60 Minutes
10 Rounds
Upto 1200 CAL
Full Body Workout

What To Expect

What is Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing?

Our kickboxing is not your typical kickboxing class at a gym – it’s real, technique-focused kickboxing. Over the span of one hour, you can burn 800-1200 calories during a 10-round workout. You’ll learn the skills of a real kickboxer, only you’ll be punching and kicking bags, not people.

Tiger Schulmann’s classes incorporate the teachings of proper technique and injury prevention to provide a quality, challenging, and rewarding fitness experience.

Our staff of highly trained professionals will teach you how to block and strike with hands, feet, elbows and knees, all while your body burns fat, builds muscle and improves both flexibility and endurance.


What Can I Expect at Kickboxing Class?

We teach you authentic, tacticful kickboxing.

People take kickboxing classes for a number of reasons. Fitness, confidence, and discipline are just some of the outcomes of matial arts training. We guide our students on a path to success with a kickboxing program, uniquely designed, just for you.

Your personalized experience is based on your needs and aspirations. After joining the Tiger Schulmanns family, you’ll have the opportunity to push your boundaries and achieve more than you could have ever imagined.

What Makes Tiger Schulmann’s Different and Better?

Every location is owned and managed by a dedicated instructor with a minimum of 10 years experience of high-level training. Each instructor still trains every week with Master Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann and brings back that knowledge to their students.

For those who wonder if our kickboxing techniques really work, our Fight Team’s championship belts speak for themselves.

A Total Body Fitness Workout

If you’re looking to get into shape and begin a training program that is both challenging and inspiring – our kickboxing class is the answer. We have a proven track record like no other and an incredibly experienced and skilled team of instructors.

Our class offers a total body workout that increases energy, stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence while reducing stress.

The benefits of our school are endless and expand beyond just the training program. Our holistic approach is a combination of technique, nutrition and postivity that can be practiced throughout life’s daily challenges.

Join our kickboxing class and start building the ‘better you’ today.

Our Instructors.
Our Commitment.
Our Skills.


I recently began kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann's and after just a few classes, I’m already a little stronger and a little more confident, and I hope to keep growing. The beginner classes have people of varying experience in them, but I don’t feel judged or embarrassed that I’m not as good as others there.

-Kerri Simone

When you join and train with them you are instantly treated like a member of the team. The attention and time they put into their students shows the passion and dedication. Their ability to relate and communicate with students of all ages is a display of their strong and diligent character. I couldn’t think of a better place to train and work on my goals. If you are not even entertaining the idea of joining, you are truly missing out.

-Abe G.

My son absolutely loves his kickboxing class. Everyone is so nice and friendly and the class is really helping him. He looks forward to going each week. I love how much the instructors really seem to care about his progress and how encouraging they are. What a great confidence boost this is for him.

-Natasha Cohen

My children and I have been a part of the TSMMA family for two years. I say family because that is exactly the sense you get. You are more than a member, you are part of a team, and everyone is very encouraging of one another. I have been training with TSMMA for about three months and my only regret is that I didn't join years ago.

-Scott L

Do something that no one can ever take away from you.