Tiger Schulmann’s

Tiger Schulmann’s In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A boy with his fists up in Tiger Schulmann's in Bethlehem

For the past 25 years, Tiger Schulmann’s has been offering kickboxing, close­-range self defense, sparring and grappling classes to the community in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With students ranging in age from 4­-60, programs are available for those at the beginner level all the way to black belts. Robert Villafane Jr., who has been practicing martial arts for 30 years, leads Tiger Schulmann’s in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Just […]

Bethlehem Karate Expert Changes With Times

Children standing on karate class at Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts gym

To Everything There Is A Season! Whether you are listening The Byrds hit 1965 song or reading from Ecclesiastes there has never been a truer statement. Simply look what your kids are playing with these days compared to when you were a child. The world of martial arts is no different as the Karate we […]