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After Training TSMMA for a Year, 9 Year Old Earns Better Grades as Confidence Grows

Last Updated on September 11, 2013.

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Logan “The Loganator” Rowe has been training at TSMMA Tampa for almost a year and is a high blue belt. The following is an interview with his mom Rebecca.

Q: Why did you first bring Logan in to train?

A: I brought Logan in because over the summer he enjoyed punching a heavy bag that his dad had hanging in the garage. I figured he should learn how to do it the right way.

Q: Besides just hitting a bag what else were you looking for at Tiger Schulmann’s?

A: I had felt Logan never really found a sport or an activity that have could call his own. Something that he enjoyed. He really has enjoyed his training in martial arts.

Q: How did TSMMA help him with school?

A: Logan was shy and would never speak up in class. He has totally turned that around since he started training. His confidence has grown tremendously and now his teachers actually are getting to know him. He answers up in class! This supports his grades which are better then ever.

Q: What is Logan’s favorite class?

A: Logan still loves the core class because of the technique and bag training.

Q: What is your favorite part of class?

A: I really like the sparring in his kickboxing class. I believe this is going to help him learn how to defend himself if he ever has too. Logan being able to handle any situation is very important to me.