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Dead Serious MMA 12 Results

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TSMMA MMA Champions

TSMMA MMA Champions

10/4/14 – Rahway Rec Center

Rahway, NJ

Julianno Varricchio (TSMMA) vs Nile Dillon – 162lbs Title Fight

Varricchio wins via opponent forfeit, Julianno awarded title

Michael Trizano (TSMMA) vs Ron Templeton – 155lbs Title Fight

Trizano wins via submission Round 2, adds another belt to already impressive resume

TSMMA MMA Champion

TSMMA MMA Champion Julianno Varricchio

TSMMA MMA Champion

TSMMA MMA Champion Mike Trizano

TSMMA MMA Champions

TSMMA MMA Champions

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Ring of Combat 49 MMA Results

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9/19/14 – Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City


Ring of Combat 49 MMA Results

Julio Arce (TSMMA) vs Jake Grigson – 135lbs Title Fight

Arce wins via Submission in Round 1

Jenna Serio (TSMMA) vs Jill Valenzuela – 115lbs Pro Debut

Serio wins via TKO Round 2

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Garzillo Packs House For 1st Pro Kickboxing Event In Pennsylvania

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Sensei James Garzillo has been supporting his students at Tiger Schulmann’s Abington for eleven years. Saturday night it was their turn to support him. More than 300 students and family members drove to Berks County Pennsylvania for Garzillo’s professional Kickboxing debut. 

The Head Instructor and Owner of TSMMA Abington made the trip worthwhile for all of them!

He wasn’t alone in representing TSMMA as Feasterville Instructor Craig Alexander and Sempai Javier Guzman, also from Feasterville, fought on the amateur part of the card.

Alexander started things off with a dominating performance. He was robbed of a victory in a controversial split decision two weeks ago and wasted no time turning right back around to get back in the win column.

Saturday night it was a clinic on hitting every level as Alexander showed punishing body shots and just like two weeks ago destroyed his opponents leg with outside low kicks. Heavy punches throughout kept his opponent off balance and left little doubt about the outcome (although we thought that two weeks ago as well). 

Congratulations to Alexander who gets back in the win column!

Sempai Guzman was also back in the ring for the second time in two weeks. He was coming off a dominating unanimous decision and if anything was more domintating. He forced a standing eight count twice in the fight and also scored a knockdown. His weapons of choice were a vicious cross and devastating knees to the body. 

All credit to his opponent for making it through the final bell, because he had every opportunity to pack it in early. Guzman scores a 30-25 victory on all three judges cards. 

That left Sensei Garzillo to finish things up for the TSMMA crowd. Hamburg Fieldhouse sounded like Yankee Stadium as everyone made it clear who they came to support. 

Early in the fight Garzillo showed the calm demeanor he is so known for, choosing to use simple movement to avoid the brawling style of his opponent Chris Lindsey. The movement was working for him as he set up some clean shots and was especially effective out of the clinch. He landed some hard knees early and would go back to that weapon throughout the three round fight.

Late in the round he unloaded a powerful left hook and it appeared he slipped after connecting with the punch. From my view I didn’t see a counter punch hit him, but respected referee Keith Peterson ruled a knockdown, even if it was of the flash variety. 

Garzillo was right back on his feet and blasting away as soon as the fight was restarted. 

Round 2 once again saw a game Lindsey coming forward with combinations, while Garzillo chose a more selective approach, loading up on crosses and hooks, looking to rock his young opponent. Lindsey would again fall into the clinch and Garzillo was continuing to land knees with effectiveness.

The crowd could feel the tension as Round 3 began. With the first round knockdown awarded to Lindsey and Round 2 appearing to go Garzillo’s way it looked like the last round might decide the fight. Garzillo did everything in his power to see it went his way. 

The first defining shot of the fight was a spinning back fist that clearly left Lidsey stunned. Garzillo would land the strike once again later in the round, but not until after a huge knee kick out of the clinch that opened a deep cut straight through Lindsey’s eyebrow.

All credit to the Grant’s Kickboxing competitor who kept the fight going even after taking the knee to the face. 

The crowd never saw their seats during the third round as the two put on one of the most exciting fights you could ever watch. 

Unfortunately the scorecards did not go in Garzillo’s favor, but their was little doubt he made his students proud as hundreds of people wearing his t-shirt stood waiting to congratulate the proud warrior. I for one was proud to have witnessed such an amazing display of skill, but more importantly heart. Sensei Garzillo displayed the same ‘non-quitting spirit’ he has been teaching his students for more than a decade.

Congratulations to all three TSMMA Fight Team members who all put on an amazing show for the fans who came out to support them.

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Xtreme Kickboxing Championships Results

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Alexander kickboxing

Alexander Kickboxing

Xtreme Kickboxing Championships 1 launches Philadelphia Stand Up promotion. Ryan Kerwin has been promoting MMA shows for a half a decade and has played host to notable TSMMA fighters Julio Arce and Shane Burgos among others.

On Friday night it was two local 2nd Degree Black Belts entering the ring for their home crowd. Joshu Craig Alexander and Sempai Javier Guzman of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Feasterville were both looking to improve on their already impressive records.

Guzman compiled a 2-1 Kickboxing record at the tender age of 17 before taking a hiatus to serve his country in the Army Reserves. The Engineering Specialist spent a year in Kuwait before returning to the states and his place at Tiger Schulmann’s.

Entering the ring for the first time in over two years, he was looking to take down Fight Firm’s Steve Perna. Perna took the fight admirably with only two days notice after Guzman’s original opponent pulled out on Wednesday.

It would be tough going for Perna in the 150 pound bout. Guzman came out blazing with lightning fast combinations and slick head movement. He kept Perna on the end of kicks and punches, never letting his opponent get into a rhythm.

Guzman’s ability to switch up kicks and punches consistently kept his opponent from ever getting into his own offense. All credit to the Fight Firm representative who came ready to wage battle, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to slow down Guzman’s heavy attack.

At the end of three hard fought rounds, Guzman was awarded a 30-27 victory on all three scorecards.

Guzman Kickboxing

Guzman Kickboxing

Alexander was also coming off a prolonged layoff. A neck injury shortly after last April’s XCC MMA title defense left him on the shelf recovering. With his injury in the rear view he looked to get back to his winning ways after a five year undefeated stint.

The layoff sure didn’t seem to slow him down in Round 1 when Alexander came out guns blazing. His steady diet of hard punches found a home throughout the night.

Anthony Losarelli came ready for battle as well, but Alexander kept him backing up for most of the three two minute rounds. After establishing his boxing dominance in the first he began working in an effective low kick that by the third round had Losarelli’s leg buckling with every shot.

In both the second and third rounds hard power punches to the head stunned Losarelli and Alexander kept the pressure on straight through the final bell. It was possibly his finest performance of his 28 amateur Kickboxing and MMA fights.

Unfortunately for Alexander there were two people in the crowd of one thousand who found some way to score the fight in Losarelli’s favor. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if they hadn’t been two of three judges.

After the first score was announced 30-27 in favor of Alexander it appeared clear he would win by the same score as Guzman. Unfortuantely as soon as the announcer declared the second judge had it 29-28 Losarelli it appeared the fix was in. Sure enough the third score was announced in favor of the Blue Corner and everyone in the crowd (admittedly more than half of which came specifically to support Alexander) gasped audibly.

The judge who scored the fight 30-27 was visibly upset and so was the promoter of the show. And with the notable exception of Losarelli and his corner, most of the other participants and coaches in the event made it a point to let Alexander know he was clearly victorious.

Unfortunately it will go down as a loss on the record, but in the hearts of the hundred and fifty students who showed up to support him he was clearly a winner!

Congratulations to both fighters on an amazing display of talent and “non-quitting spirit”!

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships 39 MMA Results

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Andy Segoiva TSMMA

Andy Segoiva wins via Unanimous Decision at CFFC MMA 39

August 16, Sands Casino

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Andy Segovia (TSMMA) vs Devon Jacobus – 168lbs

Segovia wins via unanimous Decision

Congrats to Andy on taking home the win at CFFC 39 MMA Event. Andy controlled the action for much of the 3 rounds earning an unanimous decision. Segovia improves in every kickboxing and mma bout he competes in and we look forward to his return to the cage in the near future.

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4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament 8/1

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8/01/14 – Gleasons Gym, Ridgewood NY

Congratulations to both Eric Rodriguez and Isiah Persaud on competing in the 4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament on Friday, 8/1/14. Both TSMMA Jr Competition team members boxed in the finals of their respective divisions. Isiah won the the championship with a 1st Round TKO. Eric boxed for 3 rounds of back and forth action but had the ref mistakenly stop the fight early even though victory was well within his grasps. Keep an eye out for these future stars as they continue to compete and represent TSMMA on the mat and in the ring.