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Bully Shield program gives kids the tools to stop bullying

Last Updated on September 15, 2014.

Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” program teaches kids how to stop bullying. We give them the tools of self discipline, self confidence and self defense they need to stand up to the bullies and say “NO!” Our free seminar is Saturday October 18th at 1pm. Call now and reserve your spot. 914-218-4314

Anti-Bullying seminar in mount kisco ny teaches kids to stand up to bullies
Bullying has become a horrible epidemic in this country. Bully Shield gives kids the tools they need to stand up and say “Stop!”


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There is a bully on every block, bus and in every classroom. Bullying has become a national epidemic and it needs to stop now! The problem has only gotten worse over the years and I think I know why. It’s being fought the wrong way. Schools take a policy of zero tolerance in an effort to keep their hands clean and avoid any liability. They say that if a kid is being bullied and defends himself against the bully, he is at as much fault as the bully is and will be punished the same equally. That is absolutely ridiculous to me. I tell all the kids in my karate class that it is not only their right to defend themselves but their responsibility to do so.

Standing up to a bully is not easy. Not if you do not first give a kid the tools needed to do so. Those tools include Self confidence and Self defense. These are two of the principals that Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching kids for over 30 years. To ask someone to stand up against bullying without these tools is like sending someone shopping with out any money. I think you would see the results would be the same. Training in the martial arts at my school gives these kids those tools in a safe environment where the kids feel safe and have fun. Our “Bully Shield” program demonstrates exactly how to deal with a bully.

“The best self defense is the one you never have to use. Just to be safe though, you better have it just in case. The knowledge that you can defend yourself gives you confidence. That confidence will be seen and felt by potential bullies. It’s like Bully repellent.”

The first tool needed to stop a bully is self defense. To tell someone to stand up and put themselves in a situation where a fight may occur without first teaching them self defense is dangerous. You wouldn’t throw your kid in the water if they didn’t know how to swim would you? No I don’t think so. You wouldn’t let a teenager drive a car without first teaching them how to would you? Definitely not no. So why send a child into an environment where you know for a fact that bullying occurs without teaching them how to defend themselves. Some parents worry that if you teach a kid how to fight then of course they will get into fights. That is not the case at all. Kids who know how to fight very rarely get into fights. They feel no need to be aggressive towards others. Any aggression they have they get out in a positive way at their karate school. If someone challenges them they feel fighting them is a waste of time and not really a challenge so they will try and avoid it. If they are pushed though, their training can insure that they will be able to control themselves and not have to seriously hurt their bully but rather just keep the bully from hurting them.

Stop a bully with self defense like karate or grappling
Kids that know how to fight are less likely to get into fights. That is a fact.

The second tool is self confidence. A person needs to feel confident that the self defense knowledge they have is real and effective enough to protect them in order to stand up to a bully. Sometimes parents will tell their kids to just be confident or to just act confident. That is not realistic at all. Real confidence comes from a persons own personal achievements. Kids in my class have had achievements. They have trained with the other kids in class in both Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Many of them have competed in tournaments against trained kids. I’d say that 95% of bullies have zero martial arts training at all. That means that my kids feel great in their chances against the bully. They train everyday with top level kids and realize that a bully is no match for them. This makes it easy for them to shut a bully down real fast without ever having to throw a punch.

Karate kids can stop bullies. Bully shield shows them how.
Self confidence must come from truth. Kids who train and compete know their knowledge of self defense is real.

As a parent it is your job, your responsibility to protect your kids. You must provide them the tools they need to make life as easy as possible. The tools needed to stop a bully are Self defense and self confidence. The best place to get them is in my martial arts class. The best way to get started would be to come to my free “Bully Shield Seminar”.