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Beyond The Mat – Instructor James Simpson

An Interview with Shihan James Simpson

How has martial arts become an integral part of your overall health?

I’m 56 years old and still in great shape, physically and mentally! I rarely get sick and I attribute that to working out at Tiger Schulmann’s, combined with proper nutrition.

Have you competed in martial arts competition? If so, how do you think you benefited from your experience(s)?

I was in sports and competed for many years but haven’t competed recently. Competing always made me strive to push myself to be better.

What are you thoughts about the importance of competition for your students?

Competition is more than winning a medal. It’s about overcoming fears and fighting through them. If you can do that here, you can do it in daily life.

How do you motivate and set goals for your students?

The class is always filled with excitement which tends to generate positive motivation on it’s own. I also tell my students that you can do or be whatever you want, but it starts by setting goals, working to achieve them and not giving up.

Share an example of how you helped coach or mentor someone. What improvements did you see in the person’s knowledge or skills?

I had a young boy who was shy, often bullied and not wanting to go to school as a result. Then he started training with me at Tiger Schulmann’s. Right off the bat, he was extremely hardworking. He learned quickly and eventually became strong, fit and outgoing! After some time, he became the kid at school that everyone wanted to be friends with. 

Why did you become an instructor and what does it mean to you?

I always loved martial arts and loved to train so when asked to be an instructor, I was so excited. It still means the world to me and has changed my life in many ways. I very proud and honored to be one of the instructors in such an amazing organization.

How do you make learning fun for your students?

Just by having a great attitude and loving what I do shows in class.

How important is family support to the success of a student?

A family that trains together stays together, family is everything!

If I were to talk to your students, what might they say about you?

Shihan Simpson is dedicated.

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