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Bellator 74 Play-by-Play Results -Lyman Good Cruises to Victory Over Wallhead

Last Updated on September 29, 2012.

Bellator 74 Play-by-Play Results -Lyman Good Cruises to Victory

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Lyman-good-mmaBY: Bloodyelbow.com

                                                Lyman Good vs. Jim Wallhead: Wetlerweight Quarterfinal

Round 1

Fighters clinch right away and Good is throwing body shots while Wallhead looks to the throw knees. Good breaks away and lands a left hook on the break. Wallhead shoots for double leg, stands up into clinch. Good working the body and Wallhead breaks away again. Good throws punches at range and lands, Wallhead closes in to clinch again. Good works body again and then breaks away to strike at range. Wallhead continues to use clinch-and-run tactics. Wallhead jabbing very effectively and blocking a lot of Good’s strikes at range. They are clinched again against cage. Wallhead looks for an inside trip, but gets hit with some hard hooks. Wallhead bleeding from just above left eye. Good kneeing the legs now in the clinch and throwing upper cuts. Fighters finish round battling the clinch, looking for position. 10-9 Good

Round 2

Fighters start trading at range, Good is pumping a jab and Wallhead clinches. Wallhead working for judo takedowns, but Good is defending very well. Fighters at range again and Wallhead seems to be finding his distance. Good lands a series of strikes that run Wallhead all the way back to the cage, Wallhead circles off and they are back in the center of the cage. Wallhead lands a knee to the head in the clinch, Good responds with a hard leg kick on the break. Good pumping the jab as Wallhead tries to close distance. Good traps Wallhead against cage and unloads a few quick strikes. Wallhead escapes to center of the cage and is getting jabbed hard. Good throws a step in knee to the body and then a leg kick. Good continues to out land Wallhead at range and is firmly in command of round. Wallhead shoots for takedown, but Good slips away. Round ends as fighters clinch. 10-9 Good

Round 3

Fighters touch gloves and start exchanging. They clinch and then break apart. A leg kick by Good travels too far up and Wallhead gets hit the groin. The ref grants Wallhead a break to recover. Fight restarts after about a minute and Good is very aggressive, throwing punches and kicks. Wallhead has been flummoxed by Good’s reach and clinch ability and has mounted almost no offense this fight. Fighers have clinched and Good is clearly in control of things. Wallhead throws a double jab followed by right cross, his first combination that appears to have been effective. Good moving forward with a heavy right hook. Wallhead is holding on and won’t be finished but he is in deep trouble right now. Good still working hard to finish fight, fighters throw hard and another low blow stops time with mere seconds left. Ref takes a point from Good. Round ends three seconds after it restarts. 9-9 (10-9 Good, but point deducted for low blow)

Result: Lyman Good wins via Unanimous Decision (29-27)