Tiger Schulmann’s

Feature Fighter Interview: Stephen Regman

Tiger Schulmann's fighter Declared as Winner in ring with the crowd behind

Last Updated on March 24, 2014. by: MMAJAM.CA Today’s feature fighter is a man out of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, 7x MMA and Kickboxing Champion Stephen Regman (1-1 pro). If you don’t know this name it might be time to get on the bandwagon because he is going to be a huge name very soon! Make […]

NYPD Sergeant & TSMMA Sensei Will Hamilton Honored with Saint Michaels Award by NYPD

Police officer with Saint Michael's Award

Last Updated on March 24, 2014. NYPD Sergeant & TSMMA Sensei Will Hamilton was honored with the Saint Michaels Award on March 23rd by the NYPD. Sensei Hamilton was honored along with fellow colleagues for the development of the Law Enforcement Autism Families Organization. The Law Enforcement Autism Families (LEAF) was formed to address the […]

TSMMA Syosset Featured on CBS News for MommaCon Demonstration

6 men and a woman fighters in Tiger Schulmann's equipment

Last Updated on March 24, 2014. 3/23/14 – Brookville, NY TSMMA Syosset was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News for their involvement in the MommaCon event, which took place on March 23rd in Brookville, NY. MommaCon is a convention geared towards mothers and their children, featuring the finest local providers of everything that’s important to […]