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Eight Tips for Easy Weight Loss

Last Updated on September 26, 2014.

8 Tips for Weight Loss

Here are a few simple rules to follow that will help you to get the best results from your nutritional program!

1. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, do not skip it! Breakfast should actually be the biggest meal of the day because it gives your metabolism a kick start and will give you the energy to get through the first part of your day. This is essential for weight loss

2. Eat small balanced meals that consist of equal portions protein and carbohydrates. Examples of protein are chicken, turkey, fish or lean red meat. Good carbohydrates are vegetables, a small baked or sweet potato, brown or white rice.

Weight loss can be accomplished with the most basic body weight exercises
Hit those abs every day!!!!

3. Make sure you eat every 3 hours, so if you eat breakfast at 8:00am then your next meal should be at 11:00am, then 2:00pm and so on.  A high metabolism is essential for weight loss, every time you eat a small meal you kickstart your metabolism.

4. Use a meal replacement or a protein shake bar when you can’t get all of your meals in and find this schedule difficult to keep.

5. Water should be your primary beverage of choice. Adults should drink at least 64 oz per day, more on days you are planning a workout. Water is a natural diuretic and helps in the weight loss process. Lemon or lime can be added to give flavor.  Avoid the “sports” drinks and “all natural” iced and green teas.  They are not as healthy as their marketing would indicate.

Weight Loss must include cardio training
Resistance training of working on the heavy bag leads to incredible strength gains

6. Smaller meals are better than larger meals. If you eat out a lot, try splitting what you get into two portions. For example if you get turkey sandwich or sub from a deli, eat half now and half in 3 hours. Some nutritionally conscious people even get a to go container as soon they get their meal.  Portion sizes are so huge these days that you only need half of they give you at a restaurant.  This will do wonders for your weight loss.

7. Avoid things that don’t need to be added to your meals, especially those high in fat or sugar like cheese, mayo, soda, juice and sports drinks.  Cutting out high sugar drinks and snacks will eliminate pounds of sugar on a yearly basis and do amazing things for your weight loss goals.

8. If you get hungry between your meals, try a healthy snack to keep your cravings down like veggie sticks, fruit slices or almonds. A good filler is salad and can be eaten as much as desired, just use salad dressings that are low in fat and sodium and use them sparingly.

Weight Loss can be accomplished through simple body weight exercise
Simple yet effective way to build strength

The hardest part of any change in your eating habits are always the first few days, expect them to be the toughest and it will get easier as your body adjusts to this new schedule and will quickly give you the results you are looking for!

It is also good to take 1 cheat meal each week where you can indulge and have anything you want. This is good because it lets your body know that it is still going to continue to get the fats it needs and to continue to burn fat at a high rate. It also helps you mentally because you have something to look forward to each week!

Along with proper nutrition you also should exercise at least 3-5 hours per week. If you are having trouble finding a workout you enjoy then you should try a kick boxing class as a fun, safe and effective way to workout.