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After 6 months of Training, Mom Seeing Rapid Improvements from her Son

Last Updated on February 5, 2013.

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Vaughn” Big Mac” McIntire has been training at TSMMA for about 6 months and has recently earned his blue belt which is the belt right after High White. What follows is an interview with ” Big Mac’s” mom, Danielle.

Did you have any preconceived notions about MMA or martial arts in general?

I had no idea at all what it was about, I came in with a good friend whose child was already training.

What has TSMMA done for “Big Mac”?

TSMMA has built Vaughn’s confidence. He doesn’t back away from new challenges anymore. He stays on task and completes his homework in an timely manner, sticks with and finishes his chores. I think he has finally found something that he is passionate about, which I think is the most important thing by far.

Did Vaughn have any problems that his training has helped with?

His training has definitely helped his concentration. Physically it has made him stronger and helped his balance and made him more agile.

What is your favorite part of Vaughn training?

I love the sparring during his kickboxing class and again the passion he shows for it.

What is “Big Mac’s” favorite part of class?

He loves the sparring and is looking forward to one day being able to put his grappling skills together with kickboxing skills and take the MMA class!

Why would you recommend TSMMA to other kids?

I like the way the instructors interact with the children and teach them much more then just punching and kicking. Every week they have a topic that they discuss at the end of class. The topic could range from self discipline to bully prevention. Yes, we would definitely recommend TSMMA!