Tiger Schulmann’s

Championship Night For TSMMA

Last Updated on April 21, 2013.


BY: TSMMA Feasterville

Hamburg – PA    A raucous TSMMA crowd filled the Hamburg Fieldhouse Saturday night to support Team Tiger Schulmann.  The Fight Night card featured three young kickboxers with one title defense and another title shot.

Nolan Wisser came into the ring looking to build on an impressive ko victory his last time out. He was matched up with Niem Bailey of Philly Fight Sports at 160 pounds.

Wisser’s original opponent at 155 pounds backed out of the fight Saturday morning.  Fortunately Bailey was also in need of an opponent and Wisser took the fight despite the weight difference.

It wasn’t a small task as Bailey came in sporting a 3-0 record.

Wisser looked like the undefeated fighter in the first round landing a series of low kicks both inside and outside.  He kept the stockier Bailey at bay with a lethal push kick and complimented his strong kicking game with straight punches.

Round two was a carbon copy of the first as Wisser landed at will while deftly sidestepping any attacks from Bailey.

Bailey started to land a little more in round three, but it wasn’t nearly enough as Wisser continued to demonstrate ring control and attacked with the same techniques successfully throughout the fight.

A tremendous unanimous decision victory for Joshu Nolan Wisser of TSMMA Allentown.

Joshu Brandon Cuttino of Tiger Schulmann’s Abington took on a game challenge from Kanal Soyal from Jack Murphy’s Kickboxing in Delaware.

Soyal called out Cuttino after watching him win his USKA Title at the last Hamburg Fight Night.

The pressure of being the Champ didn’t faze Cuttino, who quickly established control in the very first round.  Cuttino utilized every technique in his arsenal in the fight. He threw a bunch of unique combinations.  The first he landed was a low one followed by a round one to the body.  Both kicks landed with the second clearly knocking the wind from Soyal.

In the second round he connected with a low one, hook, cross, hook.  The first and last techniques landed cleanly and again stunned Soyal.

The Delaware product didnt back down though as both fighters tested the others fortitude throwing shots throughout the four round match.

Eventually all three judges scored in favor of Cuttino who was able to put together better combinations and seemed in control from start to finish.

That left only Shane Baker to compete for the vacant USKA 184 pound belt.

The Cherry Hill Head Instructor brought his own undefeated record to Hamburg, 3-0 with 2 via KO.

Kudos to Philly Fight Sports Kyrim Broson who took the fight Saturday morning after the reigning champ pulled out of the fight with less than 24 hours notice.

More impressively it was the first kickboxing match for Broson, though he does hold a stellar 3-1 record in MMA.

Broson came out in a southpaw stance, the tough aspect of a last minute replacement as Baker had prepared for months to fight a righty.

The best weapon against a lefty is a cross, unfortunately Baker injured his right hand only a few days before the fight.

This didn’t stop him from once again dominating the fight.  Right from the outset the TSMMA Feasterville product combined slick combos with head movement and footwork to outclass Broson.

All credit to the Philly Fight Sport competitor though as he never gave ground to Baker’s relentless attack.

This only led to some highlight moments for Baker who landed a handful of crushing right hands despite the injury as well as a spinning back kick that sent Broson halfway across the ring.

Baker’s conditioning paid off as he was able to physically handle Broson in the later rounds, using a half clinch and wailing away with strong body shots before spinning out of harms way.

All in all it was a performance his cornerman Shihan James Simpson called his favorite fight to watch!  No small praise from the veteran trainer.

Baker capped off an undefeated night for TSMMA by earning another USKA Title Belt for the team.

Great performances by all three young Tiger Schulmann’s fighters as they once again reigned supreme over Hamburg Fight Night!

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