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Losing Baby Weight in the 90-Day Challenge: Yes, It’s Possible

Denis Tura during kickboxing workout at Tiger Schulmann's Manhasset

Denise Tura, a first-place most improved female on the 90-Day Challenge, shares how enrolling in martial arts helped her lose baby weight while gaining a healthier lifestyle and an extended family   Ask every mother you know, and they’ll confirm: losing baby weight is a challenge. Every woman deserves to be treated like an absolute […]

Karate Training Gets Modern Makeover

Two boys karate sparring at Tiger Schulmann's gym

Imagine for a second you calculated math problems on an abacus. Sought out an atlas for directions. If you wanted to call your neighbor you walked outside and shouted as loud as you could! Those were the realities in the 1500’s when Karate’s originated in Okinawa. Nowaday’s you can perform the first three activities right […]