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60 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Your Chance to Build Health and Self-Discipline

Last Updated on September 26, 2013.

Weight Loss No Great Secret

By: Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

They often say weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. That’s not entirely true. Think of it more as a 50/50. What you eat is equally as important as what you do! What really makes you lose weight is actually neither of those things. Instead it’s the routine you establish to control your nutrition and your exercise. The routine is what’s going to make you successful, not the diet plan or the exercise regimen.

I often think back to the times I was kickboxing professionally and think of the way my routine helped me succeed. Up at 7 every morning to eat oatmeal and egg whites. In the car by 8 for the two hour trip to hq with a nutra grain bar and banana for company. Train til 1. Then chicken and rice three or four more times throughout the day. At my school by 3, teach til 10, home and in bed by midnight, wash, rinse repeat.

The lack of free time forced me to plan ahead. Every Sunday I made chicken for the next three days. Wednesday morning was my only day non training at hq and after a good run that morning I would cook food for the rest of the week. I never missed and stayed on that course for a full year.

The nutra grain bar was simply to give me enough quick energy to get through the three hour session. With a normal training schedule of 1 or 2 hours at a time I would have had chicken and rice there as well.

You Must Plan For Weight Loss

The important part was the plan. The routine that I established made my results very encouraging and I was able to maintain that plan for a very long time. Flash ahead five years and it’s time to reestablish the routine.

At TSMMA, we kick off the challenge by recording weights and handing out nutritional seminars. It’s important to understand this is not a diet. We are not doing a short term plan here. Instead the nutritional program gives you the tips to eat healthy for the rest of your life.

The endorphins you get from training will help you stay stronger as your body goes through the withdrawal from all the processed foods we typically eat. It may take a few days for the initial withdrawal to go away. What happens after is your stomach shrinks, reducing the cravings, and your energy level increases, making each and every day more enjoyable.

After a while it’s no longer about weight loss. You will maintain your weight loss without the same effort.

Even for those of you who aren’t looking to lose any weight, you can gain incredible energy from the challenge and at the same time be an encouragement for the rest of our TSMMA Family!

Ask your local Tiger Schulmann’s Location about starting a 60 Day Challenge today!