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Aggressive Combat Championship Event Results

Last Updated on May 22, 2012.

Aggressive Combat Championship Event Results


On march 31, 2012 Damien Bailey entered the Aggressive Combat 140-150lb Kickboxing tournament.  His first match was against a young determined fighter named Anthony Curanaj.  Damien won the fight by unanimous decision.

Geoffrey Then, an American Top Team fighter from Connecticut, was also in the tournament and won his opening round fight via unanimous decision .  Geoffrey is a tough  fighter who competed at numerous events such as Friday Night fights and other kicking boxing events.

Saturday May 19, in Danbury,  Connecticut, Damien and Geoffrey went to war for the Aggressive Combat Championship Belt. In  Round 1, Damien attacked Geoffrey with a barrage of punches and kicks.  Geoffrey responded back with a tight clinch and knees attempting to cease Damien’s attack.
Round 1 – scored for Damien.

Round 2 – Geoffrey came out with ferocity throwing punches and kicks putting Damien on the defense.
Round 2 scored for Geoffrey.

Round 3 – Both men came out of there corners with conviction of becoming a champion.  Damien continued his assault of punches and kicks causing Geoffrey to clinch Damien against ropes and attempt to throw knees to his legs.  Damien was eventually able to break free and proceed with an abundance of punches and kicks until the bell rang.

The fight resulted in a split decision going to the hometown favorite Geoffrey Then.  After the match a number of spectators approached Damien and proclaimed him the winner. Damien showed tremendous heart and tenacity.  He will not let this prevent him from becoming champion.  Damien is on standby to fight at the Combat at the Capital just in case someone backs out and is scheduled to compete at the next Lou Neglia event in August.  Watch out for this entertaining fighter weighing 150lb and standing at 6’3″.

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