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Personal Training: The Risky Investment

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In terms of fitness and exercise, people generally seek personal trainers in order to both educate and motivate them about working out. The average person might know how to do a proper pushup, but that average person probably does not know how to eat properly.  When most people think of starting a diet the first thing that comes to mind is eating less. How much less should I eat a day to look and feel better? Though this is not completely false, the theory behind eating less is often misinterpreted to the extreme. When somebody goes from eating unhealthy to not eating at all, he/she has not made an improvement as far as healthy eating. In some instances, eating almost nothing could be more detrimental to your overall health than excess eating! With lack of food come lack of vitamins and necessary polymers which are needed to keep the body running efficiently. If the lack of eating continues it can lead to deficiencies of a certain vitamin such as iron. Going back to the original topic of personal trainers, it is important for a personal trainer to be able to not only regurgitate the basic lessons of fitness which he/she had been tested on for his/her certification, but also to know nutrition in depth.

It’s no surprise that if you plan on going to a decent gym with a decent facility the personal trainers available are quite pricey. That does not go to say that the personal training is not worth it, but looking from a financial standpoint, it can be very risky. To become a personal trainer nowadays with new workout crazes and forms of fitness emerging does not take too much effort. In some instances one can apply online and receive a personal training certificate from limited testing. A personal trainer can be a young inexperienced man or woman in their twenties who have the absolute minimal knowledge on nutrition and fitness. If you paid $75 an hour and you found out your personal trainer was not getting you any closer to losing those hypothetical twenty pounds nor helping you design a healthy manageable diet wouldn’t it anger you? If only there was a way to know your trainer was qualified and knowledgeable in the ins and outs of nutrition and fitness. Well there are a couple solutions. One solution is to pay top dollar for a know-it -all bodybuilder like trainer with countless years of experience. Most likely your wallet will be getting the biggest workout in this scenario.  The second alternative is to join a martial arts gym. Not just any martial arts gym, but a martial arts school, where every student has their individual goals catered to. There are many places like this, but no better than Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.tirelli class

If somebody was to walk into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park their first reaction would be to look awe as they saw a state of the art facility which is also very clean. Next they would meet an instructor who dedicated his life to not only teaching martial arts but also to coaching people on their lives. When you pay the extra few bucks for a personal trainer, you are making an investment on the trainer, and you have to make sure that investment is trustworthy. Young personal trainers at Retro Fitness or NYSC are looking for a quick pay day and an easy way to teach what they think is proper fitness. A Tiger Schulmann’s instructor has not only done years of practice in martial arts, but has also done years of research on people. Dealing with different people with different goals is where a true life coach is formed. At Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, the instructor is the best investment one can make, mainly because he will be coaching you and not just training you.

Successful Martial Arts Gyms Cater to all People

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                The key to a successful martial arts gym is being able to decipher between two groups of people, the fighters and the common people.  Now the strong majority of people who inquire or sign up at a martial arts gym (nowadays usually boxing or mixed martial arts gym) are not looking to compete in any form, and instead are looking to get in great shape. One would think only a fighter would want to go to a martial arts gym, but the reality is quite opposite. Fighters looking to compete make up such a small percent of the martial arts population, especially in this day and age when cardio kickboxing is a popular new fad. When searching for a martial arts gym there are usually two extremes, the gyms with too little intensity and then there are the gyms with too much intensity.

                A gym with too little intensity would be something like a regular weight gym (Retro fitness, Planet Fitness, NYSC) where classes are offered to teach martial arts among other things. These classes may be a decent workout, but martial arts are a lifestyle not limited to a one hour workout. Though these people think they are learning kickboxing in reality they are being put through a mindless workout involving punching and kicking in order to burn calories. On the other hand, some martial arts schools welcome newcomers in order to provide so called “fresh meat” to their more experienced veterans. Neither of these gyms are necessarily wrong, but a truly successful martial arts gym should be meant to teach all experience levels and cater to all goals.

These two men are instructors of Tiger Schulmann's.  The man to the right is 52 years old and the other is 30.  Goes to show you how Kickboxing can benefit all ages.

These two men are Instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s, and show martial arts should cater to all people of all personalities and ages.

                At Tiger Schulmann’s Elmwood Park there is a range of students from beginner all the way to experienced fighters. The special thing about this school however is that the school is geared towards self defense for the average man or woman, and if one wishes to become a fighter or compete at a high level those resources can also be provided. Tiger Schulmann’s appeals to the strong majority, but when there are those couple of people once and a while looking to try fighting in a ring or cage there is no better school with a better group of amateur and professional fighters. In a sense, Tiger Schulmann’s beats all other gyms by playing both sides of the intensity spectrum talked about earlier, and also hitting every goal in between the two extremes of self defense and professional fighting.


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Progression is the Key to Success in the Martial Arts World

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Whether you are looking to work out your basic gym or you decide to venture into a dojo of some kind for your workout there is one key element which keeps people consistent. Everybody has different schedules and different goals when they decide to start a fitness regiment, and each school has a different method of instruction, if any at all. Most martial arts schools are known for instilling discipline and strict instruction, to attempt to gain maximum efforts from the students. The important element which makes all students in martial arts schools looking to continue striving for the next goal is PROGRESSION.


                It is very simple; if somebody is not progressing they will have no interest in continuing their workout routine. Whether their bench press is not getting stronger or their not understanding how to throw a proper jab, the key to ongoing training is progression. Of course there are many other factors when somebody decides to pursue a fitness dream such as lack of finances or certain health ailments, but once somebody has crossed the starting line to reaching his/her fitness goal, progression is the only thing keeping them going. In the martial arts world, this can get very tricky. Some schools of certain martial arts disciplines (*cough* tae-kwon do *cough*) are notorious for handing out promotions solely based on time training, and not progression. If somebody shows up to a kickboxing class every day but never progresses he/she does not deserve a promotion. Most of these instances are based on business, and when a new belt is achieved there is a convenient belt fee attached to it. If these people at these schools were never receiving belts, perhaps their lack of progression would ultimately be realized.



                This previously stated idea does not mean that everybody who trains at a martial arts school needs to be a championship caliber fighter, every person is different and unique goals are set for every student. A gym like Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park is a perfect example of a school that values progression. Promotion is dependent on two factors, attendance and progression. If somebody shows up to class under Sensei David Tirelli every week but clearly does not show the effort needed to improve and reach his/her goals, the promotion will never be achieved. Every belt has a set number of stripes awarded based on attendance, which helps keep the student conscious of how far promotion is and what he/she needs to do to achieve it. As the belt level rises, so do the expectations. Sensei Tirelli currently has a high red belt (third highest color), for nearly six months, due to the fact that this particular young man is not ready to be promoted to the next level. He has come a long way, but ultimately it would not be fair to him and to others if he was awarded a very high level belt prematurely. The most important moral of this story is that this particular young man understands why he needs to work harder and continue. He understands that at Tiger Schulmann’s no students are entitled to promotion, and instead their progression is the difference maker. 

promoting catherine

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Sensei David Tirelli Teaches Invaluable Life Lessons Through Martial Arts

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                Teaching martial arts requires more than just explaining how to kick and punch or how to shoot a double leg takedown. If you ask many of the top fighters coming out of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA they will tell you that martial arts is a way of life and not just the ability to fight. When one truly has mastered a discipline of martial arts, all the disciplines practiced in the ring or on the mat carry over to nearly all aspects of that person’s life. Take Sensei David Tirelli of Tiger Schulmann’s Elmwood Park, who is a fifth degree black belt and practicing numerous disciplines of martial arts for over thirty years. His teaching techniques are not limited to the traditional karate, but also include boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, and mixed martial arts. Sensei Tirelli competed himself in the earliest stages of MMA throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s, earning him his induction into the NJ MMA Hall of Fame and considered one of the original MMA pioneers. Sensei Tirelli does not simply teach his students how to survive in a self defense situation, he instills teachings of discipline and confidence to allow somebody to live up to their full potential in life.

                Under the tutelage of Sensei Tirelli, children have built up their confidence allowing them to be themselves, and adults have been able to discipline themselves to reach their fitness goals. The tool Sensei Tirelli uses to change his students’ lives is martial arts, specifically kickboxing and grappling. Teaching his students self defense on both the feet and in ground fighting is only a bonus of the true differences Sensei is capable of making in his student’s lives. Specifically myself, writing as a twenty-four year old college graduate, Sensei had deterred me from typical college life consisting of drinking, smoking, and becoming lazy. Sensei Tirelli made me fall in love with MMA so much that I would rather spend my days training to compete than drinking and spending money on living frivolously. Though I thought my only goal was to compete and become a fighter, which I have, there were many other aspects of my life which changed unknowingly. I was no longer late everywhere I went, I made sure if I was going to take on a project I would aim for excellence as I completed it, and overall I simply became a more genuine and honest person. Could these changes in my life have conveniently coincided with maturing as an adult? Maybe. Did I use lack of maturity as an excuse for the countless mistakes made becoming a man? No. Sensei Tirelli and the Tiger Schulmann’s family is credited with giving me a push in a certain direction, which is the direction I associate with accomplishment.

sensei david tirelli teaches martial arts

                Whether your goal is to lose weight or to instill more confidence in your child, Sensei Tirelli’s method of teaching cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Where else can one go to acquire life skills which correlate directly with accomplishment and success? If a child goes to school and realizes that he/she is a mathematician, does this skill matter in the long run when it is coupled with a lack of confidence and inability to function in a social environment?  The answer is an outstanding  no. 

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Healthy Eating in Clear Terms

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            Many people have a misconception on what is means to eat healthy or have a healthy lifestyle. Some would assume eating very little would be the way to go, while exercise enthusiasts might say a strictly protein diet would be eating healthy. The truth is though there are countless methods of dieting and countless food categories one can limit themselves to, the human body requires the same nutrients in everyone. Now obviously there are outstanding exceptions such as diabetics who need to monitor their insulin levels or people with strong allergies to certain foods. As for as the community of confused people simply looking to eat a little more healthy goes, it comes down to dos and don’ts.

                The first issue of eating healthy is to address is the idea that eating less is essentially healthier. An active person needs a certain amount of calories throughout the day whether they sit at an office all day or run marathons. When people deprive their bodies of normal food portions the hunger and weariness often builds up. Like a teetering building, the hunger overcomes the person and he/she over 

eats before the day ends. Usually this overeating occurs before bed, which is probably the worst time to over consume, since your body soon goes into a slower resting state causing food and calories to stick. A better alternative is to eat often throughout the day in smaller portions. These portions can be as small as a yogurt and banana, as long as they are spread out frequently about ever 2-3 hours. This will help your metabolism stay active while conquering your hunger demons.


                The second big eating healthy myth I would like to address is the idea that protein is the only necessary macromolecular your body needs to stay fit. Your body requires carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals amongst many other things in order to be considered “healthy.” (Water should also be considered.) Being an athlete and a training mixed martial artist, I like to break up my diet into percentages. My diet generally consists of 50% carbohydrates, 40 % protein, and 10% fat. The first two are no brainers, but when it comes to consuming healthy fat things get tricky. Most people don’t know the difference between saturated and unsaturated, and whether or not a fat is considered healthy. The way I look at it, just pick a few fats and stick to them. My top two favorites are olive oil and peanut butter, both which can be consumed with nearly anything. Mixing these food percentages and small portions throughout the day will lead to healthy eating, and your body will definitely feel a difference from the usual three traditional meals. (Limit sugar and caffeine!)



                On a side note, eating healthy is not the only necessary ingredient to looking and feeling healthy. Though I could go on for days on the myth that lifting weights will lead to a ripped healthy body, I will limit the discussion to mentioning that diet holds the highest value when pursuing an ideal body. Eating healthy alone will help lose weight, lifting weights alone will help build muscle, but not until you put both together will you start sculpting your ideal body. A great shortcut to this would be to consider kickboxing or MMA to your exercise regiment. Coming from a student and fighter at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park I can say first hand that when a workout is as fun and effective as a kickboxing class at Tiger Schulmann’s, the dieting is really the only homework that must be done. When life is simplified to simply dieting and showing up to train a healthy lifestyle is inevitable.



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Self Defense teaches boy to stand up to bully

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Teaching a child or young adult self defense has much more importance than simply toughening them up. At a young age most kids do not have the necessary tools to become confident or stand up to bullies, mainly because parents overlook the importance of these tools. When a parent enrolls his/her child into school for the first time they are usually confident that the morals and values which they have raised their child up to that point would be enough for a positive school experience. Most of these parents are right, as a matter of fact 9/10 of these children go to school with respect and kindness to their fellow students. However, it only takes that 1/10 outlier to negatively affect the lives of countless students who never meant any harm.  Self defense does not just teach a child how to defend himself/herself, it teaches a sense of pride and confidence, which in turn allows for a better overall learning environment.

                                                                        Self Defense taught by Tiger Schulmann instructor

                  The following excerpt is from a testimonial which came directly from an Anti-Bullying Specialist in Bergen County New Jersey who enrolled his son into Tiger Schulmann’s in Elmwood Park:

Approximately two weeks ago at Summer Recreation Camp a boy slapped, punched, and choked Brandon. Brandon responded to each (attack) with an effective move. He did so with confidence and backed the boy down. The boy is physically about 20 pounds heavier than Brandon and is a good athlete. Brandon defended himself with confidence and matched the level of aggression than the boy was demonstrating. This is exactly the lesson that you have taught him in your daily discussions as well as your Anti-Bullying seminars. The following day the boy moved on to verbally mock another child and Brandon stepped in and backed him down. The willingness to defend others and not being a bystander demonstrates Brandon’s leadership qualities and is the ultimate demonstration of confidence.

The testimonial ends with the words:

Thank you for your dedication, wisdom, and your passion to teach. Thank you for the lessons and self-confidence you have instilled in our son.

This powerful testimonial came from a man who has witnessed bullying in schools for years, and was shocked to learn it was even happening to his own child. Self defense is much more than physical defense as this testimonial demonstrates, it is a defense against all types of bullying. Bullies attack weak children lacking confidence, in order to compensate for their own lack of confidence. Attacks can come in the form of physical torment, verbal abuse, and now lately virtual (online) attacks. Children can learn different skills to better prepare themselves for these inevitable bullies, but none compare to skills learned in the highest level of competition which is martial arts. Tiger Schulmann’s in Elmwood Park taught Brandon the self defense he needed to protect himself and those around him, and if more parents realized the amount of bullying which goes on day to day they would not hesitate to entrust a location like Tiger Schulmann’s to teach their child self defense.