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Bellator 78 Play-by-Play Results – Good Finishes Tsarev in Round 2

Last Updated on October 27, 2012.

Bellator 78 Play-by-Play Results

BY: mmamania.com

170 lbs.: Michail Tsarev vs. Lyman Good

Round one: Good immediately closes the distance, grabs a body lock and slams Tsarev to the ground. He’s in top position in half guard and he quickly passes to side control. Tsarev tries to throw a few knees from his back but Good is all over him here. Good is thinking about passing to mount and he instead drops some heavy knees to the body. Good has Tsarev pressed against the fence and he drops some punches as Tsarev hooks a leg to semi-regain half guard. Now Tsarev has full guard but Good is still on top. Tsarev is trying to lock Good down defensively but Good starts throwing heavy punches and they’re getting through. He’s really throwing some heavy strikes from guard and Tsarev tries to kick him off but Good is now crouching over him and dropping big punches. Good passes to half guard and drops some punches to the body. Good again passes to side control with a minute left and now he passes to mount. Tsarev rolls into him and nearly sweeps him but Good escapes and dives back into his guard with a huge right hand. Good drops another right hand at the end of the round. 10-9 Good

Round two: Tsarev opens and he’s throwing some kicks. He scores with a couple leg kicks and he keeps up with them. They don’t look to be hurting him badly but Good rushes in for a clinch attempt and Tsarev escapes. Combination from Tsarev backs Good up and Good responds with a heavy leg kick. Good rushes in again but Tsarev fends him off and lands a nice right hand. Good steps forward and scores with a straight left but Tsarev lands a knee and again creates distance. Another kick from Tsarev and Good steps forward looking to throw punches. Body kick from Good and he rushes in, locking up Tsarev in the clinch and then dumping him on the ground. Good passes to side control and he’s dropping repeated right hands onto Tsarev. Good backs off and the ref allows Tsarev to stand up. Punch from Good connects near Tsarev’s eye.  Good swarms him with a big flurry of punches and Tsarev wilts along the fence and the ref jumps in.

Final Result: Lyman Good defeats Michail Tsarev via TKO at 3:54 of round two

Lyman advances to the finals where he will face Andrey Koreshkov. Stay tuned for Date and location.