Tiger Schulmann’s in Brick, NJ

Martial arts fighter preparing to punch a bag

Last Updated on July 10, 2015. Here at Tiger Schulmann’s in Brick, NJ, we’ve been teaching kickboxing, submission grappling, mixed martial arts (MMA), martial arts and karate for 24 years! With us, you get a full body workout that improves stamina, strength and flexibility. The classes at our Brick, NJ location are taught by Sensei Bobby Colontino […]

Tiger Schulmann’s In Old Bridge, New Jersey

Martial arts fighter in boxing stance

Last Updated on July 10, 2015. Tiger Schulmann’s has had a presence in Old Bridge, NJ for two years. Led by Joshu Greg Fonda, our beginner kickboxing class for adults has become one of the most popular. However, we also offer kickboxing for kids, intermediate and advanced kickboxing for adults, and close range defense for all age groups. […]