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Burgos At Borgata Perfect Show

Last Updated on February 9, 2014.

Burgos Takes Next Step To Stardom

Shane Burgos has big dreams. He wants to take his Martial Arts talents to an organization that has FC in it’s acronym. If he’s gotta climb through a few others with similar initials that’s OK. The young Highland Mills, New York fighter won his first two fights in XFC. His next step to his goal of the UFC took place on Saturday night at CFFC.

Burgos picture of calm before entering cage.

Cage Fury Fighting Championships has been a launching to more than one UFC career, most famously that of Kimbo Slice and more recently its’ Welterweight Champion George Sullivan who just won his UFC debut two weeks ago. Now it’s Burgos who hopes to make a name for himself in CFFC.

‘Hurricane’ Shane put together an undefeated amateur record with three title belts in seven fights. His profesisonal career started with two more victories, combined the two fights going less than five minutes.

Saturday night at The Borgata in Atlantic City it was Myron Baker standing in Burgos’ way. Baker has fought four times in CFFC already, but lost his last two. With fourteen fights between pro and amateur, his experience alone would provide a great test for Burgos.

‘Hurricane’ Rises to Challenge

The 28 year old Baker immediately proved to be the toughest professional opponent Burgos has faced. A lunging strike attempt early in the first round was ducked by Baker who ended up on Burgos’ back for a few seconds before he was able to control Baker’s arm and once again get to standing.

Still, Burgos absorbed the toughest shots of his young professional career in the scrum and Baker proved to be an able opponent on the feet.

Burgos faced a stern challenge from Baker on the feet.
Burgos faced a stern challenge from Baker Saturday night at CFFC.

While never rocked, it was the first time Burgos was even remotely matched in his standup talents, at least in the first round. The young TSMMA Vail’s Gate assistant instructor was up to the challenge though, deftly turning to a double leg twice in the first round to put things where he had a definitive advantage.

After the first takedown, Burgos was able to smoothly pass guard and half guard before securing a tight sidemount. Baker was calm though and avoided giving any openings. He scrambled back to his feet where the two once again traded strikes before Burgos landed his second double leg. This time Baker threw a triangle attempt which Burgos smoothly defended and used to pass to side mount, landing a huge hammerfist. Baker scrambled back to guard but ate a few more strong shots from Burgos as Round 1 came to an end.

Burgos made Baker pay when the fight hit the mat, landing strong shots from open guard.
Burgos (standing) made Baker pay when the fight hit the mat, landing strong shots from open guard.

 With the first five minutes gone Burgos reached a milestone in his professional career. It was the first time he had to sit down in the corner between rounds, and it more than doubled his previous total fight time.

He wouldn’t add much more to his total though. As round 2 began Burgos landed a beautiful combination. His cross and hook both landed with the second strike clearly stunning Baker who staggered back from the blows.

Burgos again smoothly transitioned to his double leg and then passed Baker’s guard. In the first round Baker was able to scramble to his stomach and then regain a standing position. This time Burgos was ready and quickly spun to back control before sinking in his hooks and finishing his second professional fight via rear naked choke.

Referee Keith Peterson steps in quickly after Baker taps to the rear naked choke.
Referee Keith Peterson steps in quickly after Baker taps to the rear naked choke.

Burgos moves his MMA record to 3-0 as a professional. His total time in the cage has barely reached ten minutes of the possible 45 he could have fought in his three fights. Yet again Burgos showed his immense potential, finishing his third straight professional fight.

He may take tomorrow morning off from his normal Sunday class in Vail’s Gate, but expect the young Team TSMMA fighter to be right back at headquarters on Monday. While the win at CFFC was great, Burgos has dreams of another Fighting Championship, one everyone recognizes as the Ultimate!

Burgos celebrates with Shihan Tiger Schulmann, Shihan Ron Schulmann, Sensei Querido, Sensei Holland, Sensei Montes and Ray Velez.
Burgos celebrates with, from left to right Sensei Holland, Shihan Schulmann, Sensei Querido (top) Sensei Montes (bottom), Shihan, and Ray Velez.

If his fights keep going the way they did Saturday night he very well may bring a ‘Hurricane’ to the UFC.

Congratulations to Burgos on another dynamic performance in the cage. Team TSMMA sends Louis Gaudinot over the pond to London for UFC Fight Night 38 and a matchup with Phil Harris in March. It’s a fight we’ll be watching closely and one that will provide further motivation to Burgos who hopes to one day join his teammate at MMA’s highest level.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell