to support him in his fighting career and are all looking forward to many years of his instruction as well as seeing him embark on his professional MMA career!



Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Bowing

Sensei Mike Stine Promoted to 4th Degree

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05/21/13 – Elmwood Park, NJ

Congratulations to Sensei Mike Stine (TSMMA Rego Park) on receiving his 4th degree belt promotion.

The belt promotions were awarded following Instructor Training, by Master Tiger Schulmann and brother Shihan Ron Schulmann.

Sensei Stine was the first TSMMA Fight Team member to appear on the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter show, in season 3. Entering the Show, Stine was only 3-0 as a pro with no amateur experience and was a pioneer for others TSMMA Fight Team members to follow in his footsteps into the UFC.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Manny Casais vs Mike Trizano

Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMA

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Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMA

Three of our best young fighters took their talents to The Broad Street Ballroom for Friday Night Fights.  Below you can see the videos of the three young TSMMA students, Missael Sanchez, Malik Blake and Mike Trizano show off the amazing skills they learned at Tiger Schulmann’s.

If you listen to the commentary you might get a different opinion.  I urge you to watch the fights the first time on mute, without the two Muay Thai practitioners who were calling the fights.  After you have seen for yourself the skills displayed by the three fight team members turn the volume up and watch again for a good laugh.

One announcer seems more concerned with the fact our fighters are wearing MMA tights than any skills they might carry into the ring.  He went so far as to suggest a $5 discount website to order Muay Thai shorts.  Funny given the three guys wearing Muay Thai shorts all lost.

The other announcer was familiar with the lineage and pedigree of a Muay Thai Coach from Wichita Kansas, citing his strengths as a fighter and coach, yet was unable to give even one mention of the training afforded at TSMMA even though our flagship school is less than a mile from the Broad Street Ballroom!

In one fight the announcers went so far as to say Sanchez must have some previous boxing experience (he began at Tiger Schulmann’s with no prior experience and this was his second time in the ring) to throw a jab to the body!  This is something we teach in our Beginner Kickboxing classes.

The failure of Friday Night Fights’ announcers to recognize the incredible training offered at Tiger Schulmann’s comes as no surprise.  Thankfully, it hasn’t stopped us from being the strongest Martial Arts Organization in the world and it didn’t keep our three competitors from victory!


Mike Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Manny Casais – 155lbs -Watch @ 34:50

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Alan Stoffel – 135lbs – Watch @ 26:20

Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Kody Schroth – 160lbs – Watch @ 19:45

Myopic Commentary Doesn’t Slow Team TSMMABy: Sensei Thad Campbell

Craig Alexander Wows Crowd With 2nd Round Knockout

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

Joshu Craig Alexander stepped into the cage last night for an amazing 15th MMA fight. The twenty five year old has been competing in Mixed Martial Arts since the age of 18, and also sports eleven bouts between kickboxing and boxing. His 26 combined fights is even more amazing when factoring in a two year layoff he took to hone his skills.

This experience was on full display last night at Xtreme Caged Combat in Phildelphia. Alexander, sporting a 9-3-1 record and holding the XCC Lightweight title after an impressive third round submission of Cody Young in February, stepped in against 3-0 Travis List.

It was a huge step up for List who sported a 3-0 record, but gained confidence from three straight submission victories to start his career. His confidence would be short lived in this fight.

Round 1 started with Alexander racing to the center of the cage and stalking List. Alexander used amazing head movement and an ability to cut off the ring to give List no chance to use his reach advantage. As Alexander closed distance with power shots, List tried to tie up a clinch. This was shrugged off by Alexander who continued to hammer List with power punches and eventually backed him to the cage and used a series of knees to the thighs out of the clinch.

The two disengaged again and “Caspar” landed a huge overhand right followed by a left that staggered List. The game underdog scored a take down on an off balance Alexander, but it was short lived as the Tiger Schulmann’s Feasterville instructor quickly scrambled to top position before choosing to stand back up. The inability of List to hold Craig in his favored position on the ground shook his opponent up and it was clear during the Round 1 break that Alexander had exerted his will over List.
This proved out quickly as Round 2 began with Alexander once again cutting off the ring and stalking List. He refused to get stuck in a clinch, using his superior strength to create just enough distance to land power shots. As list began to throw a fatal (to himself) right hand Alexander slipped to the inside and threw a huge overhand right followed by a left hook that left his battered opponent prone on the mat.

Alexander retained his XCC Lightweight Title with a huge right left combination at :57 seconds of Round 2.

“I knew my opponent was less experienced than I was and my goal was to make him feel the pressure of a championship fight right from the opening bell. The game plan worked to perfection,” said Alexander. “I want to give so much thanks to Shihan Jim Simpson who has cornered me for nearly all my fights and especially to the TSMMA Feasterville students who came out to support me. Their cheering was so inspiring and makes all the hard work so much easier to go through!”

“Seeing the hard work Craig has put in over the last seven years has been impressive,” said head coach Simpson. “He has improved so much and right from the beginning has displayed amazing heart and toughness. It is a pleasure to watch him fight.”

Look for Alexander to make the drop from 155 to 145 in the coming months as this marked the last of his amateur fights. Caspar will be fighting professionally after this impressive KO victory!

Round 1

Round 2