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A Students Journey of Weight Loss and Fitness

Last Updated on November 6, 2014.

Tiger Schulmann’s worked for me….

Sensei Zapfel has earned my respect and gratitude! He has “pushed” me to a level of fitness within a little over a year’s time that I would have never believed possible!  Had someone told me last year this time that I would experience weight loss of over 100 lbs during that time, I would have laughed in their face and told them they were nuts.

Weight Loss can be simple with Consistent Exercise and Proper Nutrition

Looking for Weight Loss Try Kickboxing
Beginner Kickboxing Classes can lead to Incredible Weight Loss


My weight loss journey started a few years ago. I signed my son up for a trial class because he was being bullied in middle school. My son was reluctant to take the class. So I promised him that if he liked the class, I would take the class with him. Needless to say, he liked the class. Since I had tried to get him interested in a martial arts program since he was 5 years old, I was thrilled! However, I was a little concerned since at the time I was in the worst shape of my life. At 278 lbs, I could not walk a flight of stairs with becoming winded. But I promised my son that I would take the class with him…so I sucked it up!

Weight Loss can be accomplished with the most basic body weight exercises
Hit those abs every day!!!!

Right from the start, Sensei Zapfel was great! He was very solicitous. Even though I do not believe he thought I would follow through with my training, he made sure I felt comfortable in class and did not over exert myself…probably afraid I would have a heart attack on the mat! 🙂 Every step of the way, he was always very encouraging and quick to give an “atta girl”…and he never let me rest on my laurels.

It was clear to see that Sensei lived what he taught in class. That, and the fact that he seemed to care that his students achieved all their goals, whether they be weight loss, strength gains, flexibility or learning self defense, is what makes him such an effective motivator. For someone who is known to be very headstrong and a nonconformist, I was very surprised that I embraced his instruction the way I did. But it made sense…and by the end of class I was so tired that I would do anything just to rest! LOL

Weight loss happens when you build muscle and burn fat
Without a strong core it’s impossible to feel strong or stimulate weight loss

It is not that Sensei and Tiger Schulmann teach anything “new”. They teach the basic principles of fitness — nutrition, cardio/strength training, flexibility and discipline…(See Sensei..I was listening!). What makes the program effective is that the core tenets of fitness and weight loss are coupled with a great staff and a friendly atmosphere. The training sessions are rigorous… but oh so addictive! I knew I found the right program when I felt out of sorts when I missed a class.

After 6 months of training, I had more energy than I have had in 15 years. So much energy that I signed up for the Avon Walk. For the next 9 months, I trained to build the stamina and endurance to complete the 1.5 marathon walk. Sensei encouraged me along the way as he dragged me kicking and screaming off of my knees when doing push ups. Because of the nutritional instruction which provided me with incredible weight loss and training I receive under Sensei, I completed my first Avon Walk!

Pushups will make your whole body stronger and stimulate weight loss
Push-ups, a simple but total body strength building exercise

Sensei and Tiger Schulmann’s has helped me achieve a level of fitness that I never thought I would see again!

Thank you, Sensei Zapfel!


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