Tiger Schulmann’s

Joshu Danny Ramirez Promoted To Sensei

Sensei Danny Ramirez Promotion at Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts gym

Congratulations to Joshu Danny Ramirez (TSMA Yonkers) on his recent promotion to Sensei! Opening Thoughts From Shihan Tirelli Observing the evolution from student to sensei is a very special experience. When Danny came to the school, he was a tough kid from good family in a not-so-nice neighborhood. As a student, he was meticulous, hard working […]

Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY

Two little girls in karate stance with belts

The instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s in Yonkers, NY have been teaching kickboxing and grappling to students ages 3 to 72 since 1989. In that time, we’ve watched countless kids and adults earn their black belt — an amazing, inspiring experience to say the least! Sensei Peter Tirelli and the rest of the staff at our Yonkers location […]

Self-Confidence Built At local MMA School

Kids Kneeling on the Floor and listening to instructor at Tiger Schulmann's

Pete Tirelli was one of Tiger Schulmann’s original students. Thirty years later he is celebrating three decades of Martial Arts training by doing what he has always done, teaching his students the secrets to true self-confidence. Program 30 Years Strong Proven To Build Self-Confidence “You cannot ask your child to BE Self-Confident, or ACT Self-Confident,” […]