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Joshu Danny Ramirez Promoted To Sensei

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Congratulations to Joshu Danny Ramirez (TSMA Yonkers) on his recent promotion to Sensei! 

Opening Thoughts From Shihan Tirelli

Observing the evolution from student to sensei is a very special experience. When Danny came to the school, he was a tough kid from good family in a not-so-nice neighborhood. As a student, he was meticulous, hard working and somewhat of a perfectionist; there wasn’t anything asked of Danny that he wouldn’t put his mind to in order to get it done – whether at the school, on the mat or in the ring. The relationship between student and sensei is not a one-way street, as much as I taught Danny, Danny taught me as well. When he began working at the school, he wasn’t there to get paid – it was the training and experience that he saw as invaluable. From his humble beginnings on the farms in Oaxaca to the streets of Yonkers, Danny worked hard, trained hard and fought hard. 

“Students should always try to be better than the teacher.” – Shihan Peter Tirelli

Joshu Danny Ramirez receives Sensei promotion

Danny’s Journey 

Danny Ramirez never envisioned himself teaching martial arts, let alone being a Sensei. If you asked Danny, the senior in high school, what his future held for him – he would’ve told he he wanted to be a gym teacher. After graduating high school, and trying college – he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him. He started looking everywhere for work but nothing came to fruition. When he came to train one day, he asked if he could start working at the gym. Expecting another door to be closed in his face, Danny was shocked when Shihan Tirelli told him that he starts tomorrow. 

From that day forward Danny never looked back. His love for kids and his ambition to be a gym teacher provided great structure in succeeding as an instructor. Danny also had passions to compete as well. If you ask him how it started out, he’d laugh and tell you it didn’t go so well. He started his career with two losses, but used those opportunities to learn and grow and has not suffered a loss since. He is 8-2-1 in kickboxing and still holds an undefeated record in MMA competitions. 

TSMA Yonkers' Danny Ramirez promoted to Sensei

Learn more about classes at Tiger Schulmann’s Yonkers 

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Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY

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The instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY have been teaching kickboxing and grappling to students ages 3 to 72 since 1989. In that time, we’ve watched countless kids and adults earn their black belt — an amazing, inspiring experience to say the least!

Sensei Peter Tirelli and the rest of the staff at our Yonkers location help students of all ages build strength, agility and speed. More importantly, we instill the art of self defense in each of our participants. We believe that you should feel confident in just about any situation, and training with us is one way to cultivate that confidence and belief in yourself.

Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY also offers a variety of programs within the local community. For information about upcoming events, give us a call at (914) 337-6381.

Programs for children

Do your kids love martial arts? If so, enroll them in Karate Cubs, our preschool program. It’s the perfect way to help your little ones develop motor skills, coordination, focus and confidence.

Tiger Schulmann's in Yonkers

We also host kid’s birthday parties! Your children will love celebrating their big day in a safe, healthy and exciting environment. Who knows, maybe your child will be our next black belt!

No matter your age, you can achieve a healthy mind and body at Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY. For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Kids Grappling

Self-Confidence Built At local MMA School

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Pete Tirelli was one of Tiger Schulmann’s original students. Thirty years later he is celebrating three decades of Martial Arts training by doing what he has always done, teaching his students the secrets to true self-confidence.

Program 30 Years Strong Proven To Build Self-Confidence

“You cannot ask your child to BE Self-Confident, or ACT Self-Confident,” says the TSMMA Yonkers Owner and Head Instructor. “It’s something that has to come from within.”

Tirelli has run a successful martial arts school for nearly thirty years. He knows how to help his students gain that self-confidence the right way.

Students learn effective self-defense in a disciplined environment. That helps build self-confidence through achievement and a sense of security.

Students learn effective self-defense in a disciplined environment. That helps build self-confidence through achievement and a sense of security.

“By combining achievement with a sense of security we help our students gain that all important trait for success,” he says.

Tirelli says Self-Confidence is doubly important for young kids. With it they can achieve in school, sports, the arts, or anything else they set their mind to. Without it they will frequently be the target of bullies.

“Bullies are really just kids without self-confidence. Instead of building it through achievement, they try and steal it from other kids. So they will target a kid with less self-confidence and try and make them look worse to other kids.”

Tirelli says teaching students the self-discipline to achieve and the self-defense to defend themselves makes students successful in school and other activities. By walking with more self-confidence in school, his students are not targeted by bullies. They typically avoid altercations. And his students do not become bullies either. The main reason kids turn to bullying is a lack of self-confidence. Tirelli’s students get their self-confidence the right way, they earn it!

Call TSMMA Yonkers today or register online and see how Sensei Tirelli can help your Yonker’s child gain self-confidence.