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FREE Child Abduction Prevention Seminar On May 2nd 2015

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Below is a horrific CHILD ABDUCTION video




I’m 34 years old and was only a year old baby when this happened, but I remember my mother always scaring me so badly I never walked away from her in public.  It’s just terrible what happened to poor Adam, but the only good thing that came from his murder was the organizations to help lost/abducted children and the award winning television show “America’s Most Wanted”.  Due to that show, thousands of terrible men and woman have been arrested and sent to prison where they can’t hurt anyone anymore?

According to CHILD ABDUCTION statistics, approximately 2,000 kids on a weekly basis are abducted here in the United States.  That’s insane!  2,000 children are taken away from their family on a weekly basis, and there are two times of the year that those numbers increase exponentially.   Those two times are during the holidays and spring.

During the holiday’s the best deals are going on in the shopping malls.  This is actually where and when Adam was abducted.  His mom wanted to see something that was on sale and Adam wanted to see the games.  So she let him play with the other kids while she was off checking out the sale items.   You see, back then things like that was not common so why would that happen, but unfortunately it did.  That’s what happens even today, people think “that won’t happen to me”, so when they are fighting for the best deal the parents aren’t paying attention to their children.  In the background are people that are shopping for the wrong thing, and when the parents aren’t paying attention their children are abducted and sadly most kids are not found.  If they are it’s just their body.


The other biggest times of the year that is huge for child abduction is the spring time.  The reason behind that is that especially in May, because even though April is nice there are more rainy days than sunny.  So in May it’s usually always nice and the kids go crazy from their prison (home during bad weather) and run all over the place not paying attention to their surroundings.  Kids run into a paring lot after their basketballs/footballs and become an easy target.  Maybe walking along side of the street and a man asks for help to find his daughter’s lost puppy, give the kids soda and candy to give away.  There are so many ways kids are lured into someone’s car to be kidnapped, it’s just so sad and disgusting.

On Saturday May 2nd at 12 pm here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we are hosting a FREE CHILD ABDUCTION SEMINAR.  In this seminar I will educate the children on the dangers of strangers and the many ways they trick children so they can kidnap them.  I know you’re probably thinking, “well, I teach my kids to NEVER talk to strangers”.  Kids will still talk to them, especially if they are tricked.  You can tell them till you’re blue in the face, but honestly they will still in most cases talk to or go with a stranger.  They are not truly educated and armed with confidence.

That’s where my self defense program and child safety seminar come into play.  My martial arts program truly builds confidence due to the simple fact is I teach kids how to defend themselves in any situation from any attacker, kid or an adult.  Besides empowering the kids through my program I educate them on strangers and so many situations they might get approached on the street by a stranger.  They will be armed with confidence and knowledge, and this way what you teach them at  home will be re-enforced!  Truly giving the kids a “FIGHTING CHANCE!”

For information on my CHILD ABDUCTION PREVENTION PROGRAM please call me Jared at 845-501-7096 or email me at to reserve your spot!


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A Simple Proven Method To Prevent Bullying

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Bully Prevention



Bully Prevention


There are countless BULLY PREVENTION programs out there and probably 99 percent of them are all counter productive.  You see, almost every single bully prevention program out there only empowers bullies and incubates it to the point where children that get bullied take their own lives, or as it’s called Bullycide“.

Let’s break down what a bully really is, one word COWARD.  Yes, that’s what I said, a bully is a coward.  To the uneducated person a bully is a powerful person, but in reality they are the weakest people with less confidence then the ones they pick on.  Bullies need to have social acceptance, when a bully searches for a victim they only pick on them in front of others.  Otherwise if they were alone nothing would happen.  The first level of bullying is the testing stage.  In front of a group of people the victim gets made fun of, and if he/she doesn’t respond back in a strong confident manner then the bullying will continue and then eventually escalate to a physical situation.

All schools and anti-bullying programs teach kids to IGNORE or WALK AWAY from a bully.   That is the worst thing a kid can do, or these programs encourage the victim to say “you’re hurting my feelings” “please” or any other words to indicate the fact that the bully is hurting them.  All of this only proves to the bully that the victim won’t fight back, either verbally or physically.  What a shame, how these schools and anti-bullying program is only hurting these kids and not helping.



Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has a 30 year success rate on ending bullying, bully prevention and of course the best anti-bullying program around!


It’s pretty simple.  We teach kids to stand up for themselves no matter what.  First being physically and if need be the physically!  This is the only way to end bullying.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my students to take a chair and crack a bully over the head if they make fun of them., that’s not what I teach.  I teach my kids to equal the aggression when they stand up for themselves.  If a bully uses words to hurt the person then the victim needs to use his/her words to fight back.  If the bully uses their hands or feet to hurt the victim then the bullied kid has all the right to hit back.  If a person does this just once with conviction then bullying will end, it’s that simple, but one question, how can we get the courage to stand up to the bully?  It’s simple, train in Mixed Martial Arts like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s.  My self defense program consists of a close range self defense (Jiu-Jitsu) and kickboxing with the discipline of Karate.

With MMA like we teach here at Tiger Schulmann’s, Students of all ages become empowered which is the greatest weapon against bullying.  Tiger Schulmann’s, the greatest Bully Prevention Program Around!


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Free Womansafe Seminar On Friday March 20th 2015

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I bet that woman never thought she would ever be attacked, especially in the safety of her own home.  One out of three woman are at one time in their attacked or sexually assaulted.  That’s insane!

When I speak to potential students about training their response is “oh I don’t need to know how to defend myself, I’m a nice person I won’t get in a fight”.  After seeing that video do you think it could possibly happen to you?  OF COURSE IT CAN!

self defense

Woman learn how to defend themselves and prevent any type of attack

Why do you have life, car or health insurance?  Just in case something happens right, well, knowing how to defend yourself is like life insurance, because one day you never know if someone will break down your door or just randomly attack you.  If that happens then you can use your self defense to protect yourself.

One of the Cherry Hill Tiger Schulmann’s students did that very thing.  At the point when she was attacked she was training with us for about a year.  It was late at night and she was walking to her car from the mall.   A man came out and asked if he could help her.  Her gut told her no, but she excepted the help.  She turned her back to him to grab her bags.  At that point he grabbed her and threw her in her car.  The man got on top of her to potentially rape her, luckily for her she trained on how to defend from the ground if someone is on top of you.  So she readability kicked him and because of the struggle and kicks to his face the man ran away, and never being able to rape her.  You never know hen something like that will happen, but thank God she was training in Tiger Schulmann’s and she was able to defend herself and literally save her own life.

On Friday March 20th starting at 7 pm here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we are having a two part womansafe seminar.  The first part that night will be with leigh Ann weil who is a certified womansafe instructor, no men are allowed in this seminar.  Then, the second part will be taught by Mike Trizano for kickboxing and then the last part I will teach all the woman how to defend a wrist grab, two hand choke from the front and if a man chokes them with their one arm from behind.  Don’t miss it!  If you would like more information on it please email me Jared at or call me at 845-501-4035.

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Kickboxing Your Way To The Best Beach Body

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kickboxing classes

Kickboxing can get your beach body ready for summer!


Kickboxing to Your Beach Body


The new year has come and gone, but are you sticking to your resolution?  Will that resolution get you the beach body you have always dreamed of?  I’ll tell you this, my kickboxing workouts help people reach a even better body then they have ever dreamed of.

There are countless fitness and diet programs out there, but why can’t people stick to them?  One huge factor is that it’s to difficult or boring.  Take the gym for instance, why do people quit?  It’s because they go to the gym due to lack of discipline to be in shape, so when they go to the GYM they have to motivate themselves and work on their weaknesses.  In almost all cases the people quit and are back to the pint of their favorite ice cream, or the local fast food restaurant.

unhealthy food

Pre-Packaged food by Jenny Craig doesn’t teach you how to eat right, as you can see from the unhealthy choices pre-packaged to you

Diet programs survive on people’s failures.  Does that make no sense to you?  It makes perfect sense to me, so let me explain.  Jenny Craig  is simple, buy their pre-made food and eat, simple enough right?  Well, what happens when you go out to eat, will you know how to make smart healthy choices?  NO, because they don’t teach you how to eat, thy just put a band aid over the real issue, lack of knowledge for healthy foods and choices.  All of a sudden the cost is to much, plus you can;t bring food with you to restaurant’s when you go out with friends, in the end you get fed up with it and quit.   So you’ll say “when I was on Jenny Craig I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I got off I gained the weight, let me go back on”.   Then you’re back to eating the expensive pre-packaged foods.

Now, I’m not trying to bash any program out there.  All fitness and weight loss programs work if you work it, you just got to find the one you can stick to for the rest of your life.  Yes that’s right, for the rest of your life!  Because, how long do you want to be in shape for?  One or two years?  No way right, forever!  With Tiger Schulmann’s that still train after 15 years and some 30!  It’s because the workout is empowering and enjoyable.  I mean, who doesn’t want the feeling of security when walking on the streets of NYC?  Or a workout so fun you don’t even realize the hour just flew by?  How about a nutritional program that is easy to stick to where you can eat a lot and lose weight?!  That’s what you get at Tiger Schulmann’s, a healthy and fun way of life, come check out my program and see what I am talking about!

After training in my school you’ll see a big difference in your body.  You will loose inches and the weight will just drip off, class after class.  Before you know it Summer is here and you’ll have the body you’ve only dreamed of!!!

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Why Kickboxing Is The Best Fitness Program

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Weight Loss

Men and woman of Tiger Schulmann’s get amazing weight loss results doing kickboxing



Why Kickboxing Is The Best Fitness Program


With the new year here, most adults are ready to get into the best shape of their lives.  Which is a great goal, but most of the people that aim for this goal never reach it.  Lack of self discipline plays a huge part in the demise of hitting your fitness goals.

There are many reasons why people can’t reach those fitness goals they are so wanting to reach.  Most people join the GYM and in only a month later stop going.  At the gym you won’t find motivation through your training, unless you get a personal trainer, but honestly that can be very expensive.  I have a student of mine that is a personal trainer and for 40 sessions which is 40 hours it cost the member at the gym 6,000 dollars.  6,ooo dollars for 40 hours?!?!?!?!  That is insane!  Most personal trainers are certified through a website or just take a weekend course.  To me that’s a slap in the face.  I have been training in Tiger Schulmann’s for almost 23 years, and I still train at least three days a week under the instruction of Master Tiger Schulmann himself.  If I don’t train then I lose my certification and cannot teach, now I love to train but at least you know when you come to a Tiger Schulmann’s school your instructor is doing the same thing he is teaching you.  And by the way, my program for so many more hours is no where near 6,000 dollars.


With Kickboxing, Jen lost a total of 130 pounds

What I love about my program is that you never have to come up with any routine.  Each of the instructors in Tiger Schulmann’s have a set curriculum written and created by our Founder Master Tiger Schumann.   At the gym you gotta create your own routine, but if you are undisciplined and have no idea on how to workout, then how can you create a workout plan and stick to it? As you see in the picture above, Jen lost 130 pounds training here at Tiger Schulmann’s.

Besides getting into amazing shape you’ll walk out of every Tiger Schulmann’s class with a feeling of empowerment.  We teach an authentic streetwise self defense.  As a matter a fact one of my female students defended herself agaisnt a man with a gun last month.  She is a paramedic and a man was on the influence of drugs.  He reached for his gun and she held him on the ground till the police came.  She held him in a position that I teach in my close range self defense class, you can read the story by clicking on Julie’s story.  Julie’s story

That’s what my program is all about, I always like to say “it’s a fitness program with a kick!”.  My main focus is teaching authentic self defense and the ancillary benefit is getting into amazing shape!


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How Kickboxing Keeps Your New Years Resolution

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New Years Resolution


If I ask you how many NEW YEARS RESOLUTION’S you have made for yourself, of those how many have you completed?  In most cases they answer would be none, right?  The reason for that is people have great intentions on eating right and training right, but they go down the wrong direction in fitness and nutrition.

In the gym people have to motivate themselves.  Besides that they have to come up with their own routines and diets, unless you get a personal trainer and honestly that can be very expensive.  The problem with this entire thing is you have to be disciplined with your diet and workout routine, but if the person was so disciplined most likely they would be just going to the gym for their workout and not to just be there for their new year resolution.  That means lack of motivation and knowledge on training leads them to quitting the gym shortly after enrolling.

That’s the beauty of my kickboxing classes, you never have to motivate yourself because the instructor does from the moment you get here till the end of class.  You never have to create your workout routine.  We go by a curriculum that is created by Tiger Schulmann himself.  Besides teaching you how to workout properly I teach all of my students on how to defend themselves in any situation.  While you are learning these techniques it will be impossible to think about your daily stresses.  It’s almost as if you’re on a mini vacation for that hour.  All stresses and worries are are releaved at that moment, and after a little bit of training your daily stresses aren’t as stressful.


New Years Resolution

130 Pound Weight Loss in Just One Year


Another great part of my program is that we go over nutrition.  At Tiger Schulmann’s all the instructors are well educated on nutrition.  That’s one of many benefits we receive by training at our headquarters with Master Tiger Schulmann himself.  With the combitnation of the students having fun in class, getting the workout in an hour, your mind is off the stresses, you’re learning self defense and your instructor motivating you is how the students keep to their NEW YEARS RESOLUTION.


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A New Years Resolution With A Kick

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New Year Resolution

Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s is the best way to keep your “New Years Resolution”


A New Years Resolution With A Kick


For most people when the new year comes around they have great intentions on getting in great shape, to be in the best shape of their lives.  They set that “NEW YEARS RESOLUTION“, but fail at keeping it.  Below this paragraph is how people live their lives.  Just like a roller coaster, you go up then down and with weight loss.  It’s because all diets and most work out routines are way to difficult sustain.  So if it’s way to difficult to stick to a diet or workout routine, then what will be the solution to being fit for the rest of our lives?

Weight loss

This is how people live their lives with weight loss, up and down.

In Tiger Schulmann’s through my kickboxing program the students get into amazing shape while learning authentic self defense.  “I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in nutritional programs”.  The difference of a diet and nutritional program is a change of daily habits, it’s a life style change.  In my program I teach my students how to make smart choices in their daily eating habits.  With diets there are crazy ways to lose weight.  For example, a lot of diets ask for fasting.  That’s the worst thing you can do for your body.  In order to lose weight you MUST eat!!!

In-proper diet

Without the proper fuel (food), your body will gain weight and you’ll have no energy.


Proper diet

With the proper fuel (food) eating throughout the day you’ll lose weight and have plenty of energy.


These two pictures represent your metabolism.  If you don’t eat you’ll burn out throughout the day and gain weight.  If you eat consistently you’ll have energy all day and lose a lot of weight.


The way we lose weight is when we have a healthy metabolism.  Your  metabolism is what gives you energy and helps you lose weight.  Think of it as a camp fire, if you add fuel to the fire it burns strong.  On the other hand, if you rarely add fuel to the fire it dies out as you see in the pictures above.  There are so many DIETS out there that call for fasting but that’s just terrible.  Would you drive a car with no gas?  Well, there’s your answer, you MUST EAT in order to lose weight.

Eating healthy is a huge part of weight loss, but there needs to be one other main ingredient involved for weight loss and success in fitness and that is a fun and exciting workout routine that somebody can stick to.  Most people join gyms with great intentions but quit shortly after enrolling.  This is the problem, people go to the gyms to get results but they don’t know how to workout, they get frustrated, bored and then eventually give up.  There is no motivation at the gym, unless you want to purchase a personal trainer which can be VERY EXPENSIVE .  To get a proper workout there you need at least 45 minutes to an hour of each cardio and weight training.  Plus, you need time to stretch.  That could take up to two hours, and you need to do this at least three times a week to get a full body workout.  If you live in the Tri-State area I know for sure most people don’t have so many extra hours in their lives to spare, so who wants to have to spend most of their day at the gym because it’s not just two hours.  It’s more like 4 hours, between getting ready and going to the gym, when you’re at the gym a half hour to an hour extra gets spent just talking and hanging out, then you do your workout, go home and shower.  You’re talking about 3 to 4 hours out of your day three times a week.  That’s crazy if you ask me!

Weight loss

Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Jen lost over 130 pounds in one year!


Weight loss

The man to the right is a member of Tiger Schulmann’s and is 52 years old!!!


What I love about my kickboxing program is that you’re in and out within one hour.  In each of my classes the instructor motivates you the entire time.  There is discipline on the mat which allows us to get our cardio, stength training and stretching all within one hour.  The kickboxing classes are authentic self defense.  While you’re getting an amazing workout you’re becoming empowered through my self defense program.  Like I said in this paragraph, the way the class is set up with the music going and my curriculum we get our workout in within one hour and the students go home, not wasting their entire day at the school.  The classes are also so much fun, the hour will just fly by!  I know from my own training, I have been in Tiger Schulmann’s for 23 years now!


Members of Tiger Schulmann’s Keep to Their New Years Resolution and Train For Years

If being in shape is your goal then come to the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s.  People stick to Tiger Schulmann’s for years for good reason.  They get in shape and become empowered through my self defense program!


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How to Prevent The Holiday Weight Gain

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Holiday Weight Gain

Most people fear the holidays for weight gain, but members at Tiger Schulmann’s never fear it


It’s that time of year again, the dreaded HOLIDAYS.  Where the wallets go thin and the belly gets fat.  For most people the average person gains anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds from November to January.  With all the holiday parties and yummy treats how can you resist?  I have a good tip to use, but I’ll get to that in a moment.


By training in the Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program Jen lost over 130 pounds!

Most of my students never have to worry about the “Holiday Weight Gain” problem basically because of the amazing workout they get in my kickboxing classes.  In each of my one hour kickboxing classes you’ll burn over 800 calories in just one hour!  Simply by learning authentic kickboxing.

By teaching my students how to properly throw these authentic kickboxing techniques they get an unequaled cardiovascular workout.  They’ll build the bodies engine, the heart and lungs.  By making the heart and lungs stronger my kickboxing students will have more energy throughout the day.  They won’t wake up tired and just want to crash on the couch as soon as they get home from work.  They’ll have the energy to do the things they want to do!

During my kickboxing classes the students hit my heavy bags which builds lean muscle.  What’s great about my heavy bags is that they are soft and very forgiving, so when you hit them you’ll get a great workout, they’ll results and at the same time not feel like a they’re hitting a brick wall like all the other kickboxing gyms.  I have seen them all and there bags are hard which will results in people holding back because they don’t want to get hurt.  Which will result in a bad workout.  Building lean muscle has many benefits for health and superficial reasons.  When you have lean muscles it makes you stronger and improves your appearance.  It increases your metabolism!   For example, if we are both sitting on the couch watching TV and you have more lean muscle then I do, then you will burn more calories then me just sitting there doing nothing.


These two men are instructors of Tiger Schulmann’s. The man to the right is 52 years old and the other is 30. Goes to show you how Kickboxing can benefit all ages.

Another great benefit of my kickboxing program is flexibility, which is the most neglected part of most physical fitness programs.  As we get older things start to bother us that didn’t before like lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, etc.  Flexibility will keep you youthful and athletic!  It also prevents injury, have you ever pulled a muscle doing something normal that shouldn’t have hurt you?  Well most people have and when you’re flexible that won’t happen!  In all of my kickboxing classes you’ll get a great flexibility workout!

All of my kickboxing students train all year round, so this holiday weight gain won’t even be an issue!  I said earlier that I have a tip with the holiday weight gain so here it is.  If you go to these holiday parties eat something healthy but small before you get to the party.  This way by the time you get to the party you won’t be starving and want to ravage the food.  You’ll eat a tiny amount of food because you already had a snack.  It’s a great way to still eat the yummy treats but not over do it!


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Karate Classes For Kids Builds Confidence

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Self Defense builds confidence not sports

Unfortunately kids that are not as talented as others take the bench, which destroys confidence.


Have you ever been to a little league game?  If so, then you must have noticed that there are certain kids that sit on the bench for the entire game. That’s just the nature of the beast.  If you’re good then you play, if you’re not then you get benched.  Now imagine if the same kid rides the bench each year that his parents make him play baseball or any other sport, it could decrease the kid’s confidence.

One of many reasons why I love Tiger Schulmann’s is that ALL kids participate.  Karate classes for kids is a great way to build a child’s confidence. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, my karate classes for kid swill truly build the confidence and skill levels.  In each and everyone one of my classes, the structure of the class will remain the same, but the formats to our karate curriculum changes.  The kids will increase their focus and become physically stronger. Every time they hit the bag in their karate stances they will become empowered and confidence will start to develop!

Through consistent training in karate the student’s technique will be sharp and powerful!  The uncoordinated becomes coordinated.  The shy kids will shine with an outgoing personality, the weak becomes powerful, lack of discipline the kids follow directions and the in-confident becomes confident.  All of this is possible in my karate classes because every time a student comes that student trains.  Not only does the students always train, but some of our karate students grew up, stuck with Tiger Schulmann’s and now competes in the UFC.  Which is the elite of all fighting competitions in the entire world!  Goes to show you what a little classroom participation can do! 

Watch this tragic victim of bullying’s video

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Have you ever heard the expression “sticks and stones may break my bones BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME.   That is the biggest lie, because if you watched this sad video then you will see that Kayla wasn’t physically bullied, but tormented by words.  I love it how parents don’t want their children to fight the bullies in school because their kids would get “in trouble”.  I bet Kayla’s parents would love to have to deal with their daughter getting suspended for one week rather than  having to deal with funeral arrangements.

What people don’t realize is that you cannot reason with aggression.  If someone verbally attacks  you then you must come back with the same aggression.  Bullies pick on those that only seem weak, so if your child stands up for themselves with conviction then the bullying stops.  When a person ignores or walks away as most parents tell their kids then the bullying only escalates.  The bullies start to become more aggressive and might impolitely calling you over, making fun of you in class for giving a wrong answer or impolitely asking you to give them something of yours.

If the same weak reaction occurs then the bullies know they can do what ever they like to you and bring this bullying to a physical level like smacks your child in the head, takes their papers from them, steals their lunch, twangs their ear on the bus, blocks their path when walking, knocks their books out of their hands or just attack them either kicking, punching, tackling to the ground where they can cause serious harm.

I am a father of a 4 year old boy, and I taught my son Lucas how to defend himself.  He is currently training at one of the Tiger Schulmann’s locations and I will back him up one million percent if he had to fight again.  Do I want him to fight and get hurt?  No, but I’d rather go to the principals office to pick him up rather then pick him up at the hospital or even worse.  If you’re thinking about downplaying bullying DON’T.  This is very serious, kids take their own or other’s lives due to bullying.  A perfect example is of I can remember my bullied experiences from 30 years ago.  I can remember all the times I was bullied, but a bump, bruise, black eye, scratch or cut goes away in a week.  Once that wound heals after that week the satisfaction of standing up stays with that child forever and confidence takes the place of the depression they would have had if they never stood up for themselves fro their bullies.

Well, how then can we build this confidence to protect us from bullies?  Train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  The program of Tiger Schulmann’s has been a proven method for bully prevention.  The program is the most realistic street wise self defense.  All of the students become empowered by learning how to defend themselves with our kickboxing program and our close range self defense program.  With this self defense your son or daughter will have the confidence to stand up to any bully.