Tiger Schulmann’s

Back To School Supply All Kids Need is Confidence

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

It’s back to school for all kids!  What is the most important school supply that kids need for the new school year?  That would be confidence!  A child who knows how to defend themselves carry themselves in a confident manner, and others will sense that! Your child will not be a target to this year’s bullies nor will they get into any altercations! No one is going to want to mess with a confident kid!  At Tiger Schulmann’s your child will be learning two valuable life skills – self discipline and self defense.  With these two skills, they will achieve anything they put their minds to and they will not let anyone or anything get in their way!  Also, they will build true confidence!  Who doesn’t want that for their kid?  And it all starts with bringing them to a free trial program at our Rego Park location!  

If you want your child to achieve this upcoming school year, call us up today!