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December 2015

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Tiger Schulmann’s in Chelsea, NYC Hosts Happy Hearts Fund Kickboxing Fundraiser

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NEW YORK, New York (September 24, 2015) – Sensei Lyman Good, instructor at Tiger Schulmann’s in Chelsea, NYC, teamed up with Shihan Ron Schulmann and Happy Hearts Fund’s Petra Nemcova for a kickboxing fundraiser to raise money for schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. The event, which took place on Monday, September 21, 2015, was a huge success.

“We were very pleased with the outcome of this month’s fundraiser,” said Keith Gehshan, Marketing Manager for Tiger Schulmann’s. “As an organization that strives to connect with the community in addition to providing top-of-the-line martial arts instruction, we feel very strongly about the Happy Hearts Fund’s goals and are very grateful to be able to help with their efforts.”

Good, who recently won his debut fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), instructed participants on kickboxing moves and best practices. Everyone trained hard; Nemcova showed off her kicks, and actor Gary Wilmes, a student at Tiger Schulmann’s in Chelsea, NYC, also got involved.

“We’d like to thank Tiger Schulmann’s for its outstanding dedication to children and education through Happy Hearts Fund, and we’re excited about our ongoing collaboration,” said Ellie Libby-Manko, Director of Development for Happy Hearts Fund.“It truly was a special day for us all.”

The kickboxing fundraiser was just one in a series of charity events organized by Happy Hearts Fund and Tiger Schulmann’s. In June 2015, the two organizations collaborated on “Fight for Education,” in which students from Tiger Schulmann’s in Syosset, NY fought with Sensei Nick Gravina and Joshu Jobin George in the corners. The event raised over $900 thousand dollars to rebuild schools in Nepal with the rebuilding of the first four schools to start this October. It costs as little as $70,000 to rebuild a school, which doubles as emergency shelter for the village.

“It’s a great collaboration. Both Happy Hearts Fund and Tiger Schulmann are dedicated to helping children either through rebuilding sustainable schools or teaching self defense and self discipline,” said Tina Lindstrom, a “Fight for Education” committee member. “I’ve seen how Happy Hearts Fund has helped children and how Tiger Schulmann has helped my own 8 and 5-year-old children.” There will be a second “Fight for Education” in May 2016. Tiger Schulmann’s hopes to once again help Happy Hearts Fund raise funds and rebuild schools. Continue to visit and for more details.

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Tiger Schulmann’s – Kids Martial Arts Commercial – Lights Out

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This is the third installment in the “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” kids martial arts commercial series. This commercial focuses on a bullying situation that kids often face. Almost all children face a form verbal bullying, in this particular case someone is starting rumors about a young girl. Verbal bullying is usually the first step in bullying, the bully tests the waters to see what they can get away with. This form of exclusion can be devastating for a child. It can make them feel isolated and alone. If a child is confident, these words roll off their back and kids who are confident usually aren’t a target. Tiger Schulmann’s teaches that confidence from day one.
kids martial artsNow, this commercial is not putting down singing lessons. Instead it offers a version of events where vocal lessons are just not applicable. Vocal lessons while fun and enriching don’t offer the confidence that Tiger Schulmann’s delivers. Should a child ever find themselves in this situation, you want to arm them with the right tools to nip this right in the bud. Self Defense + Discipline = Self Confidence, this is simple formula is key to the Tiger Schulmann’s kids martial arts program. We excel at teaching children the necessary techniques to defend themselves in a real life situation. We focus on the essential self-discipline skills needed to achieve in school, sports, and across all areas of life. Don’t you want your kids to be free from this form of intimidation?… Nothing else is Tiger Schulmann’s

“Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” when it comes to offering a proven kids martial arts program. With over 30 years experience, the Tiger Schulmann’s organization has carefully crafted this program to effectively meet the life skill needs of kids. The kids martial arts classes are safe, fun, and can positively impact a kid for the rest of their lives.