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Beating Stress with Wayne NJ Kickboxing Classes

Last Updated on November 6, 2014.

Beating Stress in Passaic County with Kickboxing Classes @ Wayne MMA School

We live in one of the busiest, most congested, and most expensive areas in the world. Living in a busy suburb like ours can bring a large amount of stress. We get stressed by our jobs, commutes, families and bills among other things. On top of that many of us are “Type A” personalities which only magnifies our stress. Allowing stress to build can cause many physical and mental health issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, depression and anger issues. If we don’t take measures to relieve our stress it could lead to disaster.

Kickboxing will eliminate stress
Want to beat Stress, Try Kickboxing!


One of the first things any doctor worth their degree will tell you is exercise in general is a great way to relieve stress.

Exercise has many physical benefits when it comes to stress relief. It will lower your blood pressure and your resting heart rate, both of which will promote better cardiovascular health. Stress is also very damaging to your immune system. Exercise strengthens your immune system which of course helps you fend off  illness, disease and also helps fight free radicals which cause damage to your healthy cells. As far as mental health goes vigorous work outs release endorphins which are known as the feel good hormone. Of course not just any workout will do, you need a fast paced, high intensity workout like Tiger Schulmann”s Kickboxing classes. You can burn between 800 and 1,000 calories per class and get a full body workout which includes cardio, strength training and flexibility.

Another way to relieve stress is through meditation.

Kickboxing will clear your mind and help reduce stress
Want to beat Stress? Beat it good with a kickboxing class!


When most people think of meditation they picture someone sitting in lotus position and chanting while incense burns in the background. That is known as sedentary meditation. There is also what is known as dynamic meditation and that is what we do at Tiger Schulmann’s. Each one hour kickboxing class is taught by a world class instructor who will guide the students from start to finish, making sure the class moves at a fast pace and there is no down time. This allows students to focus on the techniques at hand and nothing else; by doing this they are able to clear their minds of any other thoughts. Work, family, responsibilities and stress all disappear for that 1 hour. It’s like taking a mini vacation, when you leave the kickboxing class you will feel mentally refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges with a new perspective. On the other hand try going on the treadmill or elliptical machine for 1 hour. What do you think will be going through your mind? All the things that stress you out. This is why people try anything they can to distract themselves while working out at the gym.

Sometimes throughout the course of the day we encounter stresses that just makes us want to punch something.

Kickboxing class will get you in shape
After a couple good punches everyone feels better.


Of course we live in a civilized society so you can’t just punch your boss, your ex, the guy who cut you off in traffic or the loud annoying person talking on their cell phone on the train or bus etc. etc. One of the greatest stress relievers and most fun parts of kickboxing class is getting out your aggression and anger in a constructive way by wailing on that heavy bag with everything you’ve got. It’s a great feeling to hit something as hard as you can and not worry about hurting yourself or anyone else. At the same time you get the added benefit of learning self defense.

Without fail no matter how stressed, angry, depressed or run down you feel, a kickboxing class at Tiger Schulmann’s will leave you feeling like a new person. If that sounds good to you call 973-694-3495 to try a free class.

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