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A Simple Proven Method To Prevent Bullying

Last Updated on February 23, 2015.

Bully Prevention



Bully Prevention


There are countless BULLY PREVENTION programs out there and probably 99 percent of them are all counter productive.  You see, almost every single bully prevention program out there only empowers bullies and incubates it to the point where children that get bullied take their own lives, or as it’s called Bullycide“.

Let’s break down what a bully really is, one word COWARD.  Yes, that’s what I said, a bully is a coward.  To the uneducated person a bully is a powerful person, but in reality they are the weakest people with less confidence then the ones they pick on.  Bullies need to have social acceptance, when a bully searches for a victim they only pick on them in front of others.  Otherwise if they were alone nothing would happen.  The first level of bullying is the testing stage.  In front of a group of people the victim gets made fun of, and if he/she doesn’t respond back in a strong confident manner then the bullying will continue and then eventually escalate to a physical situation.

All schools and anti-bullying programs teach kids to IGNORE or WALK AWAY from a bully.   That is the worst thing a kid can do, or these programs encourage the victim to say “you’re hurting my feelings” “please” or any other words to indicate the fact that the bully is hurting them.  All of this only proves to the bully that the victim won’t fight back, either verbally or physically.  What a shame, how these schools and anti-bullying program is only hurting these kids and not helping.


Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has a 30 year success rate on ending bullying, bully prevention and of course the best anti-bullying program around!


It’s pretty simple.  We teach kids to stand up for themselves no matter what.  First being physically and if need be the physically!  This is the only way to end bullying.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my students to take a chair and crack a bully over the head if they make fun of them., that’s not what I teach.  I teach my kids to equal the aggression when they stand up for themselves.  If a bully uses words to hurt the person then the victim needs to use his/her words to fight back.  If the bully uses their hands or feet to hurt the victim then the bullied kid has all the right to hit back.  If a person does this just once with conviction then bullying will end, it’s that simple, but one question, how can we get the courage to stand up to the bully?  It’s simple, train in Mixed Martial Arts like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s.  My self defense program consists of a close range self defense (Jiu-Jitsu) and kickboxing with the discipline of Karate.

With MMA like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s, Students of all ages become empowered which is the greatest weapon against bullying.  Tiger Schulmann’s, the greatest Bully Prevention Program Around!