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A new year means New goals! Try Kickboxing!

Last Updated on January 5, 2015.

Kickboxing gets RESULTS!

Each year people make new years resolutions. The overwhelming majority of people last about three weeks before giving up on themselves. The number one resolution is to get in better shape and live a healthier life. At this time of year  gyms all across America fill with new members. People want to lose weight, get in shape and look and feel better about themselves.  By the middle of February the gyms are virtually empty except for the die hard regulars. Gyms depend on this  every year. Imagine what would happen if every member continued to show up once they joined, on a three day a week basis, there would be lines around the building to use every machine. What you need is a workout that can get the results in a shorter period of time with a trainer that will keep you motivated and train you to reach any goal you set.


Our kickboxing program is the key to reaching your new goals. In a one hour class you will burn an average of 800 calories so you will get fit and stay fit. A one hour beginner kickboxing class will give you the same benefits as lifting weights, running and yoga. The difference is that instead of spending two and a half hours or more, you only need an hour. Our certified instructors will motivate and train you everytime you come to class. You will have the same instructor each time so they know your goals and can help you accordingly. We also include our nutritional program so you will learn how to eat healthy and live a more healthy lifestyle. In the event that you ever faced a confrontation outside the school, the techniques you learn will keep you safe and protected.

If you want to get in shape, try a class for free. You will see that our kickboxing program is the best there is and you will reach any goals you set for the new year.

Don’t wait! Your health is the most important posession you have. start kickboxing with us and feel the difference. The first class is always free so you have nothing to lose. Call the school to make an appoint or register for a free kickboxing class right here online!

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