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Tiger Schulmann’s in Princeton, NJ

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Whether you’re just starting out or are an advanced level student, we have a program for you at Tiger Schulmann’s in Princeton, NJ. All of our programs stress the importance of achieving your goals — both inside and outside of our martial arts center.


The beginner classes at the Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton location are designed to teach the fundamentals of kickboxing and close range defense. For those who have more experience, we offer controlled sparring, which is the practical application of the offensive and defensive techniques learned in kickboxing. Our close range defense classes teach the basics, such as how to release from grabs and holds, escape strategies, and different ways to control an attacker. Our higher level grappling programs offer more competitive sport jiu jitsu lessons. As a school, we also compete in North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Tournaments.

Tiger Schulmann’s in Princeton, NJ has many events planned throughout the year. We participate in local fairs and festivals, host nutritional seminars, and organize Bully Shield events. We even bring our Bully Shield workshop and simple self-defense classes to local schools. Keep an eye out for our food and clothing drives at local schools as well.

Other events we offer our students include:

  • Demoing for local baseball team Trenton Thunder
  • Beach training days
  • Holiday parties to build camaraderie between students


At Tiger Schulmann’s in Princeton, NJ, we’re inspired every day by watching our students relate and form a family. “There is a unique bond that bands all the students into achieving each of their individual goals,” says Sensei Anthony Billings.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Martial arts isn’t just a hobby for the students and instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s — it’s a passion. Every owner, instructor, and fighter is wholeheartedly dedicated to not only the betterment of themselves but the betterment of their students and peers. Tiger Schulmann’s is dedicated to its goals and unwavering in its quality.

For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

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Kickboxing is a great activity for the entire family

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These families have added Princeton kickboxing to their daily routines and are happier because of it.

When most people talk about doing a family activity, it’s usually referring to a trip to the park or a dinner. Some families will do bicycle rides together, or take an art class. There are many families out there doing a little more, to not only share with each other but to better themselves at the same time. Kickboxing is one of the greatest things a family can share, and we have quite a few groups who wouldn’t change their family activity for anything. Although our children and adult programs vary in the structure, all ages learn very authentic and similar kickboxing techniques. When it comes to kids, we want to build their self-discipline and their self-confidence so they achieve more at the things they do. Having strong focus not only improves schooling but will make things at home more disciplined, which will always make parents happier. When it comes to adults, the characteristic of discipline can still be molded but it’s not the main goal for them. Most adults come to us to get into better shape, create a healthier life style, and to relieve stress. All of these things make an individual a better and happier person, which in the end makes them able to give more to their family. When we asked some of our families what they enjoy about training together, the responses inspired us to share their stories with others.

The McCord’s are one of our families who adore training together.  It started out as only their children Gerard (6) and Rory (9) training. The kids needed an activity that they enjoyed and that added a little discipline in their lives. A year went by before parents Brian and Amy realized that Tiger Schulmann’s wasn’t only a Martial Arts school, but it’s a positive community for their family. At first the parents felt “too old” to try kickboxing, and there was no time in their day. But after 1 class, they were both hooked and we see at least one member of the family every night of the week.

McCord family after night of kickboxing

“We teach them integrity by showing them to do as we do. Even though we’re adults, we understand how hard that last round is and that it’s easy to want to give up. But then we hear Sensei’s words of encouragement and we fight through. We all do, and we finish strong together. It’s a rare sport that we can all do and really enjoy.”
– Brian says about his favorite part of training with his family

Being Ger and Rory are higher ranks and have some more experience, they really enjoy showing off their knowledge. They teach their parents the proper way to throw their techniques if they require extra help, and Brian and Amy don’t mind it at all. When the kids have a bad day, they are learning that training can be a release to make a bad day better. Amy particularly admires the positive influence training has on the kids, especially her daughter Rory.

“I really like that Tiger Schulmann’s has so many positive role models for the kids. I love that Rory sees women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities training hard and feeling about themselves. When I grew up women we supposed to be blonde and skinny. At Tiger Schulmann’s the kids learn about equality and that it’s okay for girls to compete with the boys, and that they can beat them.”

Another family, who have been a part of our Princeton family for almost 4 years now, is the McGann Family. This family of 5 spend majority of their week here at the school, and no one would have it any differently. Katie and Josh McGann knew it was time to find something for their kids to get involved in, and something they would actually enjoy. It was quickly obvious that training is what they needed in their lives. Danielle (9) and Kaleb (7) began training in 2011, with their Dad Josh starting over a year later. “I like to see their growth in their training, and I’m able to be part of it,” says Josh. Although Katie does not train with us, she spends a lot of her days in the lobby watching the kids train and occupying her youngest, Nathan (3). He patiently waits to be old enough to train with Sensei but he always will practice his techniques in the air while watching. “Before Tiger Schulmann’s, they did nothing together and everyone had their own thing. It’s nice to have something to share,” says Katie about what she loves about training for her family.  They even got Grandma Deb into training, and she loves having something fun to keep her in shape. Josh, Danielle and Kaleb all train in our Saturday Advanced class, which allows unique time for parents and kids to be on the mat together.

McGann family finds activity for all with kickboxing

The McGann’s family photo with their Sensei.

Another duo gets to share that same experience in the Saturday Advances class, and that’s Drew and Eric Pianka. Dad Eric really enjoys the days he gets to be on the mat with his son, and train with him. They’ve even done up their home garage with a heavy bag and some mat, so they can share some extra time training together. When it comes down to what they enjoy most about training, Eric simply stated “We look forward to it.” It’s unique to share an activity that gets everyone into great shape, but feeling better about themselves as well. And of course, Drew loves getting the chance to spar with his dad!

Pianka family takes kickboxing class together

Eric and Drew getting ready for a Saturday Advanced class together!

We also have the Mah family, who hold training very high in their weekly routines. Steve and Cindy Mah, like all parents, want the very best when it comes to their children. When it came to finding their youngest, Kevin, the Mah’s didn’t settle for the first or second school. Some schools were restricted the amount of training a student could do, others just didn’t have the same philosophy that Steve wished for his son. Then they tried Tiger Schulmann’s and as Steve said himself “it instantly clicked”. He immediately felt comfortable with the other families in the school, and really trusted Sensei Billings with teaching his son kickboxing. Steve knew that with martial arts his kids would eventually be at a level that will involve contact with other students. Both parents admire that Sensei controls a full mat, and protects every student by teaching and enforcing safe training practices. Shortly after a school training day at the beach, their daughters Sarah and Emily began training with Kevin. All of the kids immediately loved the idea of training and they always pushed themselves to be the best. It was important to Steve and Cindy to get their girls involved in something that would teach them self defense.

“I grew up in a city, so I know to observe my surroundings. The kids are growing up in the suburbs, and don’t always understand when something isn’t right. I wanted them all to learn to be street smart, especially for the girls. I want them to have protection, and learning self defense does that for them”

Kickboxing offers self defense for Mah family

The Mah’s after a night of the kids training; Steve will return later to do classes of his own.

Steve began training shortly after his daughters, and hasn’t looked back ever since. He admits, “I used to push them hard after classes, saying what they could do better.” Now that Steve knows for himself how hard a class can be, he understands why the kids may have gotten a little tired towards the end of class. Either Cindy or Steve will watch every class that Sarah and Kevin have, and they both enjoy being a part of it. Steve likes to learn from Sensei as he watches his kid’s classes because it always him to guide them more, and help them get even better. Cindy really enjoys the conversations that are held at the end of class because she also learns from what Sensei says and helps apply that knowledge at home. The Mah’s are very impressed with how Sensei Billings runs the Princeton school, and they admire his discipline and passion for his students.

Being able to experience what a kickboxing class can do for you personally can be life changing. Sharing that experience with the ones you care about most is a feeling that words can’t describe. Watching each other progress and to learning from one another is what family is all about. Understanding exactly how hard someone has to push to get to the next level really brings families even closer. Be sure to get your family involved in something that’s fun and can bring a long-lasting bond. Get everyone to come try a class, and see why our families have made Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton apart of their family.

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Woman defeats depression through kickboxing

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Princeton kickboxing helps woman conquer Bi-Polar disorder

There is a current article by Fox News circulating around the internet about how exercise can decrease the chances of depression. This is something that Tiger Schulmann’s student, Jaclyn P.  has found to be very accurate for herself. For 13 years of her life, Jaclyn has been living with Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar disorder and depression. Since the young age of 20, she has tried various medications prescribed to her by doctors, but none of them gave her the feeling of true happiness. She has even sought after further medical attention with 4 hospitalizations, and a more serious attempt with ECT (electric shock therapy.) None of these attempts brought her the happiness and normalcy she was looking for. The medications often led to weight gain and exhaustion, which brought Jaclyn’s confidence and self-esteem to levels of discouragement

As the article from Fox News tells; representative of the University College London, Snehal Pinto Pereira (member of the Institute of Child Health) conducted an experiment . This experiment concluded that people who are physically active through out their week have less feeling of depression than those who do not have any physical activities. The study had an average of 3 days a week for individuals involved, but those who exercised more than 3 times showed even less signs of depression.

Woman deals with being overweight and depressed

“Before I came to Tiger Schulmann’s, I had just accepted that this is how I am and there’s nothing I can do to change it and I pretty much became a victim of myself. I had no confidence in my self as a person, not just my appearance. I had the constant feeling that I was damaged and not fixable and also lived in a constant state of fear of my mental state.”-Jaclyn

In August 2013, Jaclyn decided to try her first activity as an  adult and took a kickboxing class at Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton. It was an exercise that not only left her feeling good physically but she also felt a difference mentally. The more classes she took the better her mental state became, and that naturally made her happier. Since our kickboxing classes burn over 800 calories in a 1 hour class, Jaclyn also saw a significant weight loss which built her confidence up. The mind intriguing work out of our kickboxing classes allowed her to find a new way to detach from her daily stresses, and led to a consistent decrease in medication doses. Even through one of the most mentally difficult years with the passing of her father, she has managed to rid all of her medications with kickboxing.

Woman defeats bipolar through kickboxing

“After just a short time of training I started to learn that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. Sensei Billings taught me that I AM in control of myself, mentally and physically, and I found the strength to take my life back. I no longer look over my shoulder in fear of what’s there, I look forward now with my head up confident that I can face whatever comes my way.”- Jaclyn

Jaclyn started at Tiger Schulmann’s feeling overweight, depressed, inactive and lacked confidence. Today she is feeling better than ever about herself and continues to train to make herself even better. She is down 2 dress sizes, and down to zero medications for her bipolar and depression. She has even begun training in our intermediate level classes to challenge herself further, with the goal to compete in our Challenge of Champions next year. She knows she deserves to be happy with herself, and she knows that kickboxing has helped her realize that. If she can do it, so can you!

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Pick The Perfect Kickboxing Instructor

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Tony Billings is still in his mid-20’s.  You would never realize it while taking one of his Princeton Kickboxing classes. His ability to motivate and teach adults many years his elder recently earned him a promotion from his own instructor.

Tiger Schulmann has rarely bestowed the title of Sensei (senior instructor) to anyone as young as Billings. The title is often given lightly in the martial arts world, but Schulmann has built his organization into the world leader by being tough in every aspect, especially when it comes to promoting his instructors.

Proven Kickboxing Instruction With 30 Year Tradition

Billings earned the title for two elite skills. His own incredible talent for Kickboxing and his ability to translate that to members of his Princeton school. Billings have proven repeatedly that he can help any adult learn to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.

Kickboxing provides weight loss results.

Sensei Tony Billings brought his Kickboxing students to the beach this summer to show of their results.

There are countless reasons to train with Billings but these five are enough to convince even the most skeptical to give Kickboxing a try.

1.  You are not supposed to know anything or start off in shape. The first step of any journey is always the hardest and often people do not take the step out of fear of failure. Billings has helped countless students who were so out of shape they were scared to try anything, let alone Kickboxing. His patient, yet meticulous approach helps even the most non-athletic adults master self-defense. If you take the first step you will not fail!

2.  Kickboxing is a perfect physical conditioning workout. It hits all three aspects of physical fitness, muscle toning, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility. It accomplishes that fete in a single one hour class which no other workout can boast.

3.  Princeton classes are safe. Exercise can often lead to injury for the inexperienced. Billings training goes light years beyond the typical fitness trainer. His students rarely suffer even minor injuries in training. Even better his curriculum is designed to teach Kickboxing without you having to get punched or kick to learn. You will progress at the proper pace to learn effective self-defense without putting you in danger.

4.  Many adults may not realize that stress is a greater health issue than obesity. Princeton Kickboxing members get an hour long mental break with to go with a great workout. By concentrating on learning technique instead of just exercising, the mind is occupied, creating an active meditation. This is a great tool for stress relief.

5.  Yo-Yo dieting is great for the fitness industry. Millions of adults getting in shape only to slip back out a few months later assures a lifetime of consumers for diet pills and exercise equipment. TSMMA Princeton helps students stay in shape for life. Great results, fun classes, and learning something of value make staying consistent at TSMMA far easier than any other workout!

Call TSMMA Princeton today or register online for your FREE Trial Program to see why so many adults love Kickboxing with Sensei Tony Billings.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell