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Tiger Schulmann's Old Bridge

Tiger Schulmann’s In Old Bridge, New Jersey

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Tiger Schulmann's in Old Bridge, New Jersey

Tiger Schulmann’s has had a presence in Old Bridge, NJ for two years. Led by Joshu Greg Fonda, our beginner kickboxing class for adults has become one of the most popular. However, we also offer kickboxing for kids, intermediate and advanced kickboxing for adults, and close range defense for all age groups.

In addition to the various martial arts disciplines we teach, our Old Bridge location also hosts children’s birthday parties and participates in local fairs. Additionally, we engage with the community by donating to local charities and events.

What sets Tiger Schulmann’s apart? Fonda explains: “We never stop evolving to become and stay the best in the martial arts world.” Furthermore, he describes his experience as part of our brand as “amazing” and says that the most rewarding part about working with the students is seeing them transform their lives.

At Tiger Schulmann’s in Old Bridge, New Jersey, we have a class to fit every personality and skill set. From beginner to advanced, and recreational to professional, we have a program designed to help you achieve all of your goals.

For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-­4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

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Prevent Disease and Physical Ailments With Kickboxing

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Preventative Care


Stop It Before It Happens

There’s many clichés & sayings people hear but also too often don’t necessarily heed. “Better safe than sorry” comes to mind. This saying shouldn’t be relegated to working with tools in the garage or moving furniture. What about your own body? The machine you need to operate every day in order to function properly, to live! Why do some people wait until they’re in dire condition before they take measures to improve their well being?

Prevent Disease

Kickboxing in Old Bridge



One thing impeding their path to improvement is a lack of information or guidance. Not everyone is a nutritionist, personal trainer or doctor, so all too often people have an “eh, it won’t happen to me” attitude. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and all sorts of other terrible ailments are happening far too often, yet it’s “that happens to other people, but I’ll be ok”. Even as they pack on the pounds or have trouble doing everyday tasks, it often takes having a doctor telling someone they’re in trouble, or about to be, before they take any steps to take care of their ailments. But who do they turn to? A DVD? YouTube? Books, magazines or web sites? A personal trainer at the gym on top of your membership there adds up and also won’t give you the same benefits training in kickboxing with Tiger Schulmann’s will. (self defense, martial arts,kickboxing, conditioning, etc.) So who can you turn to? Our kickboxing instructor!

We have a 90-Day Challenge at the beginning of every year which emphasizes nutritional information and healthy eating, so coupled with your training, it produces the results every wants – to feel good! Your confidence will increase from not just knowing you can defend yourself if you need to, not just from looking good physically, but from knowing that the mechanisms ‘under the hood’ (such as your organs) are in tip-top shape. Exercise and diet are married – they complement each other, and don’t function well without the other as well. Both aspects are a focus at TSMMA, so don’t wait until it’s too late to get yourself on the right track with your health. Be preemptive and proactive; prevent problems before they arise instead of trying to fix them.

Another cliché is “your body is your temple”. Construction workers wear yellow safety helmets hoping nothing ever falls on their heads. But if something does, it won’t be fatal. You wear a seatbelt and have airbags in your car hoping that you never get in an accident.  But if you do, you’ll be protected. So don’t wait until the doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol, hypertension, stress, or worse; make sure you take care of your body now, at TSMMA. Call our Old Bridge location today and we’ll start you on the path to a healthier you!

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Change Your Life With Kickboxing!

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Every year everyone has the same goals. To get in better shape, everyone as they get older needs to make their lives better some way or another. We know we need to lose a few pounds, stop eating fast food or making poor food choices or increase our energy levels to be able to run around with our kids. It seems that every year there are so many people that start but always fail. A river of excuses fill our heads whether it be no time, boring workout, just not motivated today….



Most people join a gym and gyms strive to make people fail. How about going to the gym to workout and then grab a slice of pizza on the way out! Really! How is that for motivation to keep coming back. Unless your really big into fitness and have studied and took the time to learn how to exercise the right way, going to the gym is a sure disaster waiting to happen. Lots of times people go to the gym end up hurting themselves by exercising the wrong way. 



Here, doing a kickboxing class is so much more than just showing up to exercise. Here we encourage and motivate people to improve their entire lives. We show you how to train the right way without getting hurt and get real results. Also empowering the students with the knowledge to defend themselves if ever needed to. Come in and see how students are making the right changes in their lives to become healthier people!


Give us a call for a FREE Kickboxing Class! 732-705-3351


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Why Tiger Schulmann’s Is Your Fitness Solution

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Kickboxing at TSMMA Old Bridge

Hitting the heavy bag at Tiger Schulmann’s.

There are many choices you can make if you want to lose weight and get in shape. There’s tons of gyms with personal trainers, there’s cardio kickboxing classes, and there’s even exercise equipment at home. So why is Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts better and more effective than any of these countless options in your own area? The answer becomes clear in a matter of minutes. Or rounds, in this case.

What makes the TSMMA program in a class all itself is the amount of benefits you receive all at once in one training session. In fact, it’s threefold: you learn a skill, how to defend yourself, and tone up, all at the same time. Through kickboxing first and later on close-range defense, you learn the martial arts. Whereas Tiger Schulmann’s used to be strictly Karate, the strikes you’ll learn with a partner on the heavy bag show you a modern and practical style of combat – punch by punch, kick by kick. Eventually learning the close-range aspect of grappling in a completely different type of work out, you will become a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist on your journey towards a healthier and fit ‘You’.

And that’s what everyone wants, right? To be fit, in better shape? So why train with TSMMA instead of those other ways? For one, you can take a cardio kickboxing class, but they’ll probably have you swing your arms without technique, without consideration to practical use, which could also lead to injuries. Why spend so much time throwing punches and kicks if you’re not being taught them properly, when you can spend that time honing your skills the right way, while getting shape also? The techniques you learn at TSMMA work – we wouldn’t have a Fight Team  full of successful professionals at our Headquarters if they didn’t work! You may not want to be a fighter, but you’ll train just like them. In the process, you’ll get in great shape. The specific toning that comes from hitting our bags & pads with our techniques can’t be replicated with dumb bells, elastic bands, or instructional videos. Our instructor and students will motivate you to do your best and stay consistent, which will make the pounds fly off, the muscles build up, and the mirror or scale become places that make you smile instead of dread.

Lastly, all at the same time you’ll get in shape and learn martial arts, you’ll also  learn how to defend yourself, which is important no matter your gender, age or size. You want to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation, but you can’t help anyone until you know how to help yourself first.  That all starts on our mat. Someone trying to steal from you – or worse – doesn’t care about your personal space; they will do what they want to do regardless of your feelings. If that happens, you will be ready. You will defend yourself using the techniques we will teach you. Forget a stolen wallet or purse; it could be the difference between life and death. The saying is, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, and when you know the TSMMA way, you and the people around you that matter to you will be safe.

In essence, this narrows down all those options, to one. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is the only way to learn martial arts, get in shape and learn self defense, all at the same time. And with a Free Trial Class, you can come in and get a taste of all this today! Call 732-705-3351 or visit to schedule your free class NOW!

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See How This Old Bridge Woman Got In The Best Shape Of Her Life With Kickboxing

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In May 2013 something hit me like a ton of bricks. Something everyone goes through in life. But nothing like the fairytales parents read their children at night; more like a nightmare that no one has really prepared you for.  I was turning 30!!!

 Growing up I had always been involved in sports. And I enjoyed playing them. What I didn’t enjoy was sneaking up the back stairs of the gym, into the dark movie room to run on a treadmill watching the same P!nk concert video three times a week. Don’t get me wrong, she was great motivation (who wouldn’t want her rock hard athletic physique) but the challenge was motivating myself. About once a week I would come up with an excuse as to why I could skip the gym that day, too cold outside, it’s raining, I should spend more time with my dog, catch up on Breaking Bad episodes, you name it! I needed something that could motivate me, captivate my attention and be something I enjoyed doing. 


If you don’t know this by now, let me the first to tell you. Something happens when you turn, oh about 25 years old. You can’t eat like you use to. No more fast food, no more late night pizza, and no more cupcakes…your metabolism just slows down to a screeching halt.

So not only was I finding it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, I was packing on pounds like never before AND I was single and turning 30! Oh no! This wasn’t happening!?

Later that week I reached out to a co-worker who had one of those white circular bumper stickers that said something about MMA or Kickboxing. I didn’t really know much about it, but I use to play soccer, I liked kicking things. But there were so many kickboxing schools out there, where do I begin/which one do I try?  She told me the bumper sticker was for Tiger Schumann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA). I thought ok, it’s somewhere to start. So I looked them up online and filled out the free trial form. Much to my surprise, I received a call the very same day. The man on the other end of the phone asked when I could come in for a free class, how about today he said?! I really didn’t want too, it was too soon and I had Breaking Bad episodes to watch. But I looked at the calendar, and the big 3-0 was coming up fast, so I agreed to attend class that night.

Now, almost 2 years later, I realized that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy! That first week (or two) I struggled to get out of bed every morning, I was so sore! But soon the soreness went away and I started to see the results I had hoped were possible. Now, I’ll be clear, it didn’t happen over night. It took a lot of hard work! I attended classes 3-4 nights a week and also attended a nutrition seminar that was given after class. I realized it wasn’t just kickboxing for 3-4 hours per week that was going to get me the results I desired, eating right was a big part of it too. The other big part of it for me was the motivation and family atmosphere that was present at the school. It made showing up each night much easier and more rewarding.  Not only was it motivating to see other students at all different age and fitness levels doing the same drills and learning the same techniques, but my Joshu motivated me to get to class and give it my all when I was there.

Attending TSMMA, and being a member, has really helped me tap into my inner athlete. I feel great, I look great and I’m not afraid to say I’m 30 (something). It has given me confidence and motivated me to live a healthy lifestyle. That is something running on a treadmill in a gym could never ever do. In addition to that, I have gained some life long friends! Having only lived on the East Coast for 5 years, it was hard meeting new people. One thing that I found at TSMMA was truly genuine people. And not just at my school. I have attended other TSMMA schools while traveling for work, and I have felt the same warm family welcome at each and every location. I also love attending live MMA bouts with TSMMA members competing. A sense of pride is felt when TSMMA shirts and cheers are are seen and heard in the crowd.

So if you are at a crossroads in your life, feeling like dragging yourself into the gym just isn’t cutting it, or just need some motivation and confidence. Take a chance. Try kickboxing. Go online, call or stop by your local TSMMA school…then get ready to change your life in one of the most positive ways possible.

To come in for a FREE Trial Class give us a call