Tiger Schulmann’s

Authentic Kickboxing, not just Cardio-Kickboxing. Learn the real thing!

Last Updated on June 14, 2013.

At Tiger Schulmann’s you will learn more in one class than you’ll get from months of cardio kickboxing classes.

By: Sensei Zapfel – TSMMA Wayne

New kickboxing places are popping up all over the area and trying to lure you in with big names and boxing rings. But what are these cardio kickboxing classes actually teaching you? NOTHING! They are just hoping you are active enough to sweat and burn some calories. In most cases the instructor there has little or no experience in what they are teaching, just a paid employee. Tiger Schulmann instructors are always home grown and have decades of experience.

When you go to a Tiger Schulmann’s School, you will be improving your kickboxing (and grappling if you choose)techniques every day. Beginner classes are held every night for people to develop and perfect the basic kickboxing techniques. Intermediate/Advanced classes are also on the schedule for students to accelerate their workouts and take their kickboxing abilities to higher level. In a nut shell, beginner classes teach you how to punch and kick, intermediate classes teach you how to move and defend.

It’s great to start learning something new. There just has to a place for you to take this newly developed ability to a higher level. That is what all Tiger Schulmann locations are all about. Beginner kickboxing students develop quickly and move into intermediate classes. In that class students can continue to develop for years. Getting a great workout and even learning realistic kickboxing against a partner, or free sparring. For the select few who rise to the very top of the class, joining the Tiger Schulmann Fight Team at the headquarters in Elmwood Park is the next step to developing at the highest level.

Tiger Schulmann’s Fight Team has members the compete on the biggest stages such as the UFC, Bellator Fighting Championships, King of the Cage, Ring of Combat, NAGA, Grappler’s Quest and the NY Daily News Golden Gloves. As well as dozens of amateur fighters honing their skills for the chance to fight professionally!

Tiger Schulmann’s authentic kickboxing will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but also teach you the real thing!