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A Discipline Atmosphere makes Group Kickboxing Classes effective

Last Updated on September 5, 2014.

Why Working Out in a Discipline Atmosphere is better in a

Group rather than Alone


 A Discipline Atmosphere is what makes Group Kickboxing Classes effective! Discipline is the Key to Success. Most people are undisciplined and seek gyms or other sources to help motivate their selves to lose weight and get in great shape.  The problem is when a person goes to the gym they find they need to come up with their own routine, and they don’t know how to actually train.  So the end result is what?  They QUIT!

90 percent of the people that go to the gym quit and 10 percent stay. At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford, Ct it’s the opposite, 90 percent stay consistent and only 10 percent quit.  For many reasons, the first being the instructor will motivate, engage and teach you the entire time.  You have a personal coach every class with will give you the discipline you need to see those results you always wanted!

With the discipline atmosphere in the class it allows us to have our workout all within one hour and burn over 800 calories.  Each class is so much fun and you never feel like you’re a hamster on the wheel like you would feel on the treadmill.

Kickboxing teaches real self-defense in a discipline atmosphere
A Discipline Atmosphere is what makes Kickboxing the best workout

The last reason is because your mind will be so engaged in the class you’ll forget about your everyday worries. Our Beginner Kickboxing Classes are a Mental Vacation! With the combination of the instructor motivating you, getting your workout in an hour, having fun and relieving your stress is what keeps our students consistent. Consistency is what keeps us in amazing shape all year round. All you need is Self Discipline and you can achieve anything in life and feel great!

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