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June 2018

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Group Photo

Nissim Levy & Lyman Good Promoted To 3rd-Degree Sensei

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Congratulations to Sensei Levy & Good on earning their promotion! 

Nissim Levy and Lyman Good posing with Shihan ShulmannnThe Story of Nissam

Nissim Levy was a kid on the wrong path. He would get into fights at school, small trouble in the neighborhood  and his future wasn’t looking good. His reputation preceded him. He was a tough kid, but a good kid; everyone who knew him loved him. When he came into the gym for the first time, it was clear that he was a natural. He listened, he learned and most importantly he brought his own method for things, but they worked for him.

After a few years of training, Nissim made a decision to enter the Daily News Golden Gloves with little to no experience in boxing. It was his first major amateur fight and he made it all the way to the finals under the lights in Madison Square Garden losing a very close decision and finishing with the Silver Gloves.

Lyman Good recieving his 3rd degree sensei promotion

Lyman’s Story

Lyman Good joined Tiger Schulmann’s the same year Nissim did. He was a 19 year old skinny kid who walked in the first day to a trial class that his Mom bought him for his birthday. Coincidentally he was paired up with Nissim and the two became fast friends. Through Nissim’s training and Lyman’s hard work it was only a matter of time before Lyman ascending from student to helper to instructor. He was strongly built, a natural fighter; disciplined, strong and tough.

Lyman won his first few professional MMA fights and then entered the Bellator world championship tournament and became the first Bellator Welterweight World Champion. Today Lyman continues to grow as a teacher and as a fighter. He continues to pursue his dream of becoming a UFC Champion

Lyman and Nissim Together

Lyman and Nissim are the ‘watchdogs’ of the Manhattan school. There are plenty of stories from their humble beginnings training together to their amazing accomplishments both on the mat and inside the ring. They are loyal to a fault; and have turned from young teenagers to strong, respectful honorable men. Congratulations

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Standing Group Photo

Matt Castillo Earns Sensei Promotion

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Congratulations to Matt Castillo on his promotion to Sensei! 

Sensei’s Beginning

Matt is a great example of growth within the Tiger Schulmann’s family. He originally came in to spar on weekends,  with little boxing experience and quickly saw that TSMA was a perfect fit for him. 

At one point he in his life he was dealing with a lot of  adversity, both personally and with his family. He felt he should be farther along in his  career path as for someone his age. He continued his training but left to work in automotive finance, but quickly saw what working in a different environment was like and realized TSMA was his calling so he came back  and threw himself into it 100%.

Sensei Matt Castillo receiving promotion from Tiger Schulmann at Tiger Schulmann's Bayside location.

The Path To Sensei

Matt is extremely personable and well liked throughout the organization. We all know Matt to be a tough and talented martial artist. Throughout his journey from student to school owner he always kept up with his training, despite many injuries. He served as one of Lyman’s partners helping him get ready for his fights and his test for black belt was long and difficult but he rose to the occasion.

Matt has created an amazing environment in his school. The school is disciplined, professional, well organized and above all like a family. His students rave about him. He has begun to turn out some very dedicated and talented students who he is mentoring to be instructors and competitors. His school has been very successful in the COC placing in his schools division in the team competition in the last tournament and producing a winner in the last 90 day challenge.

Taking Over Huntington

When he first took over our Huntington school it was quite a struggle and there were times when he was doubtful and worried about the future, believe me we had many long conversations about the path he was on, but he never let those negative thoughts hold him back.  Matt epitomizes the non quitting spirit and provides an excellent example for us all of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

A sensei is a teacher, role model, mentor, guru and leader by example. Matt is all of those things and more. He truly deserves the title.